About CoreVest – Investment Property Loans

Meet Jack – He owns a rental home and wants to purchase more of them. Jack heads to his bank seeking a loan, but his bank rejects him. Banks don’t understand rental loans and don’t
understand his business. Jack is disappointed and he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to ask friends or family
for money and hard money lenders charge high rates. Jack searches the web and
finds his solution, CoreVest American Finance. We specialize in single-family
rental loans for residential real estate investors. We understand investors and
have streamlined our application and closing processes. Because we are a
private lender, our financing products are flexible and fast. Our loans close in
weeks, not months. We lend to personal companies and lend against 1 – 4 family
homes, town houses, condos, and small multifamily units. Our term loans have
5 or 10-year options. We provide credit line options that finance up to
80% of the cost and we lend across the country. Jack contacts us and closes a loan on its
current properties. Aww yeah! Jack plans to buy even more homes. CoreVest American Finance can make that happen.

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