Achieve Financial Freedom thru Real Estate

– Hi, greetings from Manuel Andrade. I have been involved in the real estate and mortgage industries
for almost 29 years now. During these years, I have
seen many people who wisely decided to stop renting and
invested in their first home. As home owners, they have enjoyed many benefits of home ownership, and as home values have gone up, they have seen their home equity grow substantially. Just to clarify, home
equity is the difference between the value of a home
and any debts against it. Most home owners have been
prudent in handling this home equity, and some have even paid
off already their mortgages. While some others were not as careful and have made some very costly mistakes. I, myself, have made my share of mistakes and paid dearly for them. Some of these home owners
have gone on to invest in more real estate by buying
another home or income units, such as a duplex, triplex,
or even a fourplex, with the purpose of
getting some rental income. A few have been so successful that thanks to their hard work and
prudent investments, not only did they create this rental income, but they have also built such a large, rosy portfolio, that they’ve actually achieved financial freedom. And let’s remember, it all
started with their first home. For awhile I’ve been thinking
about sharing with you through videos, some of the lessons that I have learned over the
years, as well as other real estate and mortgage related things, which might be valuable to you. And perhaps most important of all, what I have observed and
learned from successful real estate investors who have
achieved financial freedom. These videos won’t be a get
rich quick type of deal. You know, the kind of
infomercials that you see on TV or that are so
prevalent on the internet. But rather suggestions based
on careful observations accumulated over the years
for practical, sound home ownership and for making prudent financial decisions and investments. In short, what I’d like to
share with you is the following. Number one, why it is so
much better to be a home owner rather than renting
and how to become one. Number two, practical
tips for home ownership. Number three, why it is
so important to pay off your mortgage early and ways of doing it. Number four, the benefits
and advantages of becoming an investor and owning more
than one piece of real estate. I will be interviewing some of my clients who are willing to share their stories about how they became investors and their experiences as landlords. And number five, the most common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid in real estate. It is my sincere hope
that these videos might be helpful to you in one way or another. That if you’re not a home owner yet, that you might find
some useful information that will help you to become one. That if you are a home owner, and you still have a mortgage, that you might be motivated to pay it off early. And that if you ever
considered owning investment properties, you may also
find some useful information. In the next video, we’ll start
from the bottom and discuss the five reasons and obstacles
as to why most people won’t buy their first home and ways
to overcome these obstacles. Until the next video, Manuel
Andrade, wishing you the best. (upbeat music)

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