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if you're not angry about this I don't think you're really paying attention so a black woman in Alabama named Marcia Jones is being charged with manslaughter because her unborn child was shot by another person the police have blamed her for starting the arc not a person who pulled the trigger and tried to kill her know that person's walked free that person went went free she is the one being charged with manslaughter the mother whose child died is being charged for not protecting her baby who someone shot but what I mean what was she supposed to do I don't think that mother Cara released their summer range of Kevlar maternity wear yet but it was never about protecting lives these laws were never about protecting lives if that was the case the shooter would have been charged for shooting her and the baby because that's the logical thing but it wasn't about that it was never pro life that's just BS it was always about controlling women and you know what I think the best thing for human progress right now would be if the great Caliphate of Alabama just slid back into the Kings sea

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  • Who is the idiot speaking on the video? "What's she supposed to do?" How about control her temper and not start fights?
    By the way, that's just normal behavior for most people. It's why we don't shoot each other over every minor disagreement.

  • There are consequences when you begin a fight. The other person has a right to self defense when you become violent and threaten their well-being.

  • You left wingers are so racist you couldn't call her a woman instead of a black woman if your life depended on it. People get charged with homocide for bringing their friend into a crime they get killed in so pregnant women get charged with manslaughter for fighting instead of running? Most of you guys have a TV problem. The big wigs pay millions per year to get you all emotional because you can't handle what? A pregnant woman getting in fights and ultimately being responsible for her child? LOL losers.

  • Wait wait wait excuse me I m french, I maybe I don t undestand well (please tell me I don t !!) so the shooter is free ? why ? even if Mrs Jones has started to argue, that s not a reason to shoot at her (or is it in NRA euh .. Alabama ?). And Mrs Jones is accused to be what ? not bullet proof ? to have provoke an argument to abort (really motivated !!) ? but that was in december, this law wasn t even vote and it s still not applied !! this his madness she could have an abortion … a medical one I mean. Something not including a shot in the stomach. And what does that mean ?? Is this law is a retroactive one ???

  • So if I read this correctly if one starts a fight verbal or otherwise then the other person has a right to physically shoot or kill the one who starts the fight? Got it.

  • Another proof that Republicans calling them selves "pro-life" is a contradiction.
    The quote "being 'pro-life' is like being a comic collector, the subject loses most of its value when it has come out of the packaging" rings awfully true.

  • I wish I could say this story is unbelievable, but it is what the Caliphate of Alabama and its allies around the US have been building towards for a few decades.

  • I just saw this on Twitter. It's beyond disgusting. There are people saying it's her fault for starting a fight blah blah blah, we are heading for Handmaid's Tale

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