About Home Buyer Express at Guild Mortgage

Hi, this is Frank Hilliard at Guild
Mortgage. I want to talk to you today about a
program that we offer at Guild called Home Buyer Express. Home Buyer Express is protection for you as a borrower to
ensure that your pre-approval is solid and that you close on time. So how does Home Buyer Express work? There are a multitude of ways of pre-qualifying someone in our industry,
unfortunately. Home Buyer Express program requires that we accumulate all your documentation at time of pre approval and then we submit that information for
a credit underwrite and then based on that
credit underwrite we will issue a certificate
that – if you don’t close on time, we’ll credit
five hundred dollars to your closing costs, if the deal falls through and you’ve
spent inspection money or appraisal money, we’ll reimburse you up to a thousand
dollars and in the unfortunate instance that you lose your earnest
money we’ll reimburse you up to five thousand dollars. So at the end of the day what does that
mean? We guarantee our approvals here at Guild Mortgage through
the Home Buyer Express program. This is Frank Hilliard at Guild Mortgage.

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