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the Covenant Christian school is just that it is the school and so we have lots of things that look the same as every other school we have kids in uniform we have kids who are really clever we have kids who struggle we have bad things happen at school we have wonderful thing that's happened at school that would be the story in lots of places what's different about covenant it's a school that has been set up for Christians by Christians and it is designed to be a place where where Christians can feel safe that their children are being taught in the way in which they would teach them around children if they have the time the expertise for us it means a number of things it means that we only employ Christian teachers that is our non-negotiable we either teach from a Christian perspective or we teach from a different perspective if we don't have a Christian perspective considered one then we're probably teaching from another one and we're saying look we can't be satisfied with that so the Bible is central for see we believe that it's it's God's Word to us as opposed man's thoughts about human thoughts about God so in that means that in biblical studies which are intuitive and then in flavors every other subject we do we want the students to encounter God in every subject we want our teachers to engage with their students in explaining a Christian worldview a biblical model through the teaching of visual arts when they're interacting in the science classroom when they're reading books in English even in the maths classroom I like the idea of public education where we could send our kids to a public school and they could learn how to be a Christian in the world but at the same time felt like for a young child they need that nurturing in their faith that comes from the home from the church and we felt from the school as well and so that's part of the reason why we chose company one of my significant things is our understanding of who children are because we are serious about the whole idea that all children are valuable it plays out in the way in which we treat children so we don't have that gifted and talented program but what we focus on is how we extend and enrich or kids learning I like the way that covenant nurtures children from from all different four different gifts and abilities and and actually values them for who God made them again one of the differences in our school is that we're a parent controlled Christian school and that is in recognition that parents are fundamentally responsible for bringing up the kids not schools that means that we if you like are the junior partners in this relationship so parents have a very very important part to play in our school they're welcome in our school always but they're also welcome to come in at very deep levels in and to the point where they're making decisions about the direction of the school there isn't the distance and the us and them at covenant that I felt in other schools from the way the staff care for each other and for the children it isn't teachers versus students but teachers and students together with families working one of the best features I think of covenant is the community that has been created there's a very strong parent body they know one another they care for one another someone's having a baby the meals come flowing in someone needs a lift they just send emails through parents are very supportive and people share a common love of God they share a common vision of why they want their child at the school and so therefore they're really there to stand by and support each other so covenant is certainly different it's a fabulous place in lots of ways we have 130 on churches with all sorts of church accents we have non-christians here in lots of ways it's a delightful mix and the one thing I love about Covey is there's not this facade that we're all perfect it's that we're all walking on this journey together and we're all supporting each other and I have really felt that covenant and I hope that as other families come that they will feel

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