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all right it's official it's official the Democrats have a nerve problem all right they have a nerve problem and it's of epic proportions you heard me right the Democrats have a nerd epidemic on their hands all right that's a fact jack anytime you got Nancy here here we go anytime you got Nancy frickin Pelosi as the coolest person in the room man you're done all right you've done that's it it's over give up your nerve problem is officially of everett forces and the reason has gotten that way is because you've got Nancy Pelosi in a room full of other goofy ass wackos we'll start out with one of them named beta Mel how the hell you want to name your son beta mellow roar from Texas all right beta Mel or or you just got wool over in Texas trying to run for governor and now these losers are trying to encourage you or you can't win the state of Texas but we're pretty sure you can win the country yeah that that really adds up you guys are brilliant brilliant you can't win one state but you're going to go win the rest of the country man ain't nobody wants you stay your beta ass out of here look we got next another person in the room all right you got Bernie feel the burn bro Sanders all right then get y'all call me ass out of here ain't nobody wants that communist shit I know I don't and nobody else does either Bernie feel the burn man he heard his supporters and biggest bunch of stinky nasty hippies you ever seen in your life who else they got over there of course it's Hillary no said you got to get into that one and last but not least Alexandro cuarto of CIFAS the hell is our name like Zandro box elbow corto this is the weird wacko that's over here saying that the Millennials struggle against climate change is the same as the struggle in the 1940s against the Nazis yeah you heard me they're saying that climate change is their world war two man if you've lost your mind are you even being serious now I mean surely you're just being a provocateur because you can't mean that and you hear what she says that they're on the yeah dude up girl cuz I guess she's pretty brilliant man if you hurt her hugs on trumpet or fold stitches is brilliant you gotta hear well I've heard her I listen to her the woman's an idiot don't listen to her please Alexandra salvo quarto nobody likes you alright you're dumb I'm sorry to say it alright you're dumb there's other women out there that are smart and strong but you ain't one of them it's not too and the democrats think that Alexandro except Oporto is the future the democratic party then your nerve problem just turned into you don't even have a Democratic Party anymore no it's been replaced by the Communist Party because that's exactly who the hell she is I'm warning you guys leave me believe that all right either you do something if you saved the Democratic Party or you're going to become the Communist Party but lead at now from Milka seated Chris you guys be sure to LIKE comment and if you're thinking about subscribing to listen to some of my other videos because I say something I say some pretty out-there shit sometimes you may not like what I say check out a few my other videos if you like them be sure to subscribe and we'll see you guys next time whoo

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