'ALIEN: COVENANT' Explained! – movie review w/spoilers

hello there and welcome to Brian Lomax movie talk I'm a review alien covenant but I'd want to go a little bit more in depth with it on going to the themes and the way in which film kind of portrays them I heard some reviews about this film already it was early reviews before I've even seen it that kind of said that it was a bit too basic that it didn't kind of have a lot of the depth that Prometheus had you know things that you could read into it and I gotta say I completely disagree with that I think this film is a much better film than Prometheus a film that I actually do like quite a lot but it does have its problems to me this one alien covenant it sits within the top three alien films and it may be in my mind as good as Ridley Scott's first I mean he's going to require a few more viewings before I can say it up definite but yeah I loved this film I thought it was great and I think there's a lot of meat on its bones to chew on so let's get into it first of all the name of the ship covenant you know when I hear the word covenant I think biblical I think of the covenant made between man and God in which after the flood God made a promise to mankind that he would never destroy them in the same way again he would never send the rains down and a flood to wipe them out so it's it's very interesting I think that David finds the homeworld so it seems of the engineers from Prometheus and how does he kill them well he rains down that biological weapon on them he essentially wiped them out with a flood but a different kind of flood so yet it's almost like the creation is now killing the Creator with his own means of annihilation you know it's if you want to read that biblical sense into it which I think we're meant to give the fact that the film is called alien covenant there's a lot in here as well about the relationship between man and God and that's never more evident than with David and Walter so we have this new character in the film Walter who's another Android a lot like David Onley he's got a different set of programming so he doesn't have the level of freewill that David has and there's a very good conversation between the two part way through the film in which they talk about this and they talk about the ways in which David is able to love as a result of that free will that he's been granted but as a result he's also able to go his own way which he does he rejects God essentially his God he rejects his creators he rejects humanity and decides to go his own way and become a creator himself you know he sees himself as God he puts himself in that position if you want to look at it as a biblical reading that that's what mankind does in the Bible you know he's given this free will and as a result he turns from God and he goes his own way he puts himself at the center and we've got like it's a Walter who who isn't able to do that he's programmed but as a result he's very dutiful you know so he on the surface loves humanity he puts himself in harm's way several times he loses a hand as a result of that which like I say on the surface can appear as love but when it's pre-programming when he's not really got any choice in the matter because he's duty-bound to help human beings to protect them and not hurt them then it's not real love at all it's just yeah programming he's a computer so that's really what the film is looking at it's it's kind of an analogy for the way in which mankind has been granted freedom from God but because of that he also there therefore is able to make the decision to abandon God to turn on him no I think that that is the main thread film the main emphasis of it I would say but there's a lot of other things in there that kind of that prop it up a lot of things that talk about faiths and about mankind search for for the creator for the answers you know we kick off film with a scene between David and Weyland guy Pierce returns for the role of Weyland and obviously this is set before prometheus when when David was first created Weyland talks to David about the search for that meaning the the ultimate question why are we here who created us and I think that question sticks with David it really burrows under his skin to the point where he comes to the conclusion that creation really is the key that the thing that has created is then abandoned is then obsolete and the created being then is the thing that must become the next step of I guess the evolutionary process if you want to call it that those other things in the film as well I would be the captain of the ship although he's he doesn't start out being the captain he becomes the captain by virtue of the fact that the captain ends up dying in an accident and he struggles with his crew arm or more to the point the feelings he has of judgment from his crew he's he's a man of faith he never explicitly says what that faith is but he's a believer in God and the film uses that to look at the way people are faced in a modern world a scientific world may feel marginalized and may feel that they're looked upon as though they are either religious fanatics are people who can't quite be trusted in some way because of their faith and I think the film does a very good job of taking that character and sticking him in with rest of this crew and using him to look at the role that faith plays in society there's a a moment when one of the other main characters the the wife of the the actual captaining died she tells him that you know like in this situation where everything is kicking off where aliens are here people are dying left right and center she tells him we need your face we need it right now you know we we don't have it we don't share that faith but we need it and I think that speaks volumes about a society without face has no hope you know I think that's what faith gives and that's what this film kind of tells us it shows us that actually without faith we have no hope I like said I think this is a fantastic film I think it deals with its themes in a very good way much clearer away I feel than Prometheus did I think there were a lot of times during Prometheus I felt like they were trying to go for something but they didn't maybe didn't quite understand what it was they were trying to say and sometimes that message got a bit lost got a bit confused whereas here you know you got a writer on board like John Logan right for a gladiator he's a very good writer he knows how to get things across I think and he does a he does a fantastic job here he's not the sole writer on this but I definitely feel his touch on the script and I'm glad they've got him on board visually you know it's Ridley Scott you're not going to get a Ridley Scott film that doesn't look good but this does look stunning you know anyone who loved the visuals on Prometheus again here it is good to see him in back on his a game really as far as visuals concerned in an alien film so yeah I loved all that stuff I looked at the characters as well all the main characters in it I felt a connection to them I also bought more the idea that these people are accrue whereas with Prometheus again I don't want to sound like I'm sluggin of Prometheus I liked that film a lot you know but just just as a comparison there were times during that film where I didn't buy that this bunch of people will be put together as a crew and sent off to space you know you think of the geologist guy in that it's like why would they let him who knows surely he would not be the best person they could find for that role given just how antagonistic he was towards the rest of the crew you know it really felt quite ragtag whereas here the crew feels a lot more like the crew from the first film from the original film in a sense I can believe them they feel like real people to me and I felt more of a connection to them so when when someone's day dying I felt that loss another loss that I really feel even though she's not really in this film is Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus a character I actually really liked now seeing what David did to her in order to get to the point where he created the alien for me it was quite an emotional punch you know when we see her lying on the table and we realize just what he's done yeah one you know this gets horrific on the part of her character what's happened to her and I felt that but also gave it it just suddenly becomes one of the best villains in recent memories it's in cinema you know I got he's a very complex character you know really complex character and someone that you kind of like in some respects you kind of respect I should say maybe not like we respect him you respect his outlook or whatever but yeah heinous character now if there's one one thing I would criticize in the film although I will I will kind of go against that in just a moment but it was one thing I would criticize it's that the ending with David's character when he's pretending to be Walter you do kind of see that coming a mile off but you know and this was the however there is a moment in it where the whole time you think and that's David it's got to be David clearly it but then they do this thing where he sees his creation this alien get killed get blown out the airlock and there's a look on his face and again this is this is just brilliant acting from Michael Fassbender as would be expected one of the best actors working in Hollywood today and the look on his face that you can kind of read as one disappointment but his creations been killed or to relief and I honestly at that point I didn't know which side to sit on because up until then I thought that's David that's David I can clearly see what's come in it's David and then I saw that look in his eye on am i is it David I don't know so yeah you know that was a good kind of curveball I think that they threw in there but obviously yeah it turns out to David so take that as you will personally I thought it was really nicely played even though like I say a little bit predictable but yeah I love this film I thought it fantastic like I say reiterate one of the top three alien films and I'm going to give it a four and a half out of five that may go up to a five if you know if it holds up on repeat viewing that is my review of alien covenant but what about you have you seen it and what do you think about the themes in the films as the things I say make sense or do you think I'm talking complete balls yeah comment below let me know and until next time crack it you

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  • Really enjoyed it too. The visceral shock of the original alien is no longer there sadly, we have all become numbed over time. The head floating in water was a nice touch.

    Who explores a planet with life without first taking precautions against bio hazards? The characters in Prometheus and Covenant are woefully dumb and ill prepared in this regard. We used to take canaries down coal mines but in the future we don't even suit up when encountering life from another planet.

    There's certainly a lot of religious themes going through the storyline although they are not in your face.
    I don't agree that man without faith can have no hope. That doesn't play out in life now, nor does it play out in the movie.

    Where there is human life there is always hope for humanity.
    Interestingly the man of faith didn't last that long.
    Those that believed in themselves were still alive at the end of the movie.

    I am looking forward to the directors cut on DVD which. Is bound to contain more content and hopefully some more detail on the David / Shaw journey of which we have had a glimpse.

    I really liked Daniels and would love to see her outsmart David in the next instalment. Looks unlikely at the end of Alien Covenant.

    Would also love to see Walter make a surprise return, also unlikely.

  • It's been hinted that the look on David's face was due to him wanting to use Daniels as organic matter to create a queen.

  • This film was far from bad. If they had left in the scenes from the features portion of the digital release, it would have been even stronger.

  • the editing/pacing was atrocious. some shots were good but the overall tone of the film was all over the place. david and walter were the most interesting characters. the themes and symbolisms were great, but to me they were overshadowed by the cheap horror tropes that bore me to death. a directors cut would be cool of course.

  • Can we admit tho that the crew is pretty stupid for not keeping their helmet on as they landed on a foreign planet?

  • its a shame dr shaw didn't get to question the engineers on their planet, or a longer storyline to do with the engineers, but maybe in future films the bck story to do with the engineers on their planet will be told…

  • I understand your love for the theme of this movie an what Ridley Scott was trying to do and you make an interesting point of David being God like
    ( well he is immortal to a point)
    raining pestilence down among
    the sinners
    but what is his end game ?
    once he has destroyed all life with his abomination ?
    For me what stops the movie
    from being great to being merely good is the the writers
    total disregard for our intelligence.
    Stupid mistakes made by scientists, bio suits are a 20th century invention I believe.
    Aliens programmed to kill straight from birth
    A mans incineration in cryo chamber.
    The total coincidence of a space storm that happened to be 7 day's journey to the crash landing site of David and Elizabeth .
    Who laid the eggs ?
    Blowing the zenomorph out of
    the airlock again.
    Everything examined in Prometheus totally destroyed
    I could go on.
    I can understand your romantic philosophical view point of this movie and it's deeper even biblical parallels
    But for me it doesn't stand up
    from a logical point of view. Covenant just trys to emulate four previously made 👽 Aliens made prior to this one .
    As a child one of my favourite story's was the one about the Emperor's new clothes
    where the the Tailors of the invisible cloth said only the wisest most intelligent of people could see or appreciate
    the beauty of the material ,
    and stitched him the most wonderful outfit of nothingness.

  • the beings David wiped off in covenant weren't engineers, they were just another one of the engineers creations imo. I suspect that planet at the start of Prometheus where the engineer breaks himself down to start life is the planet which covenant takes place in.

  • Awesome review!! I felt the same way after he made that face when the alien was blown out the airlock. Like you said up to that point I was like it's David but then that look on his face really through me off. I agree with everything you said in the video and absolutely loved the movie. You've earned a subscriber.

  • David couldn't get involved in the fight between the xenomorph and Daniels/Tennessee because he needed to see which was superior and couldn't get involved because he's taken the role of Satan/Lucifer. In the sense that he can only introduce and create the xeno/demon, like God only can't interfere with humans freewill. David has to see his creation succeed on it's own. He was surprised and disappointed that demon failed.

  • 4.5 is laughable. The first 2 Alien movies are incredible, every one after that has either flatout sucked or is mediocre at best. Unfortunately Covenant is mediocre at best. I'm not sure if I can rank this one ahead of Resurrection or Prometheus. It's not that the acting, visual effects, sound or music was bad… it's that the script at times is god aweful. The decisions the crew make time and time again are so cringe worthy it defies logic.

  • i found the prometheus aspect of the movie lacking, but the alien aspect of the movie to be pretty good. 7/10.

  • thank you! im watching it from Russia, becauze our youtubers dont make such good explonations

  • "Better then Aliens"? In what way? Aliens was genre consistent from start to finish. Suspense,Action, suspense, action, suspense, action. Covenant never seems to know what genre to be. Philosophical study of humanity? Slasher horror? Action? Adventute/exploration? It was all over the place. Poorly executed.

  • I completely hate the fact that David created the xenomorph it kills the whole motivation and the whole idea with the alien Saga is the space jockey was the Creator's that's exactly why it so much mystery to the story now they have David and Android create the xenomorph why because it's Michael Fassbender because he brings eye candy for the ladies because he gets the highest paid actor I have no time for that

  • I think this movie was terrible. Check movie again and think if you would make same choices some people there made.
    Like risking colony ship by sending it close to the storm and possibly kill everyone on the ship just to try to save several people on the planet.
    Or even going on random planet they just found out without making sure its safe first, over a planet that was CONFIRMED TO BE SAFE.
    How do you pick unknown over SAFE and risk lives of the whole colony? Logic…

  • I enjoyed the movie too, saw it last night. One thing I disagree with you on is your understanding about the captain. Yes of course he inherited his duties after the original captain died. But he was not a man of faith. If I'm not mistaken, he seemed to have stated this as why he was at odds with the rest of the crew. When the captain died, he gave them orders to focus on fixing the ship. The crew did not obey. And he said that he thinks it is because of the fact that he does not believe in God that they may look at him differently. Maybe I misunderstood that but that is what I remember.

  • Great review! I agree with several of your points. My take…

    Alien : Covenant (without over-thinking things). If you felt let down by Prometheus, then this might not be the movie for you. Not without its faults and things to target my take away is that the Alien franchise began as a backbone to create space horror and turned into a far more in-depth discussion about evolution, trust, technology and the inception of life… No matter what species. Much like H.R. Giger's paintings from a distance the imagery is pretty straightforward… However upon closer inspection there is much more than meets the eye. In my opinion this movie answered more questions than it introduced new ones… and though many will probably complain about how those questions were answered at the end of the day Aliens is a vast and incredibly intriguing universe … worthy of more movies.

    My only complaints:
    – Prometheus was visually STUNNING — and though Covenant had a look more akin to the original ALIEN movies, I did miss some of the tech and richness that Prometheus brought to the big screen. A step back in that regard

    – The characters were definitely back to a more basic/believable style from the original movies, however I didn't have the same personal connection as I did with Ripley or the military squad. So while I wasn't nearly as frightened in Covenant as I was in ALIENS, the difference for me was how I was far more intrigued by the lore of the movie and watching the puzzle pieces finally click into place. The only characters I really enjoyed were Tennessee … as I could feel his pain … and I thoroughly enjoyed both of Fastbender's performances.

    – The whole David/Walter ending felt like a cop out. An obvious twist. Short of pulling a Nick Cage 'Face Off' it was pretty cliche and a let down, given how smart the rest of the movie was.

    In conclusion…

    I'm very excited now to go back and watch both Prometheus AND the original Alien movie again …. and then go back and watch Covenant one more time. This is a terrific series that went places I never imagined it would — and that's something beautiful.

  • Look at the "raining goo scene" more carefully. Those are not engineers. Engineers are far paler. I think the guys the goo rains over are to the engineers what HUMANS are to the engineers, another race they created. There is even some of them who have white make up on them, as if trying to look more like they're creators, the engineers. After all that's who they were expecting until they realized they were being attacked with the goo

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