Alarme para moto universal TMA freedom G2 (English/CC)

Hello! How are you guys doing? In today’s video, we’ll be talking about our Motorcycle Alarm line. But, before that, subscribe to our channel, like the video and turn on notifications so you’re all caught up. Here we go! This is our TMA Freedom G2, an alarm for motorcycles that has an exclusive battery economy technology developed by Taramps. Besides its low consumption, which is of 5mA, the TMA Freedom G2 has the “Sleep Function”. But, how does it work? After 24 hours from the activation of the Alarm, the central automatically enables the “Sleep Function”, that reduces up to 17 times the battery consumption. Therefore, from 5mA in normal mode to approximately 0.3mA in Sleep Mode, which is a very reduced consumption. So, if you haven’t installed an alarm because you’re trying to avoid extra battery consumption, here is the solution, our TMA Freedom G2. The product is available in two versions: the TMA Freedom 100, which a simpler version, that comes with one conventional control. And the TMA Freedom 200, that besides the conventional control, it also has the presence control. Keep in mind that the TMA Freedom has a central identical in both versions, so, if you bought the TMA Freedom 100, you can activate the presence function by buying the presence control TR2P that is also sold separately. That’s it, guys. In future videos, I’ll show you further details about this product. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future videos, please, let us know. A big hug and see you there.

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