Agafia. Hermit Surviving in Russian Wilderness for 70 years

In June 2014 our crew set up to visit Agafia Lykova.
She’s an old believer. After various newspapers has publish her appeal for help we decided to go meet her for herself to hear her story first hand. Our first stop was the Siberian city of Abakan, capital of the republic of Khakassia. Agafia Lykova’s lodge is still five hundred kilometers away, deep in the taiga. We had read a lot about her, and we all have more than a few conceptions about what we might find, but the truth exceed our expectations.
We have covered so many strange stories that, It’s really not clear which are true, and which aren’t. We decided to travel to Agafia by river, following the exact route to the family had once taking to flee the modern worldly life, But in the town of (Abaza???) which our boat was suppose to depart, we were stopped in our tracks by a flood. Endless rain and melting snow from the mountains had cause the deluge. A state of emergency had been declared through out the republic and rescue helicopters were constantly buzzing over head. Luckily there were no casualties but even so, we couldn’t find anyone who’d agree to take us up the river. Once the river had subsided we finally found a Khakassy nature reserve inspector Dmitry. he and his fella Yevgenya agreed to take us to Agafia. We bought food, warm clothing and huge quantities of insect repellent. We’d be Agafia’s first visitor since the flood. Our guide did make it through the rapids, but our walk ended up twice as long then we thought. The shore was completely covered with fallen trees which meant that our boat just couldn’t land. Our motor boat was cruising around 30 kilometers an hour, and despite the rain we were still quite comfortable. But in the 1930’s the Lykov family had traveled the same river in boats that been made up of hollow trunks, and they can only be moved by hard work using oars and poles. The rain hadn’t helped..we often had to jump out so that our guides could navigate shallow water. Sometimes not even that made it easier, and we had to physically drag the boat up stream. On top of that, we had to make frequent stops, just to clear fallen trees from out of our way. Our trip continued for more than a day, the closer we got to Agafia the shallower the river. So now our boat reached the site where the Old Believers family had once lived. At that time the Lykovs were family of five, Karp, the father, his two sons: Savin and Dmitry, and two daughters: Natalia and Agafia. They looked as they’re been lifted straight out of the previous century, they wore homespun hemp and burlap clothes, their shoes were made out of birch bark, and they used only primitive tools. They still lit fires with fleet and steel. The drilling unit began to work near their lodge, and the geologists made friends with the Old Believers. They often visited each other. It took about an hour to clear a passage, one enormous treedrawn in the water, and there is no way we gonna surf through that.. Our guide tried to hold the boat off thefor another half hour, we did try to help but..almost take us … Then we decided to take a chance, and use speed to get over the track. we were always covering ourselves with ?? ??, the area’s rife with the insects that carried ???. Strangely that, Agafia was still unaffected… In 1981, three years after the Lykovs were discovered, Savin, Dmitry and Natalia died suddenly. One theory suggested that the family had weak immune systems, because they never been exposes to the outside world. And, they could haהefrom the geologists.. Finally, and only after two days of ?? travel , we got to our destination.. Our first meeting with Agafia called for some unusual preparation work to be done… On the map this ?? marks on the Lykovs lodge, it where the ?? Abakn river join. Its also where Agafia and Erofey live. You can’t reach Agafia’s place by following the river bank, so we had ?? to the woods, Our guide told us its only about a kilometer away, but in the end we were walking for about thirty minutes, pretend that it much more than a kilometer.. Eventually, we could recognize a Erofey’s hut. Agafiaus to help her set up a new fishing net early in the morning. fishing was one of the main occupations of the Lykovs family. karp, the family father, taught all of his children the essential skills they need to survive a taiga. Erofey was eager to share stories about the Lyovs life. To be honest, we had already heard them before because geologists that been following the Old Believers life from the moment they were discovered. But then something unexpected came up… We went off checking the landing site, ?? ?? come here very often only what is emergency, but now the recent ?? was change the river landscape completely. Its hard to see where any elicopter might be able to land. As we made our way back, perhaps because she knew that Erofey has told us too much, Agafia had something she wanted to say.. We wanted to ask Erofey if what Agagfia had said about what had happened was true.. Its looked that ?? was ??. So we decided we’d stay back a little bit. Agafia obviously wasn’t interesting in sorting things up with Erofey, she had too much to do in her home. She still light his fire with fleet and steel when she wants to cook anything. She makes her own bread from flowers that donated by people who want to help her. It’s always brought in by helicopter but only when its a very good reason for them to be there. And she has her own particular reason for not accepting some things… That evening, despite the rain and recent conflict, Agafia went to Erofey for communication session, every Wednesday Erofey uses the radio to talk to his son Nicolay, or to the nature reserve inspectors. It’s the only meaning communication with the outside world. today was the inspectors he wanted to call first. Nicolay couldn’t be reach on the radio this time. The next day, we went out to the Taiga to collect branches for the goats. Agafia use to cut grass and store ?? for the winter, but now it’s get more difficult for her because of the ?? ??breast. All she can do now is cut the branches. We wanted to help Agafia and Erofey, after all we ?? of responsible for ?? their long standing ??. after two failed record ?? attemps, we went ?? Agafia to her vegtables path to?? the poatatoes ??. She also grown onions, ??, carrots and ??. Even ?? Agafia has detached from outside world, she still pretty well informed about it. the old two infrequent helicopters also bring her books and magazines. In February 1988, Karp Lykov, the father of the family, died. And a year later, Agafia was joined by another fellow believer, Ivan Tropin. He stayed in her home. Their are rumors as going ?? that Agafia was now married. Ivan Tropin died long ago, and Agafia was the only person who be able to confirm or denied what Erofey had said. Its clearly a painful subject for her, and we didn’t want to add insult to injury. But that evening, in quite unprompted, Agafia told us her story. Later, we wanted to set the record straight, so we asked Agafia a direct question. We asked Agafia to write another letter, this time to all the Old believers of the world. Agafia hunting over her letter, and it was time for us to leave. Again we follow that familliar part throught the taiga to return to our boat.

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  • I used to be an old believer. Old believers are pagans, not Christians. They bow down to idols, and worship demons. They are basically very, very devout Catholics, but they speak Russian.

  • After watching this I forgot I even had a single problem in life. Agafia must be the kind of person that the Bible refers to when it speaks that only a few will enter.

  • YouTubers in 2019: here I am in a forest for 3 days alone doing bushcraft. I can teach you how to survive.
    Agafia: that's cute…

  • Кого хрена, русский фильм, а комменты не возможно перевести….😎

  • 21 june year 7522 since adam = Alexandrian calendar acurate, meaning 5000 years was cut off , gregorian calendar starts year 1 , so this year exactly 5 years the year is 7527 since creation of adam,

  • Very childish reporting. Way to get the bang for the corporate America buck. Hope it worked out for you. You took something pure and beautiful and turned it into a Trump reality show. Glad to hear that Agafia has the helper. You must feel redeemed. It's ok. Because she found this you may now feel (redeemed) My opinion, I will accept it. Maybe do a followup documentary about how she does now. (Not sure you will)

  • Good people in the forests that are living off grid, other than that, nothing special here onestly with love and respect. Better check Himalayan people who doesn't eat for months every year, lives happy lives 100+ years and even able to work hard in their 90's.

  • What a holy family! What a holy person! What a holy father she had! Even such a holy person has to pass through the illness proof and has to suffer from men's evil, physical and verbal, so that she can completely appreciate God's Reign and that the thoughts of many men are revealed! It is normal that such a holy person does not find an husband, they are the fruit, the fruit of evolution, that God picks up. I am saying this for the people who can understand it, not for those who cannot understand it, for those one I can only pray.

    What a holy life she lived! My life is a shame compared to hers. But it seems to me that this documentary does not show the most important part of her life: it does not show what was her complete prayers routine.

  • I think if a recession happens many people may take up this lifestyle by buying land and building your own home . Have you ever noticed that during economic hardships most people are angry at each other that's the real danger .

  • Erofey said, my second wife had six abortions. She should've been smarter and used protection, but she didn't. I thought enough was enough so I had to leave. Uhh, yeahhh… protection goes both ways.

  • got mad at his wife for having multiple abortions. "she should've been smarter than that and used protection…." he had enough and left her. Guess he never figured out just how babies are made.

  • A beautiful documentary about a God fearing lady living alone in chastity with only hardship and a cranky old man with a grudge. For those of you criticizing the film crew you’ve truly missed the beautiful forest for the trees. Stop being an armchair critic and watch other vids more suitable for your IQ level.

  • Here's a lady who believe in our Lord God and Jesus Crist. God will bless her more than anyone can imagine. We can learn more from her she is a true believer of God's Word and graceful love for one another. God bless her

  • The old guy blames his former wife for not using protection and having abortions, and he runs away because he can't take it. He talks like he bears no responsibility for impregnating her and it's all her fault. It might be a new idea to him, but babies are made because of his sperm and he could figure out how to use a condom.

  • Anticipated some 'meddling' in this given all the top comments, but I never saw any. Not sure why so many people think this, probably just being offended for the sake of it. These film makers did nothing of the sort, at least not in the film. Everything spoken of seemed to be voluntary on both Agafia and Erofeys parts, aside from ONE question asked to Agafia about an incestuous relationship with her father.

    Please go back to Twitter and keep your outrage culture there.

  • In the morning, I am supposed to be super productive and able to work efficiently. Yet here I am after breakfast, 'accidentally' clicked on this video and watched the whole thing. Damn it.

  • What an interesting lady!! And life! I wish they would've shown more about there lifestyles and such, instead of causing strife between the 2 of them by the film crew. That was just rotten😠

  • We as a film crew a heading into the middle of nowhere to stir up some trouble and strife for a couple hermits, then we are going to fuck off with a letter we are a set of dickheads

  • this woman is the toughest person living today ill bet. 70 years and working harder than anyone i know, im 33 and have a fairly heavy job, but nothing compares to this. fuck no ones life, certainly in the first world, compares to this woman. and yet somehow its strangely attractive! to live simply and work hard..

  • Agafia told the same story about Erofey in the documentary made by VICE. I believe her. I think it's quite apparent why Erofey decided to plop himself down in that spot.

  • Wow! So two film makers went to a remote area to start shit between two people that have absolutely no one but themsleves and each other for miles! Wtf! Another example of irresponsible journalism!

  • если человек во что то истово и искренен верит он не допускает возможности нарушить св обеты. Агафье верю а тому деду-нет

  • How are they Now in 2019 ?  Does anyone know ? I hope that they are doing well , it's also good that she found someone to help her .

  • If I were them I'd shoot film crews. There was great lost knowledge there to be learned. Instead they focused on the now and emotions of troubled hearts. She is exactly right about many things.


  • How could you all destroy the good relations between the two neighbours when they are that old. And you called yourself helping them out.

  • Based on the number of views I see, I think the public would love to know more about Agafia, how and what she is doing now? Any follow up on her part would be much appreciated I am certain.

  • I must repeat what "hope for planet" said and I couldn't say it better;
    THIS …was your focus?? Here-say and stories of incest ?? Nothing about the Old Religion that placed her in the woods to begin with… NOTHING about the old language, the old books, what she weaves …how she stays alive..or how the old coot lost his leg and WHY he is living like a hermit in the mountains?? Hardly worth the effort of getting there.

  • The healthy young reporters at a minimum could have cleared patch for the helicopters or at least tried. They need help at the end of their journey and she is asking for help.

  • “TV is a devilish thing.”

    “Barcodes are the mark of The Beast”.

    I’m happy to believe that she is 100% correct. I’ve lived the worldly life always and I can see she finds more meaning in one day than I ever have. She hasn’t missed out on anything.

  • Wise ol bird. Bless her. She knew about the 666 barcode. A true truther. But if these journalist knew in advanced she didn't want food with bar codes, then didn't you respect her wishes and make the effirt to get food without barcode. It could easily be done with preparation. Shame on you deceiving her.

    I hope these reporters get publicly shamed for their gutter journalism. It could have been such a beautiful documentary.

  • Sad about Agafia, she could live with other believers. There are people here even in the USA that are much like her, but they generally speak low German. In some ways, she reminds me of my great grandparents that I never met, as they also saw music and dancing the work of the devil. Also would have had the same feeling about bar codes and many other things.

    It is so sad how language and distances are often things that separate people even when their cultures are not really all that much different. They would not likely have too much trouble with Mennonites here if she had the chance to visit as she is much like them, where I am not much like them at all.

  • As of August 11, 2019 a comment in an article by a Siberian newspaper reported Agafia is still alive and living in the Western Sayan mountains, in the Republic of Khakassia.

  • Gnome like life in the modern world, advices in learning skills and talents

  • That's a lady in the thumb tho.? Looks like a handsome man I used to sea as a sex worker…. Goes to show how magickal we womben are cause we can look mad androgynous!

  • I can see that she have done more in life than most people and actually are respectable as a human being. Surely she is rare and cool.

  • Одно понять не могу и не хочу, почему дикая, необразованная бабуся судит и критикует мир, образованое общество, о котором она не имеет представления, но пользуется благами этого мира с удовольствием. Я ничего против нее не имею. Но этот фильм пришел ко мне, отнял мое время и оставил неприятное послевкусие. Миллионы старых женщин нуждаются во внимании и заботе во всем мире. А нам подавай диковинку, 70-летнюю Агафью из Тайги!

  • I agree with a comment i read below , there's a couple of commenters that havent a clue as to the true meaning of Agafia's story ………….( sad )………….to all reading this comment , are you ready to give up the world to worship God , as AGAFIA DID , !!!!!! HER MANSION IS IN GLORY LAND ,, JUST WAITING ON HER !! I THINK SHE,S ANGEL N SHE DOES HAVE WINGS YOU JUST CANT SEE THEM RIGHT NOW !!!!!!

  • Еда точно есть, даже коты, не думаю, что коты на еду выращиваются

  • এই ওল্ড লেডির জন্য বাংলাদেশ থেকে ভালবাসা রইল…. 🇧🇩🇧🇩 Love from Bangladesh for this lady

  • beautiful documentary which really captured the life of one of the greatest souls on earth, however the interviews have sown a seed of hatred and left shame on you all the way from Botswana, Erofey cant be trusted he just need a glass of vodka and he will confess, Agafia can be trusted God always comes first

  • Any updates on this Agafia since this is from 2014 and in the infomation there was a helper living there for more then a year is she still alive?

  • Nobody commenting on the TV crew ´s meddling and instigating should be surprised. At the end of the day it´s Putin´s propaganda channel which has been stirring shit up for a long while. Not too long ago this network spread rumors among the Russsian population in Germany about an alledged rape committed by a refugee and evene though the rumors were unsubstantiated, they took to the streets protesting. It´s all designed to cause friction in Western societies so this mean spirited documentary didn´t come as a surprise

  • This old Rascal is lying and his face didnt tell what ever his toung saying this Rascal Rape her he should be punished by law Agafia cant lie the way she believes in her religion

  • I don't understand, for a country that has almost 50% of its population as believers in jesus christ, how it can still be unwilling to "get along" with the rest of the christian world, Israel for one.

  • Erofey wasn't much of a gentleman, the way he spoke of his wives was a bit off. He could have been kinder to Agafia, after all he seems to rely on her big time & she owes him nothing.

  • Journalists are so often a cancer…EVEN here they manage to set 2 hermits up against each other trying to verify if what the one negatively said about the other. What did they expect…the truth?

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