Alien Covenant Casts James Franco & New Leaked Set Photos

hey what is up everyone so it seems like news is finally starting to trickle out for alien covenant at a pretty steady pace now alien vs predator galaxy has exclusively revealed that actor James Franco will have a role in alien covenants originally his agency was pushing hard for him to take the lead role in the upcoming predator sequel set for 2018 but he turned it down and although that didn't stop him from looking at another popular sci-fi franchise and it once again appearing alongside his longtime collaborator Danny McBride James Franco will be appearing in alien covenant as the character Branson the captain of the covenant ship and husband of Catherine Watterson's Daniels character Franco's appearance an alien covenant will only be brief though he appears in the first 10 minutes or so of the film and then later with small appearances sprinkled throughout James Franco will also be reprising the role as Branson in some of the viral footage that has already been shot for alien covenants now along with the casting news and the character reveal we also got some new leaked set images and i will leave these down in the description below because of Fox copyright so anyways the images are in total showing aspects of the film that we have seen previously however just different angles and things to actually look at so first up we have the instantly recognizable pilot's chair set with an egg giant warehouse this is obviously a behind-the-scenes photo of them you know on set looking at different props now earlier we saw this prop inset photos posted by the website so is any good and once again any behind-the-scenes still that fog shared on Ridley Scott's birthday the next image appears to be a vehicle and what is called the terraforming bay on the covenant ship that the crew will keep its heavy machinery and the next two images provide looks at the massacre scene of the engineers that earlier this year Daily Mail had shared exclusively and this time we actually have some different shots of them because we can get a close-up shot of these sort of burned engineered bodies piled up at the top of these doors to these steps and if you actually look closely at a couple of the images you'd actually see that there are female engineers among the corpses the final image that we have is one of the failed experiments that David the Android has displayed his temple on Paradise something that we have previously seen also from so is good now obviously this failed experiment is one of the Neo morph aliens in its early stages it's kind of like a baby in this photo but pretty cool stuff you're definitely looking forward to the first teaser trailer which should be dropping like I said any day now I've made several videos talking about like when is the trailer going to drop one we're going to learn more about this movie and it seems like they're really going to start ramping up the marketing for this film as we're near the end of this year because the movie is out in May and they really have to get that push you know start marketing this as a big alien return so anyways leave your thoughts that in the usual spot guys and let me know you guys think of the casting choice for James Franco as the ship's captain and these new leaked photos also if you guys are stuffing by the channel for the first time any like this video subscribe for more alien and predator content here at the hybrid network my name is nick and i'll catch you guys next time

23 thoughts on “Alien Covenant Casts James Franco & New Leaked Set Photos

  • I'm just hoping they don't waste his death. If he's gonna die first at least let him be the one who gets infected or something. You know like Kane or Newt's Dad.
    Not some meaningless Plot Convenience like "Oh he died in the crash because our spaceships are completely fucking useless on autopilot."

  • James Franco is not a great actor, he is very limited in the type character he can play. If his role in Alien is made for his type of character, then it could work… if not, he will ruin the film. If his character in Alien is a laid back, half stoned, cool cat, then it will be just fine. But if he is supposed to play an intellectual, or someone with gravitas, or someone commanding, or someone with heavy emotions, then it will be a failure… then we will end up with something Franco as Oz, or Franco as a scientist in Planet Of The Apes.

  • really hoping this doesn't end up just a cash grab. I'm not anti Franco by any means but I am starting to have less optimism for this film

  • The engineer looking person up on the ceiling is an etched mural just like the etched mural on the derelict ship on or over the doors of the mutagen storage room. Why would there be distraught or burnt bodies up near the ceiling.

  • Is this confirmed?

    If so, its awesome – This actor can carry the movie far better than all the prometheus cast combined.

  • The narrator, only identified as 'Nick' here, talks so fast and slurs his words together that you have to extrapolate what the sentence is he's blurting out. Take a breath, chill, use your lips to enunciate so you don't sound like pig-latin Klingon. Hybrid Network, find someone who speaks clear English please or give Nick elocution lessons.

  • I love Alien… but after that Blade Runner 2049 teaser that just dropped…
    ALL I can think about is that Blade Runner music from the trailer 🙂

  • Franco??? I'd accept Jennifer Lopez (she was great in "The Cell") and even Lindsay Lohan but not James Franco. I just can't take him seriously anymore

  • This film is going to suck ass; Ridley should have stopped and let Neil Blomkamp take control. Honestly why is James Franco in this film? Also the engineers and Prometheus arc are really hurting the franchise; it's no longer a survival horror or action horror series. It has become somewhat of an action thriller and that would be fine if the plot wasn't so loosely scattered across the floor. Ridley's vision of the engineers better be actualized well this time or he will have doomed the franchise until Blomkamp and Copley can fix it.

  • james franco seems like a really dodgy choice. Cant say I can see how that will bring strength to the movie, I could be wrong though. Hes too clean cut looking for that role.

  • Franco? Could someone give me a good movie james franco has starred in? I can understand if this was a low budget indie movie looking to get asses on seats but this is fucking ALIEN. This brat should be practically begging to be involved why would Ridley scott even approach this creep? If that's the direction he's taking any excitement i had for this movie has just evaporated. looks to be another shitty member berry filled rehash along with star wars, jurassic park , Ben hur, Tarzan and jungle book.

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