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Congratulations to the graduating class of
2013. What a momentous occasion for you! Now, to mark this occasion, my fellow colleagues
have a few words to share with you: words that have changed their lives and made them
the people they are today. I think you gotta spend your whole life learning,
and it doesn’t stop in college. One piece of advice that stayed with me from
childhood through all of my educational years and my work years is just one thing: just
try your hardest and do your best. And when you do, you’ll turn into something much greater
than you ever thought you could be. Always be willing to consider new opportunities.
There is no one career path that everyone has to follow.
Find your own path and be happy. Do things you enjoy with people you like, and life and
your career will take care of itself. Write the book about yourself, which is, you
know, if you want to be trusted and respected, then earn trust and respect.
Don’t sit back: take control of your destiny. Be a good partner. Think globally.
You never quit on a teammate, and you never quit in your business career.
Pursue the things that you want to do in life and you enjoy and love, and you try to be
as good as you can be. Don’t forget that it’s really important even
at a very early age to constantly think about giving back: that’s gonna end up being one
of the most rewarding parts of what you do.

1 thought on “Advice for Recent Grads – Chase

  • Excellent advise for the new beginners into the world rewarding profession. As my 16 years being executive (financial institution) I salute  Chase team for positivity & boosting career image.

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