(AIRSOFT) – SAFOR – Close Quarters Ziba Tower – Battlefield Games

– OK, it is our team – Kieffer in first. Go to column the guys, we enter – Move guys -Anyway it’s going to need that we pass in force – Go a column to the right, one to the left…. We form columns!!! (Bolt stop engaged) – It belongs to us to the left? – McKnight, Identify you – SAFOR! SAFOR!…. I enter! – SAFOR, it’s SAFOR – We rise, we rise, we rise. We stick, we stop not #&/@ “Grenade” – Nice – Reload – The guys have take off – Cover! Cover! Cover! – Reload – A squad down, a squad up, go! – Ready? – Go to it one covers you Matt – The door of the bottom, The door of the bottom – It’s secure – Needs to go up to the flag – We move and you are going to take the flag – Reload – Matt the flag it’s here
– Yes, there is one there, just there – Nice – You get back the flag?

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