A Transgender Man’s Path To Freedom

LAURA LING: Growing up,
you were African American, socialized as a girl,
adopted by a white family. That must have been
extremely confusing for you. KINGSTON FARADY: It was
really, really hard. And there was a
lot of questioning around how did I get here, and
who am I, and how do I do this. I always felt–
or not even felt, I knew that I was different. It made me very quiet
and introverted and sad. I remember in my childhood
just always thinking this isn’t going to be my life. LAURA LING: When you
finally come to the decision to transition? KINGSTON FARADY: I started
thinking about transitioning around 17, 18 years old. So it was around
that time that I started to ask myself questions
around could this be me. Am I really a man
that had been assigned at birth the wrong gender. I finally made the decision
when I was about 25. I still remember receiving
my first testosterone shot, and how happy I was. I knew I made the
right decision. LAURA LING: What was it
like the first few years after you transitioned? KINGSTON FARADY:
They were tough. They were very hard. So much shifted quickly. You’re learning new emotions. You’re learning how to
deal with new thoughts. You’re learning how to
deal with a changing body. And then on top of that,
you’re engaging with the world in a brand-new way. [MUSIC PLAYING] LAURA LING: Tell
me about the ritual that you have adopted to help
you in this life’s journey. KINGSTON FARADY: There are
so many different aspects of a human being. Mind, body, spirit, will. And for me, transitioning,
I had to figure out who am I now in terms of these
different aspects of my being. And so I created Love
Your Vehicle, your vehicle being your body, your temple. I created that
physical routine that I needed to build my body into
what I wanted it to look like. And I love trail run,
I love the obstacle of having to leap
over roots of trees and run up hills and feel
dirt and breathe the air. The mind component
is about learning. It’s critical that every
single day I spend time really enriching my
understanding of what’s happening around me. And the spiritual component
is about meditation. When I meditate, I
will really focus on just keeping my mind calm. And I get to
experience that peace and realize that there is a
peace that is a part of life that we can have. LAURA LING: How has
this ritual of yours of loving your vehicle
changed you as a person? KINGSTON FARADY: It has
made me a lot stronger. And it’s also allowed
me to be OK with myself as a transgender person. It’s allowed me–
it’s helped me to walk in the world with strength
and pride and confidence. And it’s allowed me to believe
that not only are transgender people real, but
we are important, and we are a part of
the fabric of life, despite anything else that
I might hear during the day. LAURA LING: Be sure to
watch this next episode. When you look in the mirror now,
who’s the person that you see? SPEAKER 3: So I see a lot
more confident person. I see someone who’s
made a lot of progress. And most of all, I see
someone who’s on a journey.

100 thoughts on “A Transgender Man’s Path To Freedom

  • You can't be a part of the fabric of life when you are not procreating. When you die… That's it. No amount of testosterone will turn you into a fruitful man who will give life and leave behind a legacy and a bloodline. The hormones have already killed your womb and ovaries. Adopting someone elses fruit doesn't change that reality.

  • This video is a conscious confession for the transgender movement that is happening through Hollywood music and television this story proves that this is what the secret society is pushing on the youth and Elder's of today's generation.. not passing judgement but this goes outside the creators will for his people

  • I was looking at something. Lower down was a video from the page before in the bottom right hand corner but partially blocking this video. My head had just dropped for a fraction of a second and I did not see the title of this video. But I said, tight away, "That is a woman", so I don't understand people saying "A strong man", "A handsome man", "I hope he tells future partners beforehand", etc. I don't know how people, in general can't see through this so called 'trans' concept. I know a fake man and fake woman at a glance.

    Is anyone asking, "Homosexuals and lesbians have been around for thousands of years, so why have only for the past 4 decades people have started claiming they are in the wrong body?" Because the reality is this. A homosexual is a man whose eyes are for men. It is no different for the man claiming to be in wrong body. The women he convinces himself he has become has eyes only for men. The same situation exists with lesbians and those claiming to be in the wrong body. They both go for persons of their own gender- females. So why the new cry when nothing changes sexually for both these groups? It is simply this, that saying, 'Supply and demand". The medical skills are there to help people look, physically, the gender they were already trying to portray. But prior to that, people were not going to psychologists, radio shows, magazines, newspapers or the internet expressing they felt in the wrong body and the feeling was driving them mad. The fact is, if that were happening, the solution the medical profession would have offered would have been hormone therapy and nothing else. They would have offered females more female hormones and males more male hormones because that is the logical conclusion. If you went to the doctor with a pain in your leg, the doctor would not suggest you replace it with an arm from a deceased person or that your arm and leg exchanged places because an arm could not function like a leg and a leg could not function like an arm, which is the situation with females claiming to be male and males claiming to be female. Their sexuals roles do not change. A woman cannot sexually do what a naturally born man was designed to do with a female, the reason they reproduce. And a man cannot fulfil the role of a naturally born female to concieve another human.

    That is the reality and it will never change. If such persons thought about those facts, they would clearly see the stupidy of their claims. They have already decided to choose the same sex to warm their beds. No one else had a hand in that decision and no one else made that decision. The rest of the world would know of their decision, whether or not they agreed with it. But they now have to live with the fact that the times will come when they have to make the fact known to others or take them down the road of deception. Having to live with that reality would wake me up because I could not sleep night after night with that fact facing me. That would be a step close to the psychiatric hospital. So there goes a male thinking, "That is the one I'd like to make my wife", only to find out the "little me" was hoping to welcome one day, or the little (his wife), could never happen that that one could no more become a mother any more than he himself could. And the same shock is facing women; demonstrating 'All that glitters is not gold".

    The other fact is that these persons have to rely on heterosexuals to give them the children they claim to desire.

    Reality is what humans ought to be about but as long as they keep determining that each will be his own God, every unimaginable bad outcome and disaster will befall him.

    For the "Be yourself" and "If it makes you happy" brigade, the murderer is being him/herself. The paedophile is being him/herself. The rapist, the gangster, the con artist, the bigamist, the playboy, the fraudster, the drug baron and every law breaker is being him/herself. And their choices are making them happy. But if the law of the land was- "Be yourself, if it makes you happy", the human race would have ceased to exist a very long time ago. Life shows that there must be guidelines and boundaries. Natures teaches the same, in addition to order. The universe is ordered. The slightest change to the position of the sun and in a fraction of a second, all humans would suddenly be in the position of the residents of Pompeii and Herculaneum or Lot's wife- instant statues. However, no one would be left to write it in the history books.

    I know that everyone has tried to change nature and has intervened in his/her own nature, except on essential medical grounds, will all one day have a regret that makes no difference to their impending fate; to the one who is seated on the throne. It will certainly be a case of "Too late shall be your cry". "Men shall cry out to the rocks and mountains to "Fall upon us" but will not see death".

    "Do you not know that your body is God's temple in which the spirit dwells?" Reality!

  • So she is a man with vagina? Oops! Sorry to spoil the fun but this is not inspiring to me. Altering your appearance does not change your gender. It does change your appearance though and that it just what it is. Don't get it twisted.

  • Although I don't agree with this lifestyle, I must say that I was amazed! I couldn't believe that he was a she. Amazing how hormone shots can change one's physical appearance. As like a lady mentioned down in the comments i hope he tells his partner the truth about his transition.

  • This is deception and confusion because, God does not make mistakes. Also I am 100%female and I'm comfortable with that🀣

  • We are all different and nobody has the right to judge anyone's life…… In the end we all do with our lives what we want

  • This is my go-to video to recover from the depression that sets in after reading all the social media comments on any anti-trans propaganda.

  • Talking about this all while having a tattoo of a pyramid and an all seeing eye πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ right in the middle of it. Hmm πŸ€”, yep. That's the work of the devil! And at the end of the day, you will always be a woman. Your DNA does not change. God made you the way he made you! No hate, just facts. Smh πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  • 😊im so happy for you Im thinking about this i ass well am sad I n perverted quiet because I feel like I dont fit in love exercise ass well

  • Creator God created you with XX chromosomes. It does not matter what the world says. Always, a dna test will reveal you are a female. Complements from the Creator. See your Maker. Jesus Christ is Lord . He created you. You have to repent. Read your bible. Satan is the Father of Lies. Transgender ism comes from Satan and not from JESUS Christ. Remember, there is a way that seems right to mankind but it leads to destruction. You can play the game and look for the approval from mankind who are on their way to the lake of fire.Remember God killed millions and left only 8 in the boat. The majority ways never impress the Creator. Satan did not create you. All he got for humans are lies. But, if you wish you can worship him. But, one day, you will stand before your Creator and give an account. And, the results are not going to be in your favor. Repent or face the results of your actions. The lake of fire according to the bible. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • no matter how sweet, gentle, kind or manly looking, she is a woman and will forever be a woman, xx is female, no transition or degree of mutilation can change that simple fact.

  • What an amazing story. I'm in awe. First of all, he looks great! I love how deep he is and spiritual. He has the will to stay strong and grounded in a homophobic world and rise above the bullsh*t

  • He will turn back into a women if He stops taking hormones. What are the long term effects? Doctors who prescribed these hormones should be ashamed!

  • I'm man and can't even get damn beard… let me take some pills get beard lol. But aye he happy that's all it matters, no point of living if aren't happy with life and body you born in. People have their opinions, but at of the day they don't give a fuck what you think.

  • what a brave man

    … you know, coming out to a community that welcomes him with open arms… and if someone doesn't accept him, they are ridiculed

    brave huh? talk about how deluded these fucks are

  • If a woman becomes a man then he should have to register for selective service. Women who trans to men love to have it both ways. They want to be accepted as men but still want the benefits of being born female.

  • I’m 11 years old and going to be eleven in 9 days, and people think I’m a boy but I’m not I am a girl and sometimes I cry at night😭 but one day I hope I can tell people who I really am. I think of the testosterone going into my body as poison. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

  • You are a beacon of light in this world of dark oppression. If anyone ever says transgender people never look 'believable' as their appropriate gender, check out this guy (honestly how we look shouldn't matter in the first place but still)

  • finally, a lovely comment section with a lovely trans man without people barging in with "wwhAT IS THIS ABOMINATION AGAINST NATURE !?!?!?" the comment section here is so sweet, y'all rock

  • Omg I can not imagine that you were a girl before, you are so handsome, your shape is incredible

  • I'm transgender ftm I have not started hormone but I am getting my top surgery in a couple weeks but I won't muscler

  • For some reason, when I stare into this persons eyes, and listen to how "he" talks, I see a feminine being living in the body shaped as a man. Almost like a gay man who enjoys hitting the gym. It's interesting how diverse we all are as humans. As a cisgender straight man myself, I see myself being very far from this person on the scale of masculinity and femininity. I suspect this person views the world through the eyes of a strong female with a masculine body.

  • Love your vehicle. Really! Doesn't seem like you loved your vehicle the original vehicle that God gave you. You only love the new vehicle you was able to change into.

  • Isn’t it scary, knowing women are everywhere, even in the men’s restroom, in the men’s locker room, peering at you, creeping you out, when they’re in in disguise. They are impersonating the opposite gender. Being equal means nothing, that is not good enough, they must violate every sanctuary of our lives.

  • Finally a transgender person who isn't stereotypically white. I'm ftm myself and I started asking questions at 18 or 19. Makes me feel like I'm not alone.πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

  • I'm scared to date again let alone get married. U dont know wtf is what anymore. Hell nah I'll stay alone. This shit is sickening

  • I loved this Video, Much Love & Support Kingston, Keep living your life, always keep it real, KEEP LIVING YOUR DREAMS.

  • And what happens when you want to get your female body parts again Like so many Trans people who later regret this transition?

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