A visit to Camp Hope

run away beach ball [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well we just got camp going on its day camp seven to ten year olds we got about 140 kids here and doing lots of fun activities swing low ropes course we got volleyball just a lot of fun activities hot but we're having a good time yeah it looks like the swings are pretty fun but that Friday is the zip line though is that what everybody's waiting for the zip line zip lines a big hit Gaga ball is a big success and the leap of faith the quick flight that's a that's a fun thing but we have we have a few that it'll do that one not too many in this age all right well so this is how many camps are you gonna have this year we're doing seven weeks this year we're we're on our fifth camp so we got two more to go after this one all different ages six to ten year olds and middle school and high school camps so we've got two camps left for the summer and we're excited about it okay how many kids will be have been served this year when you're doing at the end of the year we'll have had over a thousand kids come through camp oh I know the idea is to have fun but is there an underlying goal or underlying goal above all else is to teach these young kids about Jesus and that there is a God that she was gung-ho about it 3/4 of the way the girls are rocking it I'm telling you oh you're getting there [Applause] [Laughter]

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