After the election: Tories in chaos, Blairism buried – fight for socialism!

I truly live in exciting times and quite astonishing events are unfolding in Britain they are in other countries clean Britain has been a fundamental turning point which is completely upset the who status call in Britain which is kind unusual for a country it's being very stable for a long time in fact there was some of you've been around a little while notice that the events in Britain were very very slow developed very painfully slow now I think in the last four to three years there's been a huge acceleration in the situation and this election result of this general election certainly part I think of a process sort of one-off event in fact you can say that it's a part of the upset that has occurred in the referendum campaign in Scotland 2014 it's part of the process where Jeremy Corbyn was unexpectedly elected leader of the Labour Party it's part of the shock we had with over brexit and the result and now we've had the basically the collapse of the authority of the Prime Minister and the Tory administration as it was again this is not just a British phenomenon it's part of a worldwide phenomenon it's linked also to the anti-establishment moods that been developed in Europe and America with the development of cities in Greece or podemos in Spain or melon sha and also Bernie Sanders in the United States part of this huge revolt daily against capitalism and the establishment as they see it and this has been a product I would say of the crisis of capitalism which emerged in 2008 the deepest crisis that capitalism had faced since the 1930s and the consequences of that crisis would be a feeling even now where the capitalist system was bailed out where the bankers were bailed out at the expense obviously of the working class where austerity was introduced and living standards were driven down not only Britain but all capitalist countries and that resulted in that in a backlash in the feeling of of opposition of disgust of anger because it the way in which these conditions were imposed on the working class itself and therefore this is an expression this anger this is deep alienation against the establishment under capitalism and what we can see is there there are abrupt changes in the situation now it's not a gradual slow buildup of opposition but there one swings of public opinion above all a polarization taking place within society a class polarization after all we witnessed a huge acceleration in this gulf between rich and poor over the last five or six years again not just in Britain but everywhere else and this gulf together with the further pressure on the working class obviously gives rise to these these moods a search for a way out of the situation in which people find themselves in so this is partly this process and of course it give rise to quite an abrupt and unexpected form any change in the political situation after all that the the toys and me in particular believe that they would have this snap election after all there were 20 25 points ahead of labor they could consolidate their position increase their majority and also at the same time destroy the Labour Party because they thought that Corbin with Corbin's leadership and Corbin Labor Party would not be electorally successful and with a campaign in the mass media campaigned Adela to denigrate Jeremy Corbyn not only the Tories the mass media but also the trouble with in the film his own parliamentary Labour Party where a whole layer of right-wing MPs were constantly plotting an attacking trying to drag him down going to the media saying that Corbin was completely unelectable this was the narrative really up until the election itself and of course prism a and the Conservatives because they were so far ahead would clearly overconfident and therefore they made certain mistakes the whole drab campaign that they undertook which they cooked up for granted they were going to win also the manifesto didn't have anything to shoved about so we say very routine kind of manifesto for the Tories and they've been nevertheless relieved on the basis of the the press and the live the state of the labour party that the trees away may would win a majority perhaps of 50 or 70 or a hundred Sabine's a 150 majority it'd be a landslide victory and that was replicate in all the stories all the political pundits in The Guardian and in all the data newspapers are released making all this propaganda that he could corbin could never win the Labour Party would be finished and that the Tories would gain a massive majority does he see with the outcome things turned out to be completely different rather than a landslide victory the Tories lost seats they went back and labour gained seats about a config all the expectations that were built up about the party if I deliver party did so well and the camp in a Corbin did so well that demise to take a 40% share of the vault which is the biggest share that they've had for four decades you can actually you can go back actually to wealth at least a Blair's best years if you like which shows how underground I shifted much better than that ed Miliband of brown and even of Glenn 2005 so this is this was an unexpected shock and the ruling class a big business and the top Tory tops were aghast by this particular result we couldn't believe it because they would they believe their own propaganda that left-wing ideas in Britain were unpopular they said day in day out this was the media angle this is the constant propaganda that we know a left-winger country we're very conservative and therefore a left-wing problem could never win the hearts and minds of the people but clearly a left-wing program has never been put they can be in such a way in such a manner as in the other as in this particular election itself with great response from layers I thought you had the collapse of you kit I think they gave just over 1% of the of the vote and the pundits are saying well a collapse if you get must mean a growth in support for the Conservatives now that would seal their big majority their lands like that didn't happen that the you get both the divided it split a section yes going to the Tories also another section going over to the Labour Party people would even voted labour before the UK now went back to the Labour Party because it C was seen as something the fight thought something different not the old establishment because the reason why he escaped was evil to build it support was not simply on of non issue of rekted but it came over as an anti-establishment party and that's why he was able to have a certain effect in working-class areas were fed up with what was on offer whether it be Tories or labour right-wing labour that they had for a long long period of time and nothing changed and that's what they're there for you had a protest you had a big protest and that shocker again the establish the establishment of what how things are moving in Britain but the fact that the Jeremy Corbyn has managed to turn anything around basically in a big way and also that the the Tories are on the back foot rather than be able form a majority government they have found themselves in a hung parliament situation and the reason a her repetition was shredded you know that was the start of the campaign is it recall she was seen as invincible and this person who was going to carry us it the brexit and so on and so forth and they basically based all their their program and their agitation of brexit and how he had strong and stable leadership in Theresa May would guarantee the brexit deal and as all they did they in a Dale was there to repeat this mantra and hope that this would be enough the Seas included the victory but the course another element in the equation was jeremy corbyn's left-wing program and manifesto that was put to the electorate promising 10-pound minimum wage of hourly wage of 200,000 and 500,000 council houses to be built rhe nationalization of the railways reen actualization of the Royal Mail of the utilities of the abolitionist tuition fees of n20 our complex and many more if like attractive proposals and policies were now put forward as a package which began to inspire labor people and above all young people in orders goes and bought and support Corbin the other major thing is that Jeremy Coleman was he able to go around the country and speak to hundreds of rallies and due to the galvanize you feel like this support this enthusiasm whereas trees of made was able to speak to where handful of the Tory support there's a very narrow environment which he took no questions and that was her closeted position was corbin engaged with the people engaged with young people and built this enthusiasm for an idea of fundamental change which again is symptomatic of of a spell Bernie Sanders campaigned in United States and others as well now the anti-austerity pecking at against austerity against the Touring's against all that we've been at what they called me or liberal economics and abandonment of that and therefore he was seen as offering something fundamentally different something fundamentally new to young people and the electorate and this captured the imagination and however you couldn't see this in the opinion polls clearly although these are narrowing in the gap from this twenty percent the gap in the opinion polls it began to narrow the ten to five be even in the run-up to the day or two before the election the who lam press and media was still follow this story but Lieber wasn't going to win and that May was going to have a landslide victory as you know that turned out to be a complete fiction and that NAU's on the back foot fighting for her political life and the only way she could say hopefully sale Johnston was to arrange a deal that do negotiate a deal with the Jew the DUP the sectarian party in the north of Ireland our reaction we party and we hook on the basis of ten votes extra because the Tories only one two and 318 both seats they were short of a majority an extra 10 seats promised by the DEP were then guarantee the government's survival but they would be if you like in Hawk to this small reactionary sectarian party that even negotiating now the deal is likely to be struck this all all he's already been done and of course there would be a high price to pay they're not going to do it for nothing it would be demanding all sorts from may as concessions to then be in the north of Ireland this idea of hard wrecked it by the way we've also been thrown out the window because of this boat everything's we pull on the back back foot and she could have very easily I've provoked and elect a challenge to her leadership in the Tory party it was touch-and-go there were many people were attacking her many people were blaming her and all it was a presidential form of campaign that the Tories were leading therefore you have to blame this do believe that itself and therefore she was likely to be booted out but the only reason anaconda had people like Boris Johnson so they kind of hat in the ring and officially denying of course they were going for the leadership but making it perfectly clear their intentions was if it was very available they will be up for it and of course the young this would have led to a civil war live in the in the Tory Party not bolero the Tory party he woken up the big rift and above all there would have been a huge conflict of different individuals fighting over the leadership of the Tory party at the present day and therefore it was clearly felt by the men in gray as they call him and then in agreeance to say hang on a minute let's say calm things down and of course that's what they've managed to do for the 10 a 10 3 p's of time she's they actually the lame-duck if you like Prime Minister is there for a temporary period cannot last because the instability arising from a coalition with the D DUP also the fact that this agreement is there is is there is as as consequences to it because in the north of Ireland there was a power sharing agreement a power sharing executive arising from the Good Friday Agreement and the British government were the neutral party in this power-sharing deal between Catholics and Protestants were in effect shin Thames and the DUP but course now the the island because of their election and the intact anachronism between the European Jim thing that collapsed the Stormont government is collapsed now haven't operated for six months and it fell to London the time patch of the deal of course if the reason may is basically in league with one half of that power sharing agreement then they're not going to be a neutral force and even certain bourgeois commentators even that Prime Minister's ex prime ministers like John Major was warned who was involved in this this could unravel very very seen as very very serious repercussions the Good Friday Agreement could unravel because the movement towards sectarian violence again in the north and the north and could be instability as you had in the previous period that's the danger you've got at the present time involved in these negotiations but the threesome a is not interested in the consequences she's only uninterested in votes to keep her as Prime Minister and of course it's even there manger said well like I said whether dangerous thing to play is it looks very much like and votes for feasts you know rather than cash for each other in other words you're promising giving money to Northern Ireland through the dup cash if I promise to give in order that they grant their seats their votes for the Queen's speech and keep in the main government in in power so it's a very dirty deal if you like and this is been without consequences not only people in Britain feeling and what the hell you got into a coalition with this reaction the a party against abortion against gay marriages and so on and so forth extremely liberal liberal government or party and he just easily hang up with it's like a return to the old nasty party that the Conservatives were known for in the past so a lot of unease among young people or what this is this really represents and that is the reason why even now in the recent few days is with a fall in support for the Tories not only is it trumps from the from the support they got in the general election this is going down in opinion polls in fact labour is ahead of the Tories at the present time according to the opinion polls so Corbin is being in the red reality is not the loser although he did lose he's the winner and the winner is the loser this is the dialectic is the situation a clearly Corbin is riding high now because they're in the palace he's been attacked viciously for the last two years particularly by his own side the right wing in the parliamentary Labour Party and they have done him down you've attacked them at every tickler turn and in the general election even the right wing at a policy of fact in their own local election these are like ignored in the national campaign and I'm just consider local issues and the prominence of their own personality as the Labour candidate in in a rule number of areas which is the only classifier sabotage because they refuse to let just pop Corbin's name on leaflets and from one constituency in London or we had resist this a list of that you know individual accomplishment on local issues from the NP and that was it more mention of the manifesto no mention of nationalization no mention of abolition of activation fees none of that was pushed up in a mass way that that has been lied on by the TV so therefore they they in effect undermines the jeremy corbyn's position undermine the Labour Party position and if the Labour Party had been if like if these people hadn't been stabbing carving in the back over the previous two years are they I'm there had there been a real United campaign by the Labour Party and the way it should have been done then it's quite possible he could have had he Labor's government at the present time such as the move the volatile and how it could have been altered given the perception of a Labour a Labour Party which is divided and split you go to any put any place before the election he's telling that where levers on it but it is Kabul after he's very weak the Labour Party split this divided amongst themselves and that was the perception which is the correct perception because the way which the the right-wing were undermining is predictive position all the way along but if that perception of being removed it would have been a different kettle of fish as far as this election is concerned so we have a position now I understand according to the Guardian that he'll only take one point six five percent swing from in a new election to labor for Liebherr to become the majority pal party in Parliament which will really could form a Labour government one point never waits at the handful of seats and I really a handful of votes really the number of areas that could not adjust so the Tories out but bring a lever government to power and clearly korvac and see this is very buoyed up is more confident now than ever before we saw that in on with it yesterday when they went to the parliamentary Labour Party and that you went there and started instead of the booing and hissing and the attacks that he had for the last two years you had to stand in a vision you know they were tapping him they thought this is this is wonderful you see you see the daily is mobilized the young people and so on this was a big turnaround 45-second standing ovations I think patcher about that to me got a 25 seconds down the revision as far as the Tories were concerned so gladion gives you a bit of an idea of the body language between the two parties the Tory party now he's on the verge of open split and under civil wars a matter of fact in the next period his house for how long did she last a meeting George Osborne was the Chancellor and the the last Tory government and now Garrity's Avedon standard because he's body got her a bit of a vendetta against there may as well and he smugly put it that there she's a dead woman walking and that he's on death row and basically she's unlikely to last because they are beyond the summer which is quite possible it's quite possible because you have the brexit negotiations opening up as well like the delay certainly the negotiations has been resignations from the the brexit Commission of the government the run the negotiations have been resignations this this week losing thing is very chaotic and she saw that as a very weak position she's going to engage in negotiations over the future of Britain in Europe with the European Commission of course she was all you know thunder and lightning before the election but now she'll be as meek meek as a lamb I think is he got she's got no authority she's a bit of a walkover in that in that regard so I don't think these negotiations are rather going to go rather well when will a point of view and of course any concession that she makes the wards are soft brexit that is a concession about there and then steam within the not the single market but the customs union and then that will provoke opposition within the Tory Party but the Tory party is very very dominated by hard brexit pious fare very affiliate cam determined to carry through a break with Europe in the hardest possible way and if the reason may is going to soft-pedal on that there's going to be big opposition a big opposition from the Tories and the Tory ranks but even when you got a deal with the DUP it gives you to a 2 volt majority to votes I mean that's going to be the most unstable government that we've seen for many many years and it's going to be a government of crisis because they give me challenge that each couple oranges for delivering on Corbin but even with his own ranks the love divisions so the rule things will be very chaotic probably over the next few months elected lead to a challenge to the to where her position after all together a Tory Party conference coming up in September it could be a challenger to a position and that could open up a can of worms then for the turf of the Tory Party because it'll mean a lawless bloodbath but who should get that you should become lead of the party that could provoke a general election they could bring down the government under those circumstances Corbin is correct I think he says in the people I'm ready for election number two I've got youth on my side and he is up for it he's now said he's going to go around 65 constituencies marginals in Britain and put the whole Labour Party on a campaign but then for a new election in the autumn I'm go and stay instead of stayed in Parliament go around everywhere all these marginal consistencies holding rallies and then and engaging with people to win them over as he here and we saw that in there on the TV when he was there when Parliament was opened and how confident he was in order to and the jokes he made it at the trees amaze expense about their you know basically then the Tories kind of prop up a government of chaos and that he was quite prepared as that to provide a stable and sound opposition if they were they will evict vacate the scene clearly is very confident now one of the reasons for that by the way he's facing the Tories are the enemy but behind him the ranks of the top lever ed B's which in the past were not very friendly toward them when I'll clap an arm and applaud in it so therefore he's got that that that is that that wind in this age is like you know to take on the opposition this has changed things for him the ruling class is in the hell of a dilemma they don't know what to do they've made a mess of it what treason may says in the most in the Tory yeah parliamentary faction that that she's made a mess but she'll get them out of this mess well so you did make a mess you don't get them out of it it's a permanent mess for that as far as I can see for them and therefore this complete dislocation of a crisis situation in Britain that's all you could say of enormous instability sharp and sudden changes in the situation this is not normal it's kept well is this the new normality I see we've got an unstable government trying to carry through negotiations in Europe which is getting more and more difficulty which could lead your train crash actually as they call it wrecks it a harder breakfast that in other words they have greeted in the street implications Europe for real upset of the whole situation in Britain once again and the emergence of a new general election and if Corbin is able to pull it off which I think under this circumstances now people go hoping the Labour Party and hoping Corbin before the election yet to build that up because he was slandered you know with all the newspapers or the rest of it you know he's an apologist for terrorism and all this stuff that Ramirez continual Phil's been poured out against Corbin is unprecedented destroy his credibility and it washed off him because he was able to carry them a message of right and that's what we're talking about here are one of the key lessons that a Lapwing program a bold program often goal reforms is extremely attracted and to win people over enthusiastically do you side including Tories after all look at the seats that that labor is one Canterbury it was Tory for a hundred years he got those at the Westminster of Pennington or Kensington rather and also the I think as it and the Rob Rudd rushes in he sings she also nearly got lost her seat and shows the that is like the fragility of the table the of the Tory electoral support at the present time and with a bone campaign at a left-wing program Corbin can win a majority that's the whole point that but that's the lesson the right wing is in the live but I've always denied that in fact they not been very sweet now and they will call it oh yes sir we've been proved wrong some of them saying and that we were amazed by Corbin's abilities and I was changed things around that is it he's connected with the youth and more people are voting than ever before we have to give credit where credit's due and all this um we prepared to come back now after stabbing him in the back we're coming back now to the the Shadow Cabinet we got a lot of friends now with all unity and so on and so very nice at the present time because a lot of these right-wing is at increased majorities because of Corbett that's the other fact that as well Lisa he's accepted I think if he would come back in although the majority will be the same as before but these are like things cannot be trusted you know they and anyway up see obscene of like Hillary been on the television giving compliments to Corbin and saying yes yes it's all very good yes and big campaign because sir we need to expand our developer program now to become more acceptable in other words how to win over more Tories and his viewers let's make it more right-wing let it make it more like the Tory program to win over the Tories the only ways will win over Wizarding people and above all the people who don't vote because it they're completely in despair about politics and if you can see that I saw one program on the TV in I think the intended site with this chap Evie you thought it was going through food banks he said there I you know I I don't know where my next meal is coming from after time and he said well okay well what is gonna vote some hot water I'm gonna bore then I've had enough you said because every time they avoided someone it's all lies they never carry out their promises and that's a large element by the way a lot of people's thinking because of the way they'd been treated in the past where the politicians have said one thing going to Lover's have done another create enormous disillusionment not only in liebherr areas and that happened in labour areas although they play the cost of that as well of the growth of you keep as the expense or the FMP in Scotland these are my daily one in labour areas is because the labour areas were rotten they were rotten boroughs I mean people didn't see the change that was necessary with all promises and nothing else whereas Corvinus come forward not with the milk and water ideas like Ed Miliband aaja or brown or the rest of them I'm telling you try to appease the system I stay talking about taxing the rich of a radical a program for the electorate which is the most lap left-wing program we've had for decades that's there's no doubt about it and it's very attractive and he will infuse people to come out as it did the vote and the second election on the basis of a crisis in the government and a struggle within the Tory Party and then that they'd be the ones who are split and divided and that layer that the Corbin could could weed your campaign and gain a victory and I think these people in the parliament we leave a party who see that possibility no because you've got those people in the middle who didn't want their core been there but course Corbin now can win is it ticket to win and therefore they prepared it to tolerate these ideas as all they they get into government and so on and so forth in other words career politicians would go whatever the but the violence is and most of the poverty Labour Party are made up of these types of careerists went in politics for their own their own livelihoods their own careers and just became an accident that to which party they would join in order to further their ideas and many of them have got very right-wing ideas they'd be well suited in the Tory party is nothing much very little difference and in the past that was the case with Tony Blair that's why people said what's the pot what's the distance the Tories and labour there's many different area difference and it was true it was true of course poverty Labour Party represents also the establishment to state the score of big business many of them layers in there they be brought up on the Blair use and these are poor poor big business poor market and these are the ones who are of all vote it for cuts in the past because there's a and they've not really changed if they've made compliments they talk the good talk then reality they have not fundamentally changed and that's a danger for the Labour Party because if you could have a leave a government you can rely on your back benchers you can rely on on the support that they will carry the program through and this is any weak link it will show up because the pressure that will be exerted on that Labour government and we have to give it annoys Marxist we have to explain the truth to workers we have to explain the lessons Marxism us is being told you can define Marxism as the memory of the working class in other words we learn the lessons of the past we learn the lessons of previously the government because if we don't learn it then you're going to repeat the problems and every attempt by a Labour government when it comes the power to manage capitalism has always ended in the moralization and prepared the way for the return of the Tories that's the that's an actual fact and the reason being you know you have good intentions that are going to have a very radical program it's entirely truly live in 1945 at a radical program but the point is this about if you could have base yourself on the existence of the capitalist system and it which is in crisis now how are you going to pay for your program well you can tax the rich some people say well the problem is the rich are well averse to avoid in tax they have an army of advisers which can advise them how to hide and remove their liabilities to other countries or whatever to reduce it at the end of the day I leave my government will not will be faced by an opposition from big business in the City of London they will be out the sabotage Alleva government the ruling class doesn't want a left-wing Labour government because a left-wing government will ensues people will urge them to demand more particular in a time of crisis and of course that's the other fact that in the equation we had a big slump in 2008 when the next level well usually it takes about 8 9 years or whatever it's difficult to assess but in today's paper I was an interesting article and a quote from David Cameron first of all he was said shouldn't we as a Tory party move away from austerity he was asked and he said absolutely not you mustn't move away from austerity you mustn't risk not balancing the budget in Britain while it's in the books within the next Parliament because of the dangerous situation that's good emerge in Britain in the comment period he said basically well I'll give you the phone court should we give up on trying to balance the budget after what is now seven years of economic growth no he says I do not think that I also think that if you have made if you had if you had to make difficult decisions and we do even if you put off the date of balancing the budget it's not suddenly going to be the land of milk and honey and he goes on to say if you leave your country with a ratio of debt to GDP which is too high the next pull it the next storm that comes along and there will be a storm there always is we haven't abolished boom and bust we haven't abolished trade cycles the next storm that comes along will knock you over so he's basically saying we've got a carry through austerity reduce the debts in Britain which is still very very high in comparison of the past which means more austerity and any for any way more to stare at me it's cut in the living standards of the working class in order to prepare for the next capitalist crisis which is coming in the future he didn't specify when but he could come six months twelve months 18 months two years but we reached the limits of this recovery the so-called recovery this is going to be anywhere deeper slump the later than 2008 on a world scale it's going to be a devastating slump and under those circumstances if Labour comes to power which we will all fight to get laid with the power we want to get rid of the Tories we want a Labour government we say a Labour government should carry through bold sources policies in order for the reforms that are needed and promised that they could be introduced you cannot rely on a capitalist system which is in crisis to deliver reforms because every Labour government in the past that delivered or attempted delivery to deliver reforms and either ended up because of economic circumstances in Cali no count the reforms and this is not because of they were personally nasty people or they didn't they know that you know the relished a lien of these cuts or austerity no it's because of the economic crisis and they have attempted to manage capitalism and if you attempt to manage capitalism then you have to follow the dictates of the laws of capitalism which is profitability fundamentally a profit of capitalism and so on so if the if you have a Corbin labor government which we want if it will introduce these key reforms which with in favor of and more we say the only way to sustain that government because it will be met by sabotage just be clear about it by the establishment by the city is all of London by big business they'll have a striker capital they've done it in the Paris them do it again I remember for my sins the the Wilson government in 1966 the first time advocate became involved in politics and that government was very enthusiastically supported by many young people when two three years people in do it in despair in disillusionment because he went back on all his promises in nineteen in 1970 when will smooth was the Prime Minister was kicked out of office he wrote his memoirs and then the memoirs he said and I get just as I won the election is visit from the the governor of the Bank of England how this governor said to me you must abandon your program you cannot carry it out because it will be the Union it is not in the interest of the economy and if you attempt to carry it out there will be a strike of capital in other words there will be a sabotage by big business and Wilson said well if I do that I'm ringing down the curtains on parliamentary democracy then the governor said well you know that's your choice and that's what he did he because we in the Labour Party at that I didn't only about this it was all behind the doors but all we say is these are the freshest looking at McCall beam we must boil first elected leader leader you had the military coming on the television and in newspapers fled in a coup against the democratically elected government if Corbin got the power if he threatened that the defense of the round because sort of thing it shows the sinister class forces that exists under capitalism that is the ruling class and they have done what they will do have believe me they will prepared to do anything to protect their privileges on their profits and if a core being government is in their way then they will attempt to remove that Corbin government by sabotage and of course they they can also more pressure on those right-wing and B's within the parliamentary Labour Party who are likely centrist and even the Economist is talking about a new centre party in the future and they will attempt up to split the Labour Party as they did in nineteen thirty one Ramsay MacDonald again facing a world economic slump cutting unemployment benefit in other words introducing the Stoics parity causing the backlash in his own ranks resulted in a campaign by the ruling class was split the Labour Party and they formed the national government under those circumstances and the Labour Party which was thrown into opposition it moved very far to the left that is true after that all I'm saying is we have to be realistic in what's going on here and we have to say we fucked yes in the Labour Party the challenge the idea of us resting on the basis of capitalism the new party was set up for the interests of working people in 1918 it adopted socialism as a name that in was abolished by Tony Blair we say it must be reinstituted just the only guarantee a Labour government will be successful in carrying out its policies on a capitalist basis there is no solution on a capitalist basis is more austerity whatever the government that's the whole point that's the lessons in Greece's net of citizen who's a left-wing government came to power they were all yes we can for the working class and then they kept it deleted of the pressure and then the carrying of the worst or stair to be compared to the past those are lessons we need to learn and I'm in a friendly way we have to explain these lessons we must challenge capitalism we after all the thrown capitalism there's no middleware yeah a cork or bin should come in front of the television galleries and say they're trying to blackmail me I should say that that these visas the visa interests of big business are carrying out a spike of capital we must have emergency measures to stop this to carry out the will of the people and the emergency measures would be yes the abolition of the House of Lords from the abolition of the monarchy which are reserve weapons for big business and above all a government to take emergency measures to nationalize the top banks the insurance companies and the biggest capitalist institutions and bring about workers control workers management and our sources plan of production I'm not talking about five hundred thousand how is it you could produce a million or two million houses if you've nationalized are you nationalize the building to see the land and solids or both that's the only way as well as used to say you cannot plan whether you do not control and you do not control what you do not own this implies that it ABC and the idea you can convince the capitalist to be nice about this and invest a bit here and be friendly let's be kiss because you together no way there'll be an attempt to undermine and destroy your labor government and therefore we have to warn if you like or what needs to be done you know they're protecting labor government but technique this is the working class and that means the labor government commitees the socialist policies which would have a landslide victory and Bretton W of that people be yearning about yes control of your factory control of your worthless control of your industry will plan everything together we have we can introduce not a 40-hour week in working week we get a deduce a 30-hour a 20-hour working week based on the technologies exist but it's the automation all those things could be enormous inspiration for people rather than spare of zero hour contracts in security at work and all the other miseries of capitalism as to offer that would inspire Millions and therefore is that's that's only unknown or in my opinion events are going to be shaken up one way or the other are these ideas of change in society of genuine socialism will be more relevant than ever I will bill will attract a large support within the labor movement amongst young people itself and we have to build that tendency of Marxism within the labor movement in order to buy the backbone and otherwise the the stamina and the quality of ideas and program to week another victory not a partial one not a Pyrrhic pathetic one but one that can overthrow capitalism and limited the trying to capitalism and this will be the beginning yeah it's all breakfast appeal to the workers of Europe appeals of the crisis written economies of Europe and the workers there to join us in the focus overthrow capitalism and establish Association elected states of Europe and the stepping stone the World Federation of socialist state back to be the future that's what we have to fight for [Applause]

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