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In part one of this series, I spent time in
the village of Nabi Saleh in the Occupied West Bank, home to Palestinian teenager, Ahed Tamimi. She slapped an Israeli soldier in front of her home, and became a worldwide symbol of Palestinian resistance. Now 17 years old, Ahed grew up regularly confronting
Israeli soldiers who raided her village. The soldiers’ efforts to suppress the villagers’
nonviolent protests were captured in videos that went viral on social media. After 8 months locked up by Israel, Ahed and her mother are finally being released, on a day of total chaos and heightened emotions, I sat down with Ahed to hear her experience, and ask what lies ahead for the Palestinian teen icon. So it’s a little after 4 am on the day Ahed’s going to be released. And we’re in Nabi Saleh meeting her family right now. This is the day the family has been awaiting for 8 months. The release of Ahed, and her mother, Nariman, who filmed her daughter’s confrontation with the Israeli soldiers and was charged with incitement. For days, the family has been preparing for the homecoming, and camera crews have had a constant presence around the house. Israeli authorities provided little information about where they’d release the mother and daughter. Bassem has heard different accounts from journalists who heard from Israeli prison authorities that they’d be dropped off at a checkpoint called Jbara, near the Hasharon prison where they’ve been jailed. It’s an hour and a half away by car. We were on our way to the checkpoint near Tulkaram, which is about an hour and a half away. They got a phone call saying it’s gonna be at the Rantis checkpoint. We’re at the Rantis checkpoint right now and they just got a call saying no, they’re going to be released from the first checkpoint. There’s absolutely no clarity and it almost feels like deliberate confusion that they don’t know where exactly she’ll be dropped off and released. After two and half hours of driving, we were told once again to turn around and head back to Rantis. We’re by the Rantis checkpoint waiting for the release of Ahed and her mom and an apparent settler has come to protest with his Israeli flag. An Israeli military vehicle just drove by that they believe her and her mom are in, but it went that way so now everybody is getting in their cars to follow them. Like I said, this is complete confusion. We’re going to Nabi Saleh. This is total chaos right now. Ahed was finally released. But the soldiers still hadn’t released Nariman. So we just saw Nariman get out right there. The relatives are hugging her. Their first steps of freedom were taken to visit the home of 21-year-old Izz Addine Tamimi, a relative who was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier while they were in prison. They went to give their condolences to his mother. The family is holding a press conference right now. Ahed and her mother, Nariman, will be giving statements and then they’ll be answering questions of journalists. I met Ahed on her first morning of freedom. Hey guys, it’s Dena Takruri in Nabi Saleh in the Occupied West Bank. Be sure to follow more Direct From episodes I’ll be reporting on more indigenous and land issues. Also make sure you subscribe to AJ+. Like, comment and share this video.

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  • Huge respect for this girl.This illegal occupation most end.I wish one day all the Palestinians will be free & live a peaceful life.
    Love from Nepal❤

  • The zionist government of Israel want all Palestinians wiped off gaza to make room for more settlements
    Peace family

  • The propaganda: Palestine is the heaven, Israel is the hell.
    The truth: Al Fatah are terrorists, the jews have a democratic state.
    Ask the arabs who live and study in Israel if they whant to go back to Gaza. Also, why did the israeli army shoot them? They seems nice persons when they throu stones and misels. It makes me sick the manipulation.

  • She could be a great fantasy story teller…wtf, she had no courage to go to the soldier and hit him because she knew that he would never do anything to her and she knew that she could hurt him however she wants so there is no courage, and her family didn't really was afraid of the soldiers because they literally filmed them so they could show the world how aggressive they are if the provocation would go successfully. And yes she was arrested because of violence. She should be happy thet it was IDF soldiers because in every other country she and people who hurted soldiers would been shoot to death without any doubt.

  • Greetings from Poland to brave Palestinian people. You will defeat your oppressors, as they are pure evil and evil always lose.

  • Can you imagine the pervy "interrogators" annoyance at being bested by a little girl quoting right to silence? Great to see.

  • Since the arabs have tried time and time again to destroy israel militarily and couldnt they have resorted to this type of warfare against israel be a plaque use children and create divisive situations and try to play the media into it do this in any arab country and you go to the gallows no guestions asked israel is the only country where you can play the victim and keep your head

  • ya allah!
    you help my all muslim brother and sister
    (Arakan, Kashmir, Afgan, Philistine, Syria, iraq, Libya) from bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • To je přesně vidět,co ta palestinská verbez dovede. Jenom bordel,nic to nikdy nedokázalo. A ta tupá EU tu svoloc ještě platí. Verbez muslimská.

  • Pakistan stands with Palestine. Israel has never lost a war but I know and I can promise you that Israel's first defeat will be its last fight.

  • Ahed's mother's family came within the last century from Croatia. That means that they are European colonialist settlers of the Ottoman Empire.

  • “On that day the Lord will thresh grain from the Euphrates River as far as the Wadi of Egypt, and you Israelites will be gathered one by one. On that day a great trumpet will be blown, and those lost in the land of Assyria will come, as well as those dispersed in the land of Egypt; and they will worship the Lord at Jerusalem on the holy mountain.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭27:12-13‬ ‭HCSB‬‬

  • Where are those evil shitheads claiming to do jihad in syria whilst really fighting for America!! Where are the so called Jihadist!!!! Rather than trying to help Israel and over throw Assad they should of gone to palestine to fight our real enemy not ppl who pray with us in the mosque like president Assad !!! I hope all those evil shits who terrorised her get aids or cancer or a cancerous tumour in their arse I hope they all die very painfully and slowly Aaaaammeeeeeen

  • If someone doing jihad then they punished like this there is no mercy for this girl that's why I hate jihadist if they really good Muslims then why they involved in jihad I like Israel soldiers they are good and this bludy Muslims are threat for world

  • I hate to see that African soldiers support the Israeli military… if only they know.. that Israel is racist…

  • لكم حماية رب العالمين. و رحمة رب العلمين انتم شرفاء المسلمين . نضالكم ودمائكم وشهدائكم لله رب العلمين…. To these countries : saudis Arabia .Uae Egypt you are an embarrassment. To the religion of Islam. you all will have to answer to the almighty

  • One of the biggest injustices in the world
    I would personally rate this the top 3 after native Americans massacre and slavery

  • I know y’all are wondering
    “Who puts a child in jail”
    They have no heart at all, they don’t care, don’t give 2 shits
    Some of my family members told me that on tv, they saw a man hitting Israelis bcs he was defending his family, the next day, they came and killed him and put his 6 or 8 year old brother (WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS) in jail.

    I’ve met a taxi driver who drove us to my grandmas house (in palestine 🇵🇸) who was abused in prison for 8 years, and he had a huge red circle on his head

  • You are a better person than I, Young Lady. I would have no problem killing the person who murdered my uncle.

  • at present time She is bravest Islamic fighter on the earth everybody should proud of her. While there are various impotent leader of Islamic world watching this pain of Palestine and doing nothig

  • Is Israel a large concentration camp? Is it Holocaust of the Palestinian nation? Why the US government supports murders? Stop Jewish racism! Stop Jewish antipolonism! Stop those Jewish animals!

  • The Torah is the law of the people of Israel Right, so why the Israelis broke the Torah, When they Don't stop the gay parade, that makes Israelis a abomination, and they should be stoned …Hum interesting.

  • Where there is Muslims there is no peace!
    They're threat to other humans!!
    I wonder why Palestinian use their kids for protest, Istead of teaching them or educate them!
    Being an Indian soldiers, we mean who soldiers was!
    We warn, they don't listen! We break their arms or legs!
    Long live Israel 🇮🇱

  • I swear that i now understand why the world hates Israel.. The solders are baby killers and are oir free but she was brave and bitchslaps a Israeli Soldier and they put her in prison…. WTF.!!! And America protects this this evil country….

  • Wow!! She's amazing,,, real smart amd matured for her age…
    She has a great heart ❤.. God Bless Her…😇😇

  • Ahed Tamimi "One's will is a lot stronger than their voice and shouting." one of the many powerful phrases that I learned from this magnificent interview.

  • She was arrested for kicking an Israeli soldier for shooting her cousin in the head and returning to shoot other boys. What was the soldier arrested for? Nothing. Smh.

  • EVIL Zionist Israeli animals. The Palestinians are suffering GENOCIDE. Pure & simple. It's not a complex issue.

  • It's heartbreaking to see that humans are still busy in killing and torturing each other even after thousands of years of existence!!!
    Is it to so difficult to respect each other and show a little respect towards each others' culture?!

  • They are cousins and they can't coexist.. Come to think.of it I never got along with my cousins either 🤔😁😂👍

  • She slapped a soldier and they took her to jail , many soldiers have killed innocent children, and they are free , tf is this?

  • She misses the soldiers. Only way she got to see men. Why doesn’t this silly girl see the rapes and beheading of yazidis. Stuck up trollop

  • Greetings from the Zionist Empire. Maybe she should have slapped a Syrian soldier or a Chinese soldier in the Uyghir area?

  • In America we say, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” talking about tough times and dealing with peoples drama. In Palestine they say “what blow doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” talking about literally being blown up by bombs… May Allah swt have mercy and help them.

  • So much senseless hate on both sides. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"…..little ghabi hitting that soldier who literally did nothing to her little girl is lucky she didn't get tazered

  • The israelis have got their home land for good … They should be proud of it ….!Surrounded by muslims … they should never allow …..jewish majority to fade …..away …! Keep on protecting the people …!

  • Palastinian…should learn something from Afgan Taliban(pathans)… they r alone and 34 countries were fighting with them and after 20 years America is crying now.

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