Adventure Communist #36 – SO MANY FISH!

what does it do but lazy llama here and welcome back to more of our special event we get going on still a good bit of time left on a set event still doing pretty good it seems like after you're in the game for a while you stop getting ads and you just get normal bonuses which I don't know just simply restarting the game changes that or not but uh yeah either way we got the fish we were looking for did take a little while to get it but we got it there's the boats I've been waiting on boats will now be worth leveling to me and which is my max boats as they're just going sadly we can't speed them up any faster but hey we got to get the five-minute boats we'll do it oxygen tanks I guess is our new focus mine as well be our new focus I had a pretty good sum saved up there we still have actually a decent bit the users will use I think for a four-piece but that's okay here's our boat say I was the new card still like two hours left we just claimed one I don't know how fast like oxygen tanks it's not going to be that fast cuz we're really just waiting on treasure treasures slow treasure has been slow I'm gonna go up on a level on this as much as I might forget this later it's a pretty big jump for that level I'm gonna do it but just enough for it I think that might benefit the event overall more we're still above the thousands like we're happy I'm gonna go claim this as well see if we can get boats upgraded again because I still we're gonna be putting as many in the boats as I can everybody getting a level of boats to be pretty sweet I don't think we did yeah we did not restore missing them out which is unfortunate but those will slowly climb I mean it's not gonna climb fast but it's gonna climb like we will inch that forward not really worth buying these guys to me um and I kind of was dumping some stuff in there and there's just somewhere commerce that's all it does is just give you a little mound of comrades for being in the game it seems like but I guess I'm just go back to a fkn and we're gonna get as much as we can done in this episode right so we're back cut this done it's actually been quite a bit of time sadly I've lost a little bit of time on the event but it's not a big deal we're still getting pretty decent into this and pretty sure we're working towards getting some of the rewards I was hoping for at least something I have two days but uh we do what we do have a decent bit of time can't really complain oxygen tanks we can definitely do I'm gonna do it in the 10% should know I'm not we're gonna get that because that'll break that and then I need to do that to eat a 5 mil I want to get that done most of our stuff there which kind of things but it's ok we will manage I rose have comrades I goodbye but I want to make sure I have everything I need first cut cards sweet easy-peasy another fish one and then boats yeah I mean honestly make sense just go back in on boats get that done that's an easy one I was a couple new cards is that new card no that's oxygen that's oxygen and I'll take it these guys literally only needs three how many do they use a thousand I don't know why those are considered so hard to get but hey we'll pick that up I'll hoping that that's sweet that's another rank done right we got the automated oh my god that's perfect literally got perfect get them automated that's all that was treasure I think was to collect next go only one card to unlock clipping the science in we have to at least get to ten in at complete ten I have to get to 11 the very least if I get one event card I'll be happy if I don't get that I'd be really upset I do like this event it's done my favourite event so far though I've been like in the way it's been progressing definitely been my favorite as far as progressing is concerned like by far boats will start producing quite a bit actually so at a million every time it's gonna add up to be a ton it's really late at night I'm gonna be going to bed soon so at least you know makes so much more progress Miguel we have these we did have the ability to get I think one of each of these too and I think we have the next one of that but we kind of spent a lot so it's understandable they're actually being held back on this because of that kind of want to buy that but hoping we can get that hundred cards by claiming these two free capsules baby if we get lucky in cards we have a lot of science coming in so I probably do it anyways I got to make sure we're good before I go to bed like I have to get us in the best spot possible I her a boat going by should be pretty nice I didn't complete the event an ad for yeah I kind of happy we're gonna spend some so wait back I did decide to watch this as well see what we can get out of it we got literally one card so isn't it very good we got to spend the rest of our stuff basically don't know where I want to do it probably shouldn't do this I definitely gonna speed this up though how to become pretty massive pretty quick especially only an overnight sense it'll do a lot I want to stay up decent been on science we have to spend some I got no gold exclusively level up this so I think I'm gonna drop everything into treasure here we have sea scooters in Locke but I feel like we're a bit away from that we spent all of our comrades basically 300 let's do it I think these these are important and this is important to do especially before a big break like we're planning on doing and of course being interrupted by these ads which I'm not necessary against kind of God of you can really useful is this still the one yeah we have to at least get that as well and then I honestly if I do that and this is 800 but it brings this up so much I'm gonna do it bring the base levels up it's a lot a lot to spend whether you don't have a goal to spend especially I get something does to spend 2000 signs that we don't have it you could come back to bite me but it also could make things happen that need to happen we can't get them there pretty far away those are pretty big upgrades now those are the base level so like I feel like that's gonna make a huge difference towards making our goals I mean getting this and stuff would be nice I'll save the cheaper stuff for up if we get anything else so they can't get this till at least four hours and I won't be around or at least two hours and I won't be around so gonna be going to bed but I don't get thirty in one go anyways I'll probably need the full four hours worth and these aren't gonna happen anytime soon so I guess we're just kind of chillin for now right coming back a couple hours later here again just the beginning of rank 8 the goal is to beat rank 10 at the very least let's try to make that happen we got all our treasure which is a good thing hopefully we'll get enough cards here to compete the cards one as well I don't feel you something to upgrade spend science or upgrade cards would be great and you can't go wrong with that not that done I do not have the card click but we do have the free chests it doesn't matter anyways that's a lot of boats and once it's collect the fish we we've barely dented it's actually kind of sad boats however we can just do it wasn't a 14 mill yeah wow that was insane I was amazing actually nobody got that one more for trading there I realized I had have a bunch of I had up till 11 here but it's like I have to spend them to get these missions done which I'd rather than getting we're comrades a second right now as much as Commerce per second or hopeful ooh Trident industries that's cool upgrade to cards thankfully I don't know what to I'm going to do I have no idea is that the only thing I can really do right now yeah I don't think boats barely been upgraded can we ever get any of the top things these guys you can like I'm gonna upgrade more than just the top cards let's get this upgraded we do have a mission for fish and fish is really far away right now so let's get that what's going again there's my – already my – oh she was spending signs it's like it's been more like I want to dump all the signs but I just wanna get that low that's only level – that's only a little – it'd be four hundred more let's just do it I could try to get these fish moving I'd like to go even more with these but I think that's the best we're gonna get for now I mean I couldn't could do more it's just at what point would it be negative see scooters 75 of them I don't have them automated yet so I'm going to try to do it with bare minimal I could have actually did one lesson did exactly what I needed but hopefully I'll get these scooters in here maybe no no luck with that I don't even know if we can't get them yeah I'm gonna activate it we probably need to run it a couple times just a thousand a piece and I just bought so I just spend seventy five thousand of them meaning I have to run it like to like you know ten times I'll make it back within ten to collect fish goals interesting how that kind of works I guess kind of annoyed by that um all right we're spending more science the only way we're getting this done I think is spending science let's get that up I'm not going any higher than that I don't think don't be though it's crazy they slowed this event down now is there any other odd cards I can do that be more useful yeah that lets say we have to get any like odd in and outs we're down to 34 signs like that's all I can do right now I mean I could do this let me get more but I also don't want to be sitting at zero signs like I really don't got a couple of these I guess I get that up a little bit I got a couple free capsules will claim since we're gonna be sitting for a couple hours anyways on this event it seems like that was it did you see that boost that was insane well go check that out again I saw up for a quick glance we got some science again for those but like we can't really you know can really do anything with them yeah it was the big this dude that's insane looking that looks like so much that looks like so much and it's it's literally these guys like you know what I think the only way we're getting this okay I don't have enough science or science 800 Oh God let me say you know what I'm gonna do it as much as I might regret it I was gonna do it I mean the boats are nice and all but realistically these scooters I really don't want to buy more of I don't really want to put more into that I guess chariots but we just sitting on like 13 mil I gotta upgrade this but it's probably not worth if anything honestly I'm just gonna throw it here I kind of saved it as well but I think that's gonna be dry for now right guys all right cool we've completed this this is gonna be where we're gonna start to wrap up this episode I'm hopefully gonna get everything in the next two days in the last one is if the games kind of slowing down I figured it will make it possible we get that done probably get some decent okay and pretty sure it was not the best one what was that aren't these these things not to see shooters that's these two million of them seems like we're quite a bit of a ways off that we're always off of all these actually this is gonna be a pain this is not going to be easy working on this makes the most sense man it's going just take forever I don't know how much farther we're gonna get if worse comes to worse on I can't get a full episode out I will probably just merge it to you and end or so of another video or something or just upload a short video even kind of just wrapping up the event but unless that's gonna be in this episode guys if you guys did enjoy these things I can smack that like button and as always I catching the next one

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