Adventure Communist Rank 48 to 49 RANK UP! Adventure Communist Rank 49 Showcase [Gameplay Video]

water we're back with another video so I think yesterday made a video guide on what to do if you're stuck on a mission and here's proof that it works it took me one day to finish this you can go back to the other video on my link it might not we'll see how it goes and we're $1 348 let's see how much science we have gathered 21 5 10 anymore and yes yes yes yes me almost 4k probably three and a half so this is my comrade rate at this point and let's rank up Oh got a new badge and ring 49 it's pretty nice gotta keep you here for a few seconds for the thumbnail hopefully some reason this game doesn't only give me any Supremes but it's okay and I totally understand [Applause] mr. to this one at a time tre doors 15 times 23 times 10 click potatoes I'm going to go ahead and get it unlock as far as we can [Applause] as you can see they need to add an option and does more than took a fused right now I'm in a weird spot had a weird day but it's okay everything will be all right [Applause] collect tanks tanks are over here I don't know if we're gonna complete any missions in this video feel like it might take too long yeah we're gonna lock all the one that's missing right here you might be able to finish the trade Horace Excel I guess this will be the easiest one to complete so we're gonna focus on the tanks one oh yeah probably won't get any airplane ads because we hyper hippo is stingy and they don't want to give us unlimited ads it's kind of done that it's capped or like 10 or 15 ads every like I don't know seems to be like 12 hours maybe even 24 I'm not sure exactly look it's kind of dumb look people are willing to watch ads and they don't even want to let us watch ads it's kind of dumb in my opinion and then we got offers oh please Nick I didn't [Applause] we gotta do this speed up the potatoes hmm no dammit didn't mean to put her on max come on we completed a strong mission we need to make a decent video [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] damn this might take a while murder seven minutes in don't see useless video guess might as well end it and cut it short see you guys tomorrow with the event probably won't be able to spend any gold does we don't have enough but you know it's a little faster I'm gonna go for a mission at least at least one mission I need suggestions from you guys what do you want to see what should my videos be about I don't know why I care about your opinion but for some reason I do I'm not gonna just do my thing and do whatever I want look I want to make you happy comrades yes take it take it take see if I couldn't do that earlier just place it like freakin so much time and we did what we said we would do took a while and I apologize but we're definitely not gonna do that one just one now where is the trades mmm I'm definitely not gonna get to a million trades and seventy three million [Applause] guess we might as well go for trading oars now yeah it's gonna take too long so thanks for watching like comment I don't care if your share I don't care if you subscribe I just like your feedback leave a dislike if you didn't like it so I know that you didn't like it so that I know not to do this again goodbye have a nice night have a nice life love you miss you actually

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