Adrienne Wants to Make a Pregnancy Pact

I have a genius idea I'm gonna get married soon yeah I knew that I said after I get married I'm down for having babies yeah get to it hey why don't we have a pregnancy pact wait nope well you and Jeanie should do that no don't pregnant for the first time together like when you're pregnant for the first time is really dramatic right yeah you have no idea what's happening with your body huh and things of the Body Snatchers I'm saying it might be different right yes yes different the second I want to be pregnant with my friends and they first time because I'm gonna be listening problem what you're saying is I got a chance to lie today the smart scrambles okay and Calavera could do it so can you Lonnie know if y'all you know what I will tell you this what I'll tell y'all been doing what I will make this pack right here okay well no I'm just say it if all for y'all pretty at the same time I'll adopt a baby I'll tell you that kailani okay what kind of baby would you adopt a 19 year old boy right older baby now we're being normal I would for the sacrifice for this show and I would adopt a baby I saw a baby baby it could be a new part up to 1 2 3 years old okay cut my baby come live with you

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