Adam Savage Checks Out Lumecluster’s New Armor Cosplay!

Melissa it is good to see you hello you
guys you have been experimenting with some brand new stuff and I want to talk
about it because you looked fantastic and the
mask is totally new how do you like wearing the mask
well this master is actually an older design but it’s it’s my main profile
image but the thing is it’s it’s what people know as the new McCluster so I
thought I’m gonna comment as a luma cluster in my own superhero in my own
head that’s all this is how I’d want to look so talk to me about the prototyping
of the full arms with this with the shoulders and everything yeah so the
full arms using the phoenix gauntlets before there’s no need to be versatile
and modular or everything so the idea with the arm harnesses is it supposed to
be the same thing okay but this is a test prototype stress testing at New
York comic-con okay these are larger pieces than you these are you’re moving
into a bigger scale for the molding and casting art yes and this is during you
printed for now before I go into that because they’re after the past two days
there has to be changes right so you’re troubleshooting the actual arrangement
in the 3d print and then you’ll fix that before you go to move it oh my god
you’ve done the inside of the elbows you mad woman what you thought last year
it’s better than last oh my god I’m finished everything the design I read I
scrapped last year’s costume if you remember the full metal alchemist
cosplay that I did was my first one yeah but the arm was really rough so I
scrapped it and started over and I redid it and I’ll have the – it’s got spoilers
and cauldrons and I wanted to see if I could do the same thing with what I did
with the gauntlets right and so Megan de Lara
she’s de la Torre de la Reed his eyes she and I both care about modular
versatile design she loves that and apparel I love that an armour so would
we want to match made in heaven exactly what we wanted to do was see if we could
see it’s find different ways to use what we love which is a pearl she loves
Blazers outerwear I love armor and if we could come out of this with a few
designs and our favorite items mine is arm harnesses and gauntlets are my
favorite armor components hers our Blazers and outerwear so we want to see
if we can create new looks and took it beyond
just costume and cosplay of course so for her she actually is wearing her own
custom-made Aleta inspired jacket is fantastic
it’s a lovely jacket I love the lines oh really
oh so that’s really nice it moves really well my favorite things are gauntlets
and arm harnesses so the big test here is can I do the same thing that I was
you know working towards with the gauntlets in the Phoenix Phoenix moments
and the Phoenix arm harness we’ll still have to see what are some of the what
are some of the things you’re determining now that are surprising you
about the mechanics of that of the full arm what I think is interesting is with
like real suit of armor which you you know you study a lot they are all woven
into a gambeson but if you’re if I’m going to do this on everyday wear how do
you do it without damaging the article of clothing right how do you do it well
that’s reasonable for people to find ways to confine that that don’t look
kind of ridiculous or over-the-top what are the proper attachments so I said I
want to understand how the arm harness works but I also need to change it for
it to be much more clothes fitted because I show you no arm harnesses
aren’t this tight this close oh no no they got to fit chainmail in the gambit
and everything so I’m taking all that out how do you knit it so doesn’t pinch
how do you make it so it’s comfortable but what can you do this is much bigger
than gauntlet so how can I break this down in a way that’s reasonable for
costume and maybe fashion or just for fun so when you say that these are
modular there plans to add features to the blazer that’s that’s up for the for
her like ‘man this jacket herself because that’s what she loved I love it
that people have worn my armor with like bomber jackets motorcycle jackets their
own sweaters and that’s what I want people to do is have fun with that and
just be free and use my arms for what they want just like we want to combine
our jackets in ways that are up to you know our imagination we want to look our
ways what I love about you guys is if you’re
making this leap of know this can totally be fashion because there are
bits of cosplay that I wear out on the street that are like they’re good enough
then they’re fit enough and comfy enough where I’m like I’m just gonna wear
Captain America’s jacket up today so what’s next so what’s next is we want to
show you completely different outfits by the end of this by the end of this video
ok so where do we start well I’ll start by actually like revealing my face
because I don’t know if you’ll remember hello again oh right because it does
this it kicks your voice back to your ears and makes it sound a little louder
a little bit yeah yeah so this is this is a flexible mask because you know I
started in masks yeah before I went into armor and so this is one of my very
first mask designs back in 2014 but you know it still has a deuce it’s it goes
really well in the armor yeah but a little bit harder every day where they
get they get upset at the deli when you’re trying to a little bit they get a
little creeped out but from there I will start taking things apart and what I’ll
do is will apply it to her to see how we can put the fashion on we’re together I
love it but I also show you how I changed my
arms somebody and I’ll also be Aleta okay alright I put this down okay won’t
be too Aleta’s and what I’ll do is I’ll start by at least making it easier on
myself if you can take this off do my thing so first well you see this is a
diadem by the diadem is also on my shoulder oh okay talk about modularity
the doesn’t also be one as a face mask so some people have liked some bring it
on oh right mm-hmm but I’m not so crazy about that but this let’s do the simpler
simpler repulsion design alright but I also use it to attach it to the armor
with bobby pins so we’ll see this alright we ran toward it it’s gorgeous
Meghan found out you can also wear as a crown and so you see this is much more gothic
this much more historically inspired but this made it very fantasy right right so
I like having that freedom to I’m learning how to make connections a
little more convenient for my customers so that’s what I’m testing in New York
Comic Con and see how I can hold on to them and like make them strong or easy
to use but this is you know pauldron okay you can also hold that okay I’m
your vessel yeah oh look it’s magnets Wow so it’s also articulated mm-hmm
I’m still working on that too but it’s also a much tighter fit yeah you can see
this is this is also articulated it’s it’s actually based on how much mean
it’s armored I think it’s a 20 armor with the super long toes
think so but you know they has very beautiful fluting and I want to bring
that in a little bit so there’s that right so again much more historical and
then you see here is a small derp but you notice fit right on top yeah and see
my gorget and if you don’t mind taking off my gorgeous not at all yeah she
likes to wear those I’m yes there you go my queen this was what I did yesterday I
went around the convention as a leader sponsor so nice thing is all I needed
was just a few few few items few small changes and I mean anything about this
one fitting right over but yeah yeah sure oh that’s I was able to go around
this is how I made sure every time someone hold on my arm they slammed into
it with their bags I have an abrasion resistant coating so if you notice the
finish is a lot better the finish is fab and again so so super flexible and I
love this I ran into it scraped it and it didn’t get a scratch also the inside
feels very comfortable against the skin it seems like and you’ve got some satin
in here for extra so it just rotates that’s a good pivot and so we have that
look simply Alita look but I can go one step more
let’s let’s do it change this Aleta and make another make a new Aleta okay Oh
like but what I love about these folders it’s so sad it’s funny oh wow that is
totally satisfying you’re right so it’s actually got the rivets in there in the
leather Oh such tiny little rivets yeah I’m a jewelry and magnets again yeah
mm-hmm so we have a leader here but apparently
in the manga there are there can be many Aleta’s and she has many different
bodies awesome so fairy she loves Aleta let’s see if we can take these original
designs and make something that’s a little more familiar
I see so puttin putting these stuff back on yeah so this is my Rachel nationally
right it was helpful to her about the same size and it’s flexible too but I
want to be able to make it a lot more versatile and allow more adjustability
for many different body sizes and ships that’s amazing how quickly that just
like looks perfect you’re able to just rotate it without worrying about
worrying about it but there are no scratches work-in-progress no scratches
is really intense so this way your shoulders still move rather naturally
because I feel like a lot people are very stiff and they don’t they can’t
move without it being a little awkward but that’s you’re giving them all the
possible movement they could get out of that I just I feel like this is like 20
years from now we’ll look at this and feeling yeah notice I had this vision
way back then and like everyone’s wearing armor now you see here Oh again
so the bobby pins allow a really easy comfortable closer mechanical fit
oh that looks great does it yeah it’s terrific the first time I’m trying it
today you guys are having fun yeah and like not only does that show but the
product you’re making is so amazing yeah and that jacket I love this bridge
you’re making between like hi lovely fashion
cosplay and feels comfortable to wear and also looks totally badass like
that’s the it’s the trick right because you put on a cosplay custom and you feel
about us but you’re super uncomfortable and you’re sweating balls and it’s awful
you are like burning this brand-new ground yeah now we have two different
designs again we split it up but you know she hope still feels like a Nolita
she kind of has the robot elements she has her blazer her jacket but she custom
me but it she can still wear it outside or inside and you still get the idea
fabulous and I guess you could still say I’m kind of an alia or maybe another
cyborg in that world yeah because I feel like maybe I got some modifications I
chopped off my arm if you want to get really dark about 2/3 of it not the
whole arm maybe I can try a Keanu Reeves cyberpunk cosplay okay yeah I just need
my sunglasses split my hair down the middle
I am always inspired by your ambition in exploring this and you’re always going
in ways that are new and really amazing it’s it’s I makes me want to get to work
that’s the highest compliment I can pay and I think it’s because I see a lot of
other people doing amazing things and I want to try to do my part and share what
I learn on the way and hopefully other people get a little excited about what I
make the way I’m excited about what other people make I think they will
thank you so much for showing this is just magnificent yeah yeah it worked you

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