Adamuz, tesoro natural de Sierra Morena

We begin an exciting journey through the Cordoba region of Alto Guadalquivir It is here that adamuz is located a town located at the foot of Sierra Moreno with an interesting heritage Historic and surrounded by spectacular natural surroundings A tourist destination that offers the traveler unique experiences at any time of the year as photographic getaways to capture the Iberian fauna that takes refuge in this area but especially in autumn it has an added value and is to attend in these mountains the impressive spectacle of the bellowing Also on this route we will learn to make artisan cheeses and taste in the delicious cuisine of this mountain town Our route begins with a walk through adamuz, a town where we find true architectural gems since it was part of the silver road that would unite cordoba and toledo from the renaissance This is the case of the church of St. Andrew the Apostle that has its origin in the 13th century although it was renovated at different times Not far away we discovered the clock tower commanded to be built in the 16th century The well of Santiago public well dated 18 or the house of lara and jon a stately mansion built in the mid 17th century But we also realize with great natural wealth the municipal estate of the communal mountains They are 2500 hectares of forest and pasture that constitute one of the natural refuges of the province and that has a great variety of Iberian fauna Here the traveler has the opportunity to learn about their diversity and one of the species that inhabit the area. With the arrival of autumn in these mountains begins one of the natural shows that the environment gives us the bellowing A good way to do this is guided by an expert in the area Like every year when school ends and the first rains begin females of this species go into heat the males will start to dispute their right to mount this ritual is also accompanied by the powerful bellows of these animals break in the silence of forest environment in a magical way let’s enjoy of this place of these animals and of this opportunity that we have to take a little fresh air and in contact with nature It begins like this in our search for the Iberian deer that camouflages itself between the holm oaks that populate these places these trees help them pass unnoticed and they provide acorns one of the main foods at this time of year Y binoculars in hand and trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to scare the deer we enter this Mediterranean forest In the distance male and young females They appear between the grove and they cross the places of the farm these animals are very sensitive and before any noise seek refuge in the thicket of trees and thickets The sunset and dawn are the best moments to enjoy the ritual of the light bellowing at that time beautifies the landscape even more and the sounds are even more impressive if we have the wind in our favor The reward for our patience comes with the beginning of the show the bellowing of the males it is the gift that we take in a time when the monteria season is about to begin Y Yes The communal mountains also offer the possibility of staying in this natural environment since it has seven old houses perfectly rehabilitated that add to the offer of the area We are in the heart of the Sierra Moreno in a place surrounded by oak pines and the Mediterranean forest where you will be able to contemplate the nature and beauty of each woman an environment that is far from population and noise a super quiet place here where we are in the rural communal motorcycle houses formerly they were the guard houses and the barracks made works so that the The visitor could enjoy this privileged environment here in the heart of Cordoba Another activity that the traveler can do is participate in a getaway photographic an exciting proposal for fans of photography and nature because with patience beautiful images of specimens of Iberian fauna can be captured and hiding places prepared for this purpose the so-called hide are scattered throughout the communal mountains and they are the perfect place to contemplate animals in freedom hiding in your sight but I’m going to leave hyde the golden eagle here to live a photographic experience with raptors from which some corvids can enter, some rabilargos, even mammals like the fox jay and I hope you have good session remember to be silent apart from the noise that the photographic equipment can make Y Stay inside the hai until I get to look for you From these hiding places nature is observed in all its splendor Time goes by in absolute silence and with the hand always ready on the camera’s trigger Today we were lucky we can see and take pictures of one of the queen birds of these places the golden eagle Shortly after we managed to capture a regular from this area the fox Back in adamuz we get to know the cuisine of this town in which the Iberians and game meat predominate all accompanied by the oil of the designation of origin montoro adamuz The most important of us are those derived from the Iberian pig and apart we have the house meat we tried do all the cooking we spend our for example our oil or our mushrooms when there are seasonal mushrooms so that everything stays within the same environment Another of the activities that the traveler can perform is to participate in a craft cheese making workshop As the pasture is a perfect habitat to maintain various livestock we go a few kilometers from Adamuz to one of them where we will learn to make goat cheese Ok guys we can start the cheese workshop the process consists of the first thing we have heated the milk we are going to pour it into each container now that you have and we will take the rennet ok in this case you will use vegetable rennet of thistle that is very typical used for example in the cakes of the casar and in those of serena then we will cut the curd we will remove the remaining liquid and finally we will mold We follow the instructions of the artisan and after shaping the mold with a process that is done by hand let it stand long enough for it to acquire the necessary consistency and flavor As we approach to know the cabin that produces this goat’s milk “if you pay me a little attention other than that we are feeding sparkle that is our orphans of the herd because he explained a little that here we have the goats the raw material that we use to make cheese you have the highest quality and the highest quality is achieved with these goats being free eating the grass we have inside our pasture, okay? so now immediately since they have finished milking, we are going to take them out so they can go grazing the mountain ” we finish our route with a cheese tasting not before spice the one that we have prepared with our hands and that keeps the essence of a natural destiny spectacular that always surprises the traveler as is sierra morena Adamuz has a huge natural treasure that has preserved over time, its history, its past and its present They are linked to a rich and generous land that hosts numerous species of Iberian fauna It is a small paradise in which the nature-loving traveler You can discover the magic of life in every corner of this Cordoba town

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