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Of Anaheim for the third period of this afternoon’s game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Mighty Ducks the game is tied 3-3 Starting the third period for the Kings Bret’s the Alpha take the face-off against Bob pork on the vanaheim Gretzky has struggled himself in far this capacity crowd the Kings off the faceoff visit to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks And they drive it down the new King zones XT over can’t get it the barrel Sidora back behind the King net he drives it Down in deeps now a legit nigga over to get it poked away and Mike Donnelly trying to get to it in time But it rolls away from him and it’s cleared out to center ice Say bye Kelly Rudy Alec shit Nick circles the kink net gets it up to rob Blake on the right side 3 3 the score here in the third Period the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Rudy Kelly Rudy with a big save on alexei kozlov Donna Kings come back to centre ice we’re still tied 3-3 into the This cold man Edwin last year last about two weeks kicked. It came back again shut up, Jimmy you should get a flu shot I’m telling you. I’m sneezing man. I mean give me a break here. She’s sick as a dog I should have stayed home and said hey come on guys. I’m trying to listen to the game I got 50 clams bet on this one so shut up Jimmy hey. I thought call it takes so much Do you need that right jack? Oh that’s right? That’s right Gretzky broke away So he’s taking it now Can’t get a good shot as he comes across the blue line poked away by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks head taken by Kerry yet Here’s Jay gun deceleration Break it up Kings come back the door with it for the King goes behind the King yet get to the Konica shoes Yes I Get it back come on what happened Hey, you should have lucky what you have right on this 50 bucks I really would expect you welcome to the rope I couldn’t let son-of-a-bitch have got himself arrested in Acapulco Cabo Ah FBI we’re here for the prisoner Soviet Sonoda I have some paper for you to sign Then I want you to take this piece of shit out of my car. Okay. We’ll do that for you, sir the other I love kids having kids. You’re real mr.. Rogers aren’t you come on asshole get in the car? Sun-hi a Manta One down four to go agent Douglas, right Jeff Douglas Heard about you You guys gonna figure out I’m not part of any cartel. There’s no such thing as the white hand guys are reaching for shit Come on Jimmy Good afternoon mr. Lee good afternoon mr. Vince Good afternoon mr. Lafleur good afternoon, mr. Korsky Good afternoon mr. Manta Merry Christmas boys we’re done here yet Arraignment we gave at this assignment because we thought it was simple enough to you to pull off now we have Dean’s But no Prada and no product means unhappy client unhappy clients means no business Look, I learned all that into a dealing 101 ok don’t shit your pants boys Santa Claus has come to town and I’ve got all Your presence inviting you all fucking whores. It doesn’t do a sign. They go down in Mexico I’m flying to Nevada tomorrow if my good isn’t waiting for me to have helped to catch your prey You’re a member of the white hand White hand has a reputation to maintain as you’re well aware if we keep our buyers heavy There’s a little chance that somebody might Travis. Yeah, well. You know I was gonna have it there yesterday It’s just I had a few little problems. You know you are supposed to opportu here two days Craig I didn’t plan on having my ass thrown in some fucking Mexican jail so take it easy. How you talk to me everybody relax Listen brain. Here’s a situation. You’ve got the goods down here with you We need to interfere with us be here tomorrow ray you have 24 hours to understand where you gotta get that shit to face? It’s gotta be safe Please Douglas dou G. Just give me George Wells – George Wells he’s a chief of the goddamn Department Jeff swells what’s up, George? You alright Jimmy and Jean are dead oh Christ I Can nominate establish II Stalin I’m right on the freaking bike is registered to my man George you better get somebody down here carpeting everything border it done Yeah, yeah, we’ll do it Jeff. Yeah, yeah, get me out of here George. I’ll just hold tight for you Tom get an APB I don’t matter, I want the border sealed I mean sealed Daddy you and Barry down you sink it down TJ by sunup I’ll um go speak with genes wife. I guess Jimmy still lives lived with his mother right Yeah, that’s right over on Valley View. I’ll go see her as well. It’s a hell of a Christmas present Still in Mexico buddy no my mission isn’t over yet Hey you what’s the good news, I wish I had some yeah How are you how are how are the kids is everything okay? Yeah, we’re fine shouldn’t we be? You remember Eugene Burbank and Jimmy Edwards yeah, I think so you’ve run into We’ve run into a problem. I Don’t know if I’ll be on the nighter Jeff is everything okay? I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow Cynthia doesn’t matter everything’s fine Wendy what’s happening we knew? Wendy Wendy, what’s happening? Hey Yeah right, this is Gunther but mrs. Douglas on the phone leave my family alone And under doing this I don’t want anything from her, but I do need something from you Someone who wants to talk to you Wendy Help me as do as they say, honey Let’s do what they say Ross Come on come on Honey, I’ll be home a little late. I keep the dinner in the oven kiss a little shits for me. Okay. Good night, honey Jeffy Jeff you think I’m gonna hurt your family Okay I Got this very important suitcase. I need it in Vegas by noon tomorrow. I’m gonna lot of shape Okay, I need your help, right now it’s It’s a bad time for me. I can’t show my face anywhere let alone a US border Unless of course I’m detained and escorted by say an FBI agent Get the picture Now you just do what you told you’ll be home in time for breakfast with a wife and kids Fuck with me And I’ll do your wife and kids myself Awful good I Can’t believe this bitch is still alive just finish it get out of here So I need you to remove his handcuffs oh I’m with the FBI were Transporting him back to the United States. It’s against federal regulations. You should know that Excuse me could I have some more peanuts, please. Thank you I hope that was an honest mistake Jessie for your sake Fucking suitcase you got my hand is worth. What 50 you feds mechana light It’s fuck isn’t matter what you think I’m scum fucking scumbag. I gave you my word all right. I gave you what you feel I’ll get you Thank you very much next please How’s it going About him Sending my custody What about the case could you open it, please? officer manney no disrespect, but I have official government papers here and I’ve already gone through this shit in Mexico, so I don’t really expect to go through it my own country welcome home, sir Merry Christmas too next pick this way to Take these fucking things off You did good back there man. It was great I loved the weigh-in on that fucking jerk-off versus my countrymen obatala through the shit of Mexico a men’s Vegas wipeout. I think area And what seems to show front row I’ll deal with baby drinks on the house, baby. Take I tell you I might even get you Which the men though some for your sinuses see Omar you’re always thinking that’s why I love you kid Hello How rude of me? I’m sorry. Where are my fucking manners Jeff this is omar omar – Jeff Jeff. He’s my FBI for hey that reminds me What’s the difference between an FBI agent and an asshole? Be good, I don’t know about but I got a feeling you’re gonna. Tell me. I don’t know either – Kim. He’s the asshole Oh, I got two words for you Star Search his cat walks in a porno gift shop as his friends Just hang tough Jeffy be right back you stick around all right Okay, thanks, babe. Fuck you don’t rush me Hey could I get you something some coffee or something I just want to talk to my wife. I’ll see what I can do As promised it’s good to see it real good to see you right you take care of this problem Make you feel at home mister bitch looking good. Hi Odds are FBI friend out of the picture completely sure ha ha ha am I sure I’d stake my best joke on 3 2 I think you’re gonna need a new limousine Hello hey I need to speak with my wife Jeff this is Meghan. Where are you? Maybe what the hell are you doing there Jeff? Where are you? I’m in Vegas They made me carry for him okay, Jeff. Tell me where you are and I’ll send the black and white for you I’m at third and Ogden Maybe it’s the hand that got my family Jeff. No they don’t Megan yes, they do They get my family Hey Jeff can expect you back so soon. What did you expect Danny? Jeff what are you doing here doing my job give the doctor release you I? Release myself 12:00 talk to you Okay Jeff come on it shit Look I want you to take some time off I want you to get the hell out of here after the funeral go back east do some fishing I Also want you to think about transferring out of the field for a while I can’t do that I’ve got a job to do come and took your vacation. They’re making a little war on another We’ll be back on I want back on – I can’t do that Jeff. You know that I can’t please I Can’t that’s bullshit, and you know that’s bullshit George you put me back on you’re on vacation, but I Don’t want you to go back home I’ll find a nice place for you. I just I Just want you to relax? We’ll keep you updated. We’re gonna bring the hand down and guaranteed Pull yourself together son You can do it I know you can I’m sorry if you need anything Thanks Liquid heroin the newest designer drug to hit the streets and hit them hard also known as joy juice and wet love police are Overwhelmed by the threat this new drug poses the stuffs made in South Americans smuggled up here the potency of this drug causes instant addiction Once don’t you get enough of that at work? Speculated that a mysterious group called by some the white hand if I said Don’t you hear enough of that stuff all day long? Why are you swimming in it at night daddy? I’m just watching the news. There’s nothing but bad news on these days drugs violence killing So wonder a man can keep his sanity And the fifth, Raymond Manta currently wanted for the murder of two federal investigators and several counts of drug possession and smuggling each man denies any type of relationship with one another Snake might mean on caelis 101 on the rock Portland’s doorway to classic rough. It’s nine thirty nine until he’s at risk 56 About you but I still can’t read eurozone prepare to be head on over to burrows tree laden 5th and Ferry Street get yourself a treat half price Just tell him dick lightnin Sencha will be back with a rock block of the stones right after this news break FBI agent Jeff Douglas whose family were killed in a vicious and possibly mafia-related Attack has returned to LA who sue legal action against his suspected attackers the notorious and mysterious underworld crime ring known as the white hand Douglas He said, how was I suppose? I just lived it in other news Jeff Douglas the FBI agent whose wife and two children were assassinated in the room Has reportedly survived an attempt Freddie Get mattress a fun time I’ve just seen it Where’s Taylor hey Taylor come on even play some ball Ready to go yeah Kid they send someone else you might have to go all the way to Mexico just to pick somebody out He’s not just angry. It’s it’s care. See I don’t worry about Yes, there is otherwise you wouldn’t need that This is just to make my look tough scare the bad guys Nothing’s gonna happen to me I Promise I cross my heart It’s What do you want can I come in Have you had dinner No Let’s go out and get some why are you here? I? came to see if you’re all right I Know how you must feel Do you Yes, I do It’s not your fault What’s behind your back, please just go I I’m just cleaning it Jeff talk to me I Appreciate your concern I Don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to talk to anybody now I’m just cleaning the damn gun I’m not gonna do anything stupid just go please Put the gun away and come up for a while why? Why you care about this so much? Because we are going to be made partners when you come back. I requested it because I admire your work ethic and I also know what it feels like to lose someone Run around ring the doorbell and I might let you live you guys check the back Call again, are you going it’s over can’t leave the same Mr.. Bitch they’re all here sir Gentlemen we have a bunch of guys here Mr.. Rich ray I Wanna know why the man’s wife and kids were killed But she could ID my boys milk. We can’t have any loose ends when you kill a man. You kill his lineage you sever his bloodline forever that too I Thought we were businessmen here not barbarians nature is cruel therefore So are we it’s all been in the best interests of the hand mr. Kowalski precisely my point if you’re so concerned about the hand missed Amanda your delivery wouldn’t be late It’s the second time in 24 hours. You’ve consulted me. It’s not gonna be a third time Maybe the lair of smoking that fucking God jokes is starting to burn out your manners And what is the big deal fellas the stuff is here Can we proceed with business gentlemen? Now look between the five of us we control 29% of our distribution in this country Now with this new shipment of liquid heroin expect to seize another 17 percent That means nearly half of all trafficking in this country will be in the palm of our hands Half gentlemen, but that kind of power and influence there’ll be no one in our way no one can stop us The white hand will be untouchable I cannot do business with this kind of fuckup I have to agree with you. I do believe we have been somewhat lenient, but it’s not been raised fault here He did delegate this job to another person exactly It’s not my responsibility this ass Oh ma tell us your best joke What do you mean mr.? Fitch? I mean you’re special. I mean. I mean I made a mistake Won’t happen again, I’ll go get him right now Omar. I got a good one for you Please fellas back back Who’s there not you, baby No more fuck-ups have a nice trip boys What do you get first kiddo okay? Jeff’s only living relatives our cousin who he hasn’t seen in years and an uncle who was in prison And his wife’s family is from Europe so basically his only real family is dead Danny LAPD’s got nothing so far. We got people at every plane train and bus terminal in the country CHP has been alerted. There’s no sign of Douglas anywhere Jeff kills three guys and just disappears Meg tell me again what he said before I left he just said it’s over It’s over The hell is that supposed to mean it’s over. It doesn’t sound very positive The bottom line is the man has just lost his wife and two children Now he’s been targeted by the white hand Things can’t get worse And there’s no telling what he’s liable to do next Cheap yep somebody just blew helmet bitch away, what bitch was assassinated ten minutes ago right in his own casino Fuck up to him pulled a gun and fired point-blank right thirty witnesses including an off-duty police chief saw who it was Take a guess you’re gonna. Love this oh Jesus Christ you gotta be kidding I told you he was liable to do anything where the hell is he no no one knows He got away after causing about a million dollars worth of damage to the city He just up and killed him Right there at the craps table I’ve spent millions of dollars trying to federally convict this guy and Jeff just goes and plugs him the baby’s Godfather the biggest underwear That’s terrific balls a fucking steal Excuse me excuse me boys I don’t mean to rain on your parade But we have a vigilante out there executing people and he happens to be one of our own So let’s try to keep things in perspective, okay? Now he just got bitch and I’ve got a bad feeling he’s not gonna stop there Hey, how does a man walk into a casino? 212 armed guards up to the most powerful man in Vegas and executed. What in front of everybody how does that happen? Well, I’ll tell you all right if you look the odds straight in the face you say I don’t give a fuck I don’t give a rat’s ass. I mean that is pure kamikaze shit, man. I Wish we had crazy Jeffy on our side. Well. We don’t and crazy Jeffy was psycho enough to walk in there and do that once And he’s fucking psycho enough to do it four times Look Just buckle up. Okay. We get ready for a helluva ride, and we’ll go to Colorado We’ll lay low at my place that guy shows one hair in his ass. I’ll deal with him personally Okay Good afternoon gentlemen this is your captain speaking and welcome to flight 101 from Las Vegas to New Orleans Would you please class the planet naturally too many pumps, I don’t think he means to is it turbulence Its turbulence Turbulence makes my dad airsick, and he threw up once riding this lap Where is your mom or dad? They’re waiting for me in your warnings. My granny. Put me on this plane I always plan on see I’m coloring this picture for my mom and dad my granny gave me this doll for Christmas What did you get for Christmas? Nothing Rise and shine sleepyhead it’s time for school Stay home oh, yeah, I said I think you’re pulling my leg. Oh wait. I think my temperatures about 300 degrees 300 degrees well now I know your School Writing and rithmetic I’ll Be back tonight. Yeah, are you gonna catch a bad day? I’m going to apprehend a suspect Danny wait in my class. She says that you catch bad guys enjoy Just because somebody does something bad doesn’t make them a bad guy And you can tell died and Wyatt for me your father’s never killed the whale in his whole life. Oh, yeah Because when people break the law, it’s not my job to kill me It’s my job to bring them to justice and let the courts decide what to do and besides. It’s not max That’s right tonight ladies Ladies and gentlemen, please observe the fasten seatbelt sign has been lit I don’t want you to throw up on your lap Well well if it isn’t mr., Lafleur himself To what do I owe this honor? I’m late. It’s our fault He can rot you late two and a half days late Not good for business amigo. I came to extend my personal apology However, if you don’t want it and have something else in mind we can accommodate No, it’s cool. Thanks for the apology mr.. Lafleur – nan faces. No convenience at all This shit will make you boys millionaires that’s the general idea Nice doing business The new own mr.. Li mr.. Mantra mr.. Kowalski, I need your help this man is haunting us He’s just one guy for Christ’s sakes Lafleur, what about your fucking bodyguard my bodyguards Get out Wait wait a minute wait in that way. Hey this fucking guy is not my responsibility all right You need some help Lafleur all sense of people down there right now Two down three to go To Daddy so is it is it so important that you can’t enjoy dinner at home with her father ah Hello the floor just got hit wide when we’re today It’s the same thing witnesses all I did the same photo Jeff’s Know maybe this wasn’t such a good idea I Don’t believe this place is save you Safe You want safe walk wear a fucking condom, okay, I’ve been again I’ll tell you what I’ll give you the 1-800 number for the witness protection program safe safe I Never said I wasn’t doing anything Danny you tell her I wasn’t doing anything Ridiculous, I’m doing plenty I’ve given the New Orleans PD everything they want on Jeff. Oh, that’s great. It’s really great Are you sending anybody out there? Jeff is after the rest of the hand that’s obvious I mean she’d be glued to Kowalski and Lee – ey four years all five of the supposed members of the hand and their lawyers have denied any connection between each other if that’s true I Don’t know why I should believe just because two of them are dead the other three are in danger if there’s no connection It is such a crock of shit. You’re out of line Jeff is one of our own. He’s gonna get himself killed He’s not one of ours anymore Command just retired his badge that boys a civilian now oh Jesus we can’t turn our cheeks to this what is the matter with you guys maybe you should take a vacation to me? And maybe you should get off her goddamn vacation Get the hell out of my office get out of my office You know the fact that you are allowing a slaughter to go on and not lifting a finger to stop it It’s not gonna look very good more important there beneath that report You know why there’s not gonna be no report cuz you aren’t suspension as of now. That’s why it’s like going in any report Bitch Just in the neighborhood, I thought I’d stop by what is it? Listen Meg. I’ve been thinking. Do you think it’s kind of strange? How Jeff is traveling all over the country without leaving a trace Like a lot of things are pretty strange lately That’s because he’s undercover now. He’s using an assumed name, Sam Peterson. Okay, let’s say he’s using an assumed name if he is command would Have known his every move all along that’s right the chief isn’t lifting a finger to help because he’s been ordered not to I mean why stop a man that he’s doing exactly what you want him to And when he’s finished they’ll arrest him, and they’ll throw him in the gas chamber and that’ll be better No, not if I can help it Dan, you gotta do me a favor call up every major airline and find out if this Sam Peterson has booked a flight anywhere I’m gonna head out to LAX And I’ll call you later. Okay, ma’am you can get into big trouble for this Danny? I’m already in big trouble Apologize for anything Doesn’t my flight was booked under that fake ID just today out of New Orleans Definitely okay, I’ll be on the first flight out of here. Thanks Danny listen Danny he saved my life Good luck Yeah ticket to Seattle next flight out, please Keep the chill, thank you Buddy put the bag on the ground to get your ass down next to it as you get down Call for me mr.. Li I want guards in every end Of my playing phew and ready by 5:00 a.m. It’s none of your business where we’re going just make sure it has enough fuel at least for a flight of seven hours Mr.. Jeff duck, what are you doing? I am Anonymous so are my wife and kids I didn’t have anything to do with her murder I was not aware of anything that was happening with them. I am a business. What do you want money? I have lots of friends. I know what you goddamn money Please don’t If you do you’re becoming one like us The hell are you doing here I came to help you Came to help me here came to help Lee well if I came to happily. I’m a little late. Don’t you think just right? Just keep going straight all right Watch out he’s coming up on that side give me a shot You’re bleeding You know Let’s get you to a hospital no no no hospital I don’t know what the hell you’re doing here if you came here to bring me back in you’re wasting your time pull over here Get a room and I’ll patch myself up Ross it Scali you’re tired How does it feel being on the other side of the law St.. Killeen different side I’m beginning to feel the same thing But does it justify it Justify it Nothing’s justified anymore No one’s looking for a cause just a result justify my wife and kids being murdered so you’re gonna kill all five of them Yeah They deserve to die Jeff. You’re not the judge and the jury You’re a lawman you are supposed to apprehend to take people in They can take your badge, but they can’t take your honor you promised to protect and serve No, I promised my wife everything was gonna be okay I Promised my wife everything was gonna be fine. I told her everything’s gonna be fine. That’s what I did I promised my wife everything was gonna be okay. They took my wife They took my kids the bureau took my badge. I got nothing left. I got nothing I got nothing left Do you think you’re the only one who has ever lost the only one who has ever suffered Eight years ago my mother was raped and murdered by a 17 year old kid You know where that man is now. He works at a gas station in Tallahassee, Florida He lives at the Mariposa trailer park space 19 The man who raped and murdered my mother with a butcher knife You think the thought of doing that piece of shit has never crossed my mind Taking a vacation to Mexico tying myself up with a few alibis jumping on a midnight flight across the Gulf Slipping into his room and slashing his throat And that would be the end of him But it wouldn’t save my mother All that would do is turn me into the same person he is I’m FBI my badge is in my jacket. Oh, we’re all gonna go downtown now. Let’s get up This is greatness Listen Seattle He’s dead, no. He’s dead. They picked up Douglas 10 miles from these mints. This is great What is great then Douglas is out of the picture for us, don’t you get it don’t you get it Mel? Don’t you get anything anymore? You think they’re gonna treat this guy like a criminal. They’re gonna treat him like a fucking hero They’re gonna name a school after this guy Where you going oh man gotta be milk you got to let it go right Well we got those two feds who were after we’re heading in on the Old Post Road eta about ten minutes I told you call FBI headquarters in Los Angeles ask to speak with a chief George wells Hey lady, look. I already told you I know you’re a Fed you can call whoever you want once. We’re back at the station Hello they are right they don’t stop just keep going do we right? So let me get this straight Bobby You mean to tell me You left Douglas behind, but you did manage to bring me this broad who I’ve never seen before my fucking life It means that what you’re telling me we had no choice. We had no choice By June, I told you I was hired to track him down I was saving your asses I had him until your goons showed up My goons. Did you hear that Charlie? What comes my? Patience is wearing thin. I want some answers, and I want them now bitch you’re such a tough guy Okay, okay, okay Great put the goddamn gun down My house In my house you will show me some goddamn respect You deserve respect It’s still no word on a mystery killer responsible for executing three of the nation’s most feared drug lords Hellman Fitch Ross on the floor and Hanson Lee who are said to be part of the Alleged white hand drug cartel and now back to the in stood for the dirty red vests I’ll tell you one thing No matter who that man is I’d like to buy him a beer you know that Friend of Mines daughter wrote Etan that liquid heroin shit Sometimes a man just gotta put the law aside, and do what’s got to be done. I think that’s what this guy is doing So where you headed? What’s your name pal? Yeah Jeff mines it? How you doing? What are you just dripping? Now you can say Part of me. He’s always wanted to drift. Just amble around you know just Get out there and live life. You know no ties no foundries. No responsibilities Just live for myself, but not everybody can do that some tied down to a wife kids Priorities the financial strappings of everyday life, not I mean You know how you get anything done It’s just one day just take a beer Jackie OTC. It’s cold It’s Mexico. What’s December? It’s Mexico. I know I just worry about you All right you satisfied okay, just kiss me goodbye and get going So Jeff you got away No family Now Well you got two feet that’s all you need and I’ll tell you what you’re damn lucky The only thing you got ahead of you Palestine All you got to do is get out there and live life to its fullest and see what it’s all about right Prisoner apprehended mission complete I quit Yes I thought you went over the edge Welcome back Jeffie Say no not by a longshot Should have fucking killed me when you had the chance. Let’s go asshole So is it over it’s over Almost reach the sky

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