Adventure Communist #37 – Mission Complete!

does that beat you but ladies allow me anyway right back with some more of this beautiful event going on this is gonna be the last part of this event I still like two days left on the event but this might just be a long video if it comes down to that if a lots was happening I said make things longer there's gonna be a long episode so if you see a long time on this just knows a long episode I did get this at 100 just cuz it was a little the exact amount on max before when I did it so now I'm just running it every time I kind of tap back into the game I mean I just watched an ad actually but I've been trying to save up a little bit of these I've been wanting to put in here but you think we need four sorry two million of these times eight is you know a lot that's a lot of comrades needed so I've been like debating out saving but also we need fish I've been upgrading this we have 800 signs this is gonna take forever like it is but it isn't I'm gonna do this though I'm gonna really regret it if all of a sudden I need need science because I have none but that's what we're doing I still have the watch add in seven minutes on one of these which will give us guaranteed dark science which is nice but uh yeah we're still trying to get these events going alright didn't actually take that long to get this done it was pretty quick after I got that upgrade it started to speed up really really fast actually which is awesome I'm now hoping we don't get upgrading cards though we're spending science because I don't have any all right cooking a treasure we're still obviously working on the chariots by 8 million of these which doesn't help my current goals but does get us closer to 50 million although I don't pressure drop things here like I don't know to spend these I might just hang onto these to slowly throw into chariots as I start to get enough cuz you need to work in trident anyways this is gonna take a little while like a long while man these this event came to a halt for me it was so fast early and just like then we kind of sped up again and then just hit another absolute hole I honestly might as well open this we're not gonna be completing anything soon so get on this claim some cards oopsie scooters we didn't have those before I don't think correct yeah see scooters are are these things so those are worth buying now okay now they're animated I'll actually buy them awesome so at least we have something else to do and that was the new card for sea scooters pretty sure we are on top of every single card we have currently unlock yeah and there's only only seven more cards that we can technically unlock I don't know how often they'll come out and what not the comrades could be good all treasure industry have to do it treasure is something we're working on now and we kind of need to get those just sadly we're out of a little bit of luck that's another comrade thing would be nice to have but we'll have to live without it ready yeah someone wave for a couple hours and we got tools complete oh and there's that cool I'll take it I'm gonna open this up this was the BB for the Trident so get that complete we'll take it clean that up get this to this rank again looking to beat rank 10 collect cards okay not terrible I think I've got two free chests if not at least one this was getting the DD for the treasure so that's pretty cool that is cute boats easy boats are here 32 million okay that didn't seem right we got to drop a decent bit in there though we'll do it though get it done we're getting some science back up thankfully Oh God again these Tritons are killing me they're killing I could buy so many of them though so many of them can be purchased I still need to buy a bunch of these which that's amazing that's actually huge concessions from science as well again I don't really want to waste science per se I'm gonna go all in on this which is everything we have there just because it it's kind of neat I mean we need to get five mill eventually there can't be that many more things I can't be that many more things unlock because do the base level so you're like the like they are all these basically these are the units the researchers I guess you could say and there's I mean there's a decent bit more of them and then there's one more of this rarity so I'm not really positive what to look forward to as far as that's concerned but we basically bought as many of those as we can can't really do much more with that just gotta kind of wait we just bought a ton of those it's like we're in an arts spot I feel like I'm gonna get as many of these I can I'd like to get more upgrades for those but I don't want to spend the sign so it's not hands about I know it's coming soon I know we're gonna get the needing to spend science quest like it's coming soon it has to be but I don't know how this is gonna go and we're gonna open both of these because we need the cards I will probably watch the ad which I'll do I guess off camera and then I'm I'll come back when we actually get a goal done but let's see how close you are you only had 80 out of this I'm still gonna take some time that's not gonna be a horrible I'll get that done really soon actually I'll come back when that's done well back we've got to get this done I don't actually need to buy all of these I'm gonna save some I'll just get as many or as little as maybe I should say as many as we need as little as you need I guess either way it works I get that done go through that but we're gonna get spa there is rank 10 this is the rank I wanted we can see the last thing there which is cool honestly like I could see that being so useful but like we're gonna continue we have to beat this rank that's my goal now if I do this I'll be satisfied 100% this event and my progress see scooters man you're asking for a lot right now I'm gonna upgrade this I think the only way we get farther in this is with an upgraded Z scooters I know I wanted to save these but realistically if I get this I just have to do this this one gotta get seven achievements done Trident will slowly get at this pace we will I don't think we need necessarily more comrades a second and putting more in here just isn't worth it it's just kind of waiting on these two I'm tempted to like get like this up or something like and put us in a better spot it's just we're gonna run out of science again and I know we're gonna have to spend it I keep saying that and we haven't in a while but it happens a lot I think it makes you do it a lot we have to do this like that's such a big movement that helped us so much getting that a the fish one done so let's do that I'll save 375 just cuz basically at 400 which is at least something and we'll go from there all right we got the cards done I just watched arched not watching that just open a free chest that came around so we got that done which is nice get us kind of kick-started to hopefully something I can actually do that's cool to have I mean I'm not against that I'd like to spend some of the science I don't know if it's going to allow us to know it's collecting fish um that's not that bad though you can see how much fish we have and I haven't spent a fish in a while to be fair but like that's not an extraordinarily large amount of fish minute so it's gonna take a bit time but it ain't that bad also I've been really doing is just dumping anything into sea scooters as we need three million of them trying to hoard a bunch of these because these do take for yeah for so you get three million you know you twelve million total to be fair we are a little bit into this will still need need all that though so there's kind of hanging on to it I could dump more into here and I've thought about it and to make this happen we're probably gonna have to but in that same sense we probably need that I'm just kidding I'm just gonna do it if we get something to spend researchers I'm in trouble I'm in a lot of trouble I'm spending a lot on these I can't go anymore sadly I'd love to I need to keep some and I'm very tempted by were doing that too we're not even keeping really any I just hope we don't get we don't get a thing to spend science like I've a lot of stuff in here I'd love to upgrade to there's a lot of like comrade things that I'd love to do but they're just not really worth it we don't even have those things where are those under yeah here so it's looking that look at like kind of like we should have five million of these in this rank somewhere you know on that note we'll drop them there whatever we're kind of just waiting on basically having treasure anyways in this I mean right now or not but normally that's that's the whole back so all right another goal complete wrenching closer and closer towards completing run ten here which is really my big goal like we've stated hopefully we'll get a little farther but I don't know it's it's pretty slow right now I'm honestly like I like the way it progressed and it just got so swollen I'm being I'm getting on it a lot I am I've been on this game quite a bit there's a vent that's what I was afraid of spending that amount of dark science and now I don't have it so it becomes a big problem you know getting this it's kinda just a matter of time we don't necessarily need anything in here we need that oh we don't have enough we're going to save for that I think it's gonna be the best bet it's gonna be a while before I get that but I'm gonna get that off-camera kind of push in that way I could definitely speed this up um I get that but I think we'll be better off trying to get this trident thing out of the way because we'll need it anyways getting that much dark science is gonna be pretty much impossible any time soon all of this in 38 minutes and this in two minutes technically but we don't get any science in the card so it's not gonna help me anyways right yeah well back we got the 3 million now see scooters which is pretty sweet happy to have that done I got those if she didn't get it unlocked but I guess it's cool we got them I suppose it's a good thing nonetheless Colt we also have a decent of those I don't know if we wanna get something helps out this is comrades this is Trident production I think this might be better then and maybe not probably not I don't know how that multiplies off of like this multiplier I don't know if that's like 9 times this which would be better than 5 times ignite to equal this I'm assuming it's gotta be that way so it's got to be way more cost-effective the way I just did it I didn't actually look at the numbers beforehand sadly but we have the use of this I don't have 402 you this we now have to get the okay basically everything we get now is just dropping in here because we need five million of these things which is a lot of comrades a lot a lot of comrades we're gonna burrow spot you're definitely in a rough spot here's our new guys which we have unlocked but can't really do anything with and they're not worth upgrading to we can we get them obviously but I'm I think we're in a pretty good lock state again right guys we got another thing done which is just collecting the Tritons which is sweet I mean I'll take it I'm gonna complain oh I did get this just just before I started recording up to the five mill trees like I buy these he's our automated notice I should a lot of signs from that we're going to obviously buy this we need to spend science enemies so make sense do anything anything to get through this I think I hear the boat yeah nice of course I get an ad I live not been getting the watching ones this whole time and now while I'm trying to do the recording is one comes up got that done treasured 26 that's not terrible it's gonna take a bit of time but it's not terrible that's kind of just going and then this is just going I don't even order to spend comrades right now I don't know what the place to spend them is I'll grab that let's grab this cuz why not oh this is up there I guess a little bit more science to spend actually we can't go any higher with that I might want to get some comrade ones cuz that's comrades sure we probably want what's giving us like the most either one of these two I guess right probably this one cuz it's doing more we have 300 we do multiple comrade upgrades I don't think those are 250 apiece to visit the base level 500 for that one I don't know if I'll need the conference to get this rank done I'm hoping I won't spending this amount of science is just like impossible right now umm treasure anything to me what that gives you a little bit anything that make treasure faster I suppose is good I can't do the diver so that's the 800 and then this one it's 300 I guess I'll do this it's probably more thinking the comrades right now just cuz I mean the events coming towards in and honestly I think I'm just gonna stop playing the event I still have over a day like I don't think I'm gonna continue just I don't think I'm gonna get anywhere else it's so slow I'm not making it here and make it though nothing at this if anything but I'm going to bed very very soon so not sure where things will land I really don't I'm pretty torn doesn't say how many upgrades of each of these you have either cuz I gotta show that which one's gonna be better like obviously have more of this than this I'm assuming I'm assuming I do I guess I just keep eating those that'll boost that up quite a bit that's still relatively low number so probably putting things in here or even saving them for this I was only eating that it's not that we only need 77 of them it's pretty pretty achievable goal I guess spending in here I'll put them in there for now all right guys we're back in for quite a few hours here see what we can make happen this is the treasure we'll take it it has been a bit of time though basically went the sleeping kind of came back even a little after I woke up now right off the bat so that's rough can definitely make it happen mmm 40 lighthouses though I really need to complete two more things and then I'm honestly probably just gonna stop the video we're not gonna go any further and video if I get any more out that you guys afterward but yes got the idea of the event at this point so I'm pretty happy with things Wow um that's just all these Lily all that is that's crazy that was actually a big advancement and I'm pretty sure we have the 500 science we need whether we have chest as well I was trying not to open a kiss I got something that needed them that's very doable I mean you can see we're in a there I mean I don't know how many hours out that is although it's going to be a lot sooner than later cuz this just just gonna compound out really fast suppose we have so much science just chilling here now you got the science think that's it we've completed it the event is complete I think what I'm going to do is come back here and we can't actually buy those let's just buy ten percents until we get that and then how much of these kind of I I need forty ten for several do sweet he's busy get that one done and that's the event in my eyes complete to the goal I wanted to if I can get further cool I'm probably gonna be around as much today which is why I'm looking to wrap it up but we got the rank 11 which means we got the rewards wearing 10 so we get one card the random event researcher together this is what it's like to complete this I still don't get it as much as I like the way this progressed early am I still don't know how it remotely you'd come close to completing this I don't I have no idea it's open these we're gonna buy some stuff with these I don't know what'll make my progress faster I feel like comrades wouldn't be terrible but also if I'm not gonna be around a ton comments might not actually be the way to go I might not I've got to do that climb those in over 60 million comrades which is pretty sweet I know I could buy these but I feel like I should focus more on getting things at the end here if they're already that's actually now limited by that which was three of those off the bat by fourteen million of these doesn't put his anywhere close to that lighthouses are automated so buying as many as we can would make sense I guess I'll just buy these as well as far as cards are concerned it's a tough call it really really is I think there's got to be a rhyme or reason like what you upgrade to get through these events as quick as you can like I could come in here and actually I can't up get this now I said I wanted update this before but I wasn't going because I didn't have enough for it but not I open all those I do but actually getting that one more time probably is one of the better things I can do which will actually give you the amount of neat as well but that gets that going relatively fast battle comes sooner than later and went back down to only for ice event move so weird it just moves so weird cuz now it's only for was it not just like six am I going crazy it doesn't say but it's only forty this is bad I could have sworn it was like six maybe that's cuz that was the new researcher but like mmm-hmm see scooters need twenty three million of them I guess I dropped the rest in there we try to get that happen I still do up a thousand Saiyans I could spend it I only get I'm at I think I have a whole day left in this event but I know I'm only getting around for so many hours like that's why I don't necessarily want to record much more just get as much as I can kind of compact but I might get through a decent bit more ranks but I think we were gonna wrap this up here we're gonna go back to the normal videos it's going to take a couple episodes before I actually claim these rewards if you think about it because the way things kind of land for me are weird and I've already recorded a couple other videos I've got but the recordings event got me so far behind I should have just made these longer episodes into two really long episodes for this event and I might do that from the next new event that comes out that might be the strategy I'd love to do in just one master but it literally would be like an hour episode which I could do like an hour especial but I feel like no one's gonna sit there and watch through an hour of this just in one go even if it is for a new event I just don't think it's in happened push I wouldn't with upload during the event you just have to wait till after the event comes out before I can do anything but I'll see how far I can get I'll try to hang on to the science for now I got the add all watch I doubt I'll get 15 cards to get that done just pry just a matter of waiting but uh yeah anyways if you guys did enjoy this event hit that like button the events definitely over by the time this video is going up prob about a couple days I will be back on the normal video soon and then it'll paste back out to not being on over upload on every major communist but it'll be like the to a week or whatever I was kind of doing before which I feel like is around a two or three week it's kind of whenever I can but it'll it'll go back to a normal pace but it was I will catch you guys in the car

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