Air Signs Aquarius Gemini Libra July 2019 Love & Prosperity Reading Part 1

hey everyone its Marianne with the coccyx inspirations and this month we're gonna change it up a bit we're going to do readings by the signs the Fah the four elements of earth air fire and water so gonna be doing the ones for the air signs so we have Aquarius Gemini and Libra so I'm going to use bunch of different decks we're gonna just have some fun here I'm gonna do later on towards the end we're gonna do a pick a pick a card so you have something kind of more measured to you and we're gonna start with some cards from the guitar oh Michael appear and read and wisdom of the Oracle as well so let's just get started this is gonna be fun I just did another of the readings and them came out really nice it was really happy with it so hope these resonate with you for the month of July there's just lots of things going on we're in the clip season again folks and we've got the was it the new moon with the Eclipse on the 2nd of July already so we're just okay we're just starting out great and I'm not starting now great ten of cops beautiful completion loves a satisfaction of family like you're like you're really coming on at the beginning of this month really coming on like gangbusters with joy this is the happy Buddha so let's go ahead and pick some more cards and we'll just lay them out and we've got the eleven with justice oh then we go lots of ones ten eleven another one tenth of eleven eleven lots of portal energy here to pick well okay three more three a fire two of our seven of earth six of our poachers okay we just pull them all out they all fell there we go this is gonna be maybe a little shorten it up a bit not use the wisdom of the Oracle would just play around with these since there's so many all right so let's see let's take a look here let's look over things okay we've got three a fire we have earth of we've got elements of water fire earth we've got three earth a lot of fire fire in earth so what kind of with one water and we have one two three major arcana okay so nothing in your sign but maybe it's here to complement you right you don't need more of your sign you need something to balance you out to give you alignment this month for my air sign so we will start off with the back right 10 of water the happy Buddha he's sitting the air and he has looks like is that perhaps like a mandala but that's kind of been separated but maybe they represent the cops let's see how many are there 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 oh yes so the spheres represent the cups the sign of water other pearls gotcha okay I really never actually took this like really sat and analyzed this card before it but I love it because they're pearls pearls of wisdom just a beast the significance that pearls represent abundance right and pure love y-y-you the girls traditionally who were married in the month of June wore a set of pearls because the pearls were given to the young maidens to be married one as their dowry right as a dowry as a gift for her to go to her husband with having value right so the she's valued hmm lots of interesting dynamics going on right here then we go to the eleven of the major canna which is the justice card this card can repeat that she looks a little bit and this deck kind of parallels a little bit of the energies of the high priestess and the high priestess usually is sitting between two pillars right the and the white kind of choosing the middle path right choosing the middle of the portal so 11 is a portal number why is it a portal because it's two individuals standing side-by-side equally so that's what this balance this alignment comes in for you so it's an alignment of the outside this is interesting the outside satisfaction the love from others that you share right family loved ones and she's the alignment between you and that which represents outside of you and that which represents yourself and you are of course the magician so the magician along with the service to others with that sense of community is what creates the alignment in your life as an air sign beautiful because we know air signs tend to be very esoteric very knowledgeable they love quick-witted things they are they're really about fairness humanitarianism so they are just very observant so they are like this the the observer of justice love that for my Aquarius and Gemini and Libra Libra of course or by the scale so hello all right so we got three or five so the respect in some kind of action from you right there you do this month are taking the helm right you are the captain of your own ship right captain captain or captain it is about where is it that you're going oh where do you want to go just all you have to do is steer yourself there right because the three or four is about your passions your passions are what steer your ship it's what guides your your choices in moving forward so loving that and it is about again look we've got justice and now we the two Pentacles the two of Erath I'll get about alignment again about that choice right there's a choice here she's holding the sorcerer I love looking at these cards because they have like so much like like all you just think it so it's like misty or whatever there's actually things to be seen within these pictures so sometimes it's kind of hard to tell she said it looks like she's some someone in a mist and this kind of reminds me of like one of the gods like the goddess goddess of air right god a bear even though this is a pentacle minds me of like the blowing winds right the winds of change so here you have your you're ready to go you're at the helm you have a choice and a decision to make you're gonna take a little bit of time because you know we know that the air signs like to be erudite and to toss around thoughts and it could be a little a little too much in their thoughts right so that's what seven on earth is about is kind of bringing that sense of being in your thoughts but bringing it down into an earthly matter in other words and bringing it down to being grounded like making sure that they are actually representable choices for you but these choices actually do exist and not just fairy castles like the some of the cups would be fair you know illusions so here the seven of earth is actually someone who's pausing to see what is there for them right they're still there and the sixth of art again interesting right interesting because we're going along with this theme of alignment or balance the six the first represents the the choice right the choice the balance the alignment between giving and receiving so we know that in order to for us and this card came up and in the last reading was about really making the proper alignment so that you when you understand when you are you are giving that you are opening yourself up to receiving when we give of ourselves our thoughts when we share things that we are teaching maybe when teachers are you sharing it's not that you lose your knowledge right you don't lose your knowledge by teaching somebody else or sharing with someone else so we have to understand that sharing is not necessarily about doing without or giving up something it is about a balanced alignment of the thoughts of sharing and getting something back even more than you can imagine and that's where the moon comes in that moon is really to guide your intuition to guide you into the right aspects of what really are you balancing what really are you in alignment for what are you preparing for what is your intention here we go the intentions what intentions are you sitting in the new moon that will come to fruition in the full moon and what what what are you when we when we set our intentions especially under the new moon at the beginning of the month this new moon in cancer really explores relationships explores relationship to love to others and to self-love to ourself so love that and then we have eight of fire so eight of one so something is going to be as a result of this preparation and the sense of being in alignment what happens is that that really sets the stage for action to come really quick so this either fire always reminds me of the chariot card where you see the which is running and you know the charioteer doesn't even have his hands on the reins so here she's on her like lucky Panda and all these illuminated globes are shining down for her for her path in this bamboo garden so she's feeling protected she's feeling its feelings of illumination and a sense of knowing like where she's going love that love it love it love it okay so whether Paul is a couple of cards from mr. Stuart Pearce Angels of Atlantis so we're gonna get a little angelic help here today what what do our Angels want us to know in town – oops that's a lot now where do they kind of want to give us their guidance and we have sandal fun and I'm just going to take the top 100 people we have sandal fun with evolution so we are evolving so this kind of reminds me of that upward spiral you know every time you you take a turn on the wheel right the the spiral keeps going up it's about an expansion and an evolutionary pattern and we get through that inspiration with Gabriel who's the the messenger angel bringing us inspiration right and it's an inspiration of like higher divine source right down into the earth like really like this is what they want us to focus on so it's very interesting how we're bringing things into place right through the evolution and then it's really going to be focused on then we're gonna be able to be inspired by something be inspired by this beautiful golden light here with Gabriel so oh love that love that very very nice with your power I'm gonna put this yeah let's just put these here for now we're gonna kind of set this up this way and we'll put these here so interesting how that plays all right so now we're going to pull a card oh I forgot about the wisdom I think we're gonna go with the spirit animal since this is my reading and we're being guided by spirit which I'm already sweating once you know how much energy is here we're gonna pick what I want you to be able to do here let me show you we have a amethyst crystal pyramid of a beautiful heart which miss Debra Bowen stone heart gave to me a that gorgeous and a clear crystal point this is like a mack daddy so you get to choose either one two or three whatever resonates with you I'm going to create em reading from you know put we're gonna choose in the animal spirit and then I'm going to pick a goddess power which is like awesome alright so we're gonna do this like this two and three right so there's three let's go with the goddess power to row this was fun I hope you're enjoying this I'm having a good time I love doing readings like this is by the way a great example finally do readings for others it's just really a quick this is good I really sticking out okay alright so they're really when I do readings you know I'm just I just pull cards as I'm guided to Paul alright so we're gonna start with amethyst pyramid we have the red heart and the crystals so let's see what we have here mm-hmm oh cool snake spirit time to healed number 55 so big changes right big changes I think this is this way and then the goddess power that came out is oh gosh I hope I say it right Sarah twin sarahdan with potencial now I know she's a Celtic goddess so and she's got um just got beautiful indigo crystal they're in her third eye potential what is our potential so let's see what the snake spirit has to say about healing for us you know that the snake also was represented in the in the the kata the kata says cut is right CA de us which is the symbol of the and the medical field these two snakes coming together and entwining up the the staff right representing Hermes for mysticus alright so it says we all need healing so when this snake if you chose this amethyst pyramid that says that this that your your in a in a time of repairing renewing replenishing yourself we're actually going into Mercury retrograde so I'm not surprised to see some of that here so they want to want to tell you to give yourselves a little bit of time to nourish and to really to really heal to really feel the vulnerability and then the healing of self like knowing that you know spirit is gentle with you right and it's about helping you shed right cuz thinks shed shedding the skin of old things that don't serve you so it's it's about really honoring the work that you've done up till now bur your healing and your growth and we're talking about that upward spiral earlier and it's really giving yourself a pat on the back you know don't don't come down on yourself don't don't judge yourself so harshly because they really want you to see that you for your coming into this beautiful sense of alignment right and I'm working with your intuition and you really have evolved you really have come forward so let's see what miss Collette has to say about Sarah Davis that's the number nine all right so she is the Celtic goddess basically that you're able to pull from the pool of infinite possibilities and that I've been getting messages about that a lot lately actually and that everything you know

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