Agriculture and Rural Prosperity Task Force

we're here this morning by virtue of an executive order that our president signed this is promoting agriculture and rural prosperity in America to make life better for our rural community folks and this really affects all of our agencies to some degree the president has asked us to come together as a team this is a mission that I and my colleagues and HUD carry on our heart are we gonna make living in a rural area better you better believe these are places that are off the beaten path that they are critical to the fabric of American life the president is very very focused on agriculture on rural communities and exports he's charged us to report back to him all the barriers to rural prosperity and agricultural productivity well I'm learning and listening we're meeting with plumbers all over therefore Midwest we've got a nice world prosperity truth and so that's what I want to hear from you what's working one of the impediments and what are the needs the people in that barn today are the roots of American society the great farmers and producers great American spirit in there I'm here today to listen and to talk about issues that matter to rural America and to make sure that our rural areas are prosperous during our V tours and working with my counterparts from other cabinet departments we came up with a report on how we think we can help rural America succeed and thrive you

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  • What the heck use is the USDA to farmers anyway? The USDA can only be an impediment to farmers, just as the BLM is an impediment to ranchers. Shut down both the BLM and the USDA.


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