Aladdin – Ep 305 – Full Episode – 16th October, 2019

It is delicious.
– It is excellent! You both have helped
brother so much and proved your loyalty
towards him. Brother is very happy
with the two of you. Sir, we are lucky.. It is okay. It is just food..
– Yes. Let him eat and be healthy. Please have it.. Ma’am, you look healthy
by the grace of God! Thank you.
– But no problem. A few drops in the ocean
will not make much difference Please eat.
– Thank you.. – Please. May God reward you
with goodness. ‘This is the punishment for
breaking the glasses, morons!’ But I regret.. You both won brother’s trust but you are not special for
him. What do you mean? Mr. Junaid, tell me
something. – Go ahead. How can we become special
for the minister? – Exactly. To be special,
you should do something that compels brother to believe
that you are special. What do you mean? That means,
you must offer a sacrifice.. Freedom! I apologise!
Mr. Mustafa, not only her even you should offer
sacrifice. She will sacrifice her tresses and you will sacrifice
your turban. What did you just say? Mr. Junaid,
you can have her tresses but I will not give you
my turban at any cost. This is the pride of my
family and my crowning glory. Shut up! You are so lean,
but look at your pride! You will have to give him
your turban. I apologise! I do not know
about the two of them but I have
a lot of work to do. I will do something quickly. One is heavy,
one is strong. Let them get hold of the turban
and tresses. That is wonderful.. The God has willed it! That is like a
truly worthless person! I mean, loyal people..
Wonderful! ‘Master, you will jump
out of joy’ ‘upon seeing this gift.’ ‘This is going to be fun!’ You are my moon
and my sun! My dear genie you have done
such a wonderful job! Thank you, Master.. But this is just the beginning. Wait and watch,
success will kiss our feet as we head
towards Raaz-E-Kainat. May your words come true. My spicy little genie! Oh, my God! The blood moon appears
once in 500 years. When the red light
of the blood moon falls on the Golden Tower our journey to Raaz-E-Kainat will be accomplished. Master, are you ready to open the first door of Raaz-E-
Kainat? Certainly! Let us go.
– Where? Let us go to the first gateway to the entrance
of Raaz-E-Kainat. Let us go. I hope, Zafar
did not hear the sound! The master will anyways
follow the princess. Good that we came here
before him. She may need our help. I want you to cast such
a spell on the Golden Tower that no animal could ever get here. And remember.. You should not make
any mistakes this time. I understand. Jhumru, this night
is really special. We have to be ready for every
possible difficulty tonight. I am ready.
But where is Aladdin? The princess is about to enter
the Golden Tower alone. Where is he? Master. The princess.. Oh, God!
She has entered the tower. Heed my words,
every living creature. No one can enter
the Golden Tower from now. I want you to cast
another spell? – What is it? A spell that would make
anyone who tries to enter the Golden Tower get trapped here forever. But.. It’s an order. As you wish, master. My spells are unbreakable and the security unbreachable. If anyone still manages
to enter the Golden Tower let him be trapped
here forever. What.. Where is this red light
coming from? Where is this light from? Something is happening
inside the Tower. Yasmine is inside.
Her life is in danger. All the arrangements
have been made. As soon as we offer
this turban and braid the first doorway to the path
leading to Raaz-E-Kainat will be open. Excellent.. But how will
we make this offering? You have to shed your blood on them. Here you go. Once you offer your blood this turban and braid
will turn into ashes. If that happens,
it means.. What? It means that the dark forces have accepted your sacrifice. Once they accept your sacrifice the path to reach the first
door of Raaz-E-Kainat will also be revealed. You are testing my patience
now. Hurry up. As you wish, master. I can’t believe that
Minister Zafar is getting such a strange place
built for Bhagdad’s progress to gift me in the memory
of my father. I am having strong doubts
on his intentions. Listen.
– Yes. Yasmine is inside
and I think she is in danger. We need to get inside
anyhow. Yes..
– Think of a way to do that. Yes, let me think. Nothing should go wrong
today. Yasmine really needs to know
the truth about Zafar today. Yes.. Master, there is one way. That’s great. Dear, are you jumping
with happiness? What are you saying, sir?
No, I am not. This means the floor
is shaking because.. Because our sacrifice
has been accepted. The doorway is about to
open up. We are about to enter
the first doorway to the path leading
to Raaz-E-Kainat. Wonderful! Indeed. My master is glowing with joy. May the Golden Tower be
more secure than before! Oh, God! What is this? Oh, God! This is growing. What do I do?
I cannot get out of this. God! Sir, we will dig up a tunnel that will take us
to the Golden Tower. This can save us
from the magical walls protecting the Golden Tower and we can also reach
to the princess. Thereafter, we can reveal
the truth to the princess. Fine. Chand, are you ready?
– I am ready. Master, from my experience
for 1,500 years I think a girl.. I mean, I shall turn myself
into a wooden spade. You may dig the tunnel
with it. You won’t feel the shock. Jhumru.
– Yes. Master has a loving heart and Zafar’s heart
is bereft of emotion Turn me
into a wooden spade. Genie of the Ring! Master! I cannot dig the tunnel. Put the spade down
or Chand will remain a spade forever.
– Okay. Jhumru!
– Quiet! Think of a better way
to get in. Oh! I was right in my doubt. Yasmine is stuck inside
and she’s in a big trouble. I must cross this, somehow. Master we have made it
to the first doorway to the path leading
to ‘Raaz-e-Kainat’. The first doorway. Master, should we knock
the door and run away? No.
Well, I was joking. If it was just about knocking
the door we could have knocked
some neighbour’s door. This is the first doorway
to reach ‘Raaz-e-Kainat’. Amazing! ‘It is time to realise the
dream’ ‘that I have harboured
all these years.’

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