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hey guys so I was finally able to get out and see a lien coming it and I wanted to give you my initial reaction to the film hopefully you guys watching the video have already seen the movie as well because there will be spoilers in this video so if you haven't seen the movie or you don't want to see spoilers be warned spoilers ahead that being said I will start off by saying that overall I really liked the movie after hearing a lot of bad press about it I went into the theater not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised I'd heard a lot of people say that if you like prometheus you may not like covenant as the movie leans more towards alien than it does towards Prometheus I will also state that I'm in the camp that really liked Prometheus sure it had its faults but I loved the big questions that the movie asked and I'm not the kind of person who always needs the answers to these questions at the end of the movie because of all these unanswered big questions I've probably discussed Prometheus with my friends more than any other film and that's a part of the movie that I really enjoy that said I can see where some fans of Prometheus would be somewhat upset with covenant however I was still able to enjoy the movie and a recent interview with Ridley Scott he said that David feels rejected by the human race and prometheus because he thinks that they are inadequate he also thinks that the engineers messed up because their own creation the humans turned against them so David now plans to do away with both species now Ridley also stated in this interview that David wanted to destroy the engineers on the planet which infers that those humanoids we see are in fact engineers to me this is either terrible makeup and prosthetic work or it's possible that the engineer in prometheus is not the same as the engineers on the planet paradise to me they look like a species either created by the engineers or by the same people that created the engineers I had the theory before watching the movie that these people were actually created by the engineers and that they worshipped him the poor makeup job was actually the people applying makeup to their faces in a show of worship towards the engineers to me this even explains why they would all come out to greet the juggernaut when it arrives and why they would all be cheering when it shows up I really hope that Ridley further explains this planet later on and comes up with a plot reasoning as to why these people who don't look very technologically advanced are not the same engineers as we see in prometheus perhaps those engineers are the way they look and prometheus due to them having been crossbred or changed with the black goo which would explain their armor which to me and every picture and concept art that I've seen looks like it's a part of them in not a suit now even though I said I really enjoyed prometheus I really enjoyed covenant as well as far as where I would rank covenant in the franchise I'm going to need more viewings of it in order to really put it in its place but for now I'd say it fits in after Prometheus with me with my top 3 going alien aliens and then Prometheus but this may change as time goes on as for the acting in the movie I was pleasantly surprised here Katherine Watterson did a good job to me as the main character in the movie she isn't Ripley but I don't need a Ripley in order to enjoy an alien movie I actually think alien 3 & 4 would have been better without her and I loved Sigourney Weaver I just thought box was wrong in thinking that no one would watch alien 3 or 4 without her James Franco is almost not even really in the movie but I thought an interview in which Ridley said he met with James and that James wanted a cameo and that's what he ended up getting which is why we don't see him too much in the movie Michael Fassbender is simply amazing as usual in covenant I was really surprised in how much I found myself liking Walter the newer less human a on Fassbender did a great job in portraying both androids their discussions about life a I in the human was really really well done to me I'd have to say though that the biggest surprise in the cast in the movie for me was Danny McBride he was incredible in this movie and not just for comic relief he was funny but it really didn't feel like the comedy was forced and he played a more serious role in this movie as well I actually hope that he gets more serious roles like this going forward after covenant because after seeing his performance in this movie I think he's a much better actor than he's been given credit for and I would love to see him do non comedic roles even the rest of the crew felt more fleshed out to me than the crew that we had in prometheus I actually liked the dynamic of all of the crew being married as well to me that up the odds it's not just some random crew member getting torn up by neo morphs and Xenomorphs but it's your wife or your loved one that's dying this added a lot more weight to the situation to me one point that I would like to mention however was the type of movie Ridley was shooting for here in many of the early interviews we kept hearing about the amount of blood used in the movie and how the aliens would scare the living hell out of us by this I took it that covenant was meant to be a horror slash action film I got the action part of the movie it felt closest to aliens in the amount of action going on in the film but as far as horror I really found it lacking here I don't think I jumped once in the movie and I didn't notice anyone else in the theater jumping either I just didn't get the horror vibe from this film the alien was shown too much you knew that the attack was coming now I will have to admit some of this could be because of all the spoiler footage that was shown I had seen a good chunk of this movie before sitting down and actually watching it the attack scenes were done well they just weren't that scary that said this also means that you get a lot of great views of both the Neo morph and the xeno or proto morph now speaking of the Neo morphs this was another pleasant surprise for me I loved the Neos they are such vicious little bastard they seem even more bloodthirsty than the xenomorph even more ravenous they rip up their prey and they take their time it's not just a jaw to the face but they tear you up at first I thought they look more fleshy and would be easier to take down than the Xenomorphs and even though the xenos may prove to have a more stronger exoskeleton it was not very easy to put a neo down they took many shots and kept on coming I would love to see them make another appearance in later films or maybe even have more variants of the alien many people said that they were forced into the movie just to have another aliens but to me they were the stars of the show in the first half as far as the xenos or proto morph sippy well they were done really well in this to me as well I kept hearing about the fact that they were mostly CG but to me that's almost a silly argument I mean its 2017 what do you expect I mean even Godzilla now is CG even the Toho Godzilla now is CG so this argument doesn't hold up to me I know some people said some of the CG seems they didn't think we're that great quality I'm going to have to see another viewing in order to notice that what I caught in the first viewing was amazing as far as the movement and the portrayal of the alien to me this allowed the alien to finally move as fast as it should and to be more ravenous being able to jump and move much much quicker than before I also thought that the xenomorph bursting out of the body in small drone form instead of being a chest burster was a nice twist as well even though it was another spoiler that I had already seen before watching the movie it showed that we aren't quite at the real xenomorph yet and there's still more work for David to do before we get to the aliens II know that we all know in love when it comes to the plot of the movie it does a good job for me there are some parts in the movie that I would like to have seen done better but it's hard to make a horror film or a movie trying to be a horror film seem totally realistic if people won't go into the dark basement alone the horror movie doesn't progress so part of horror to me has always been questionable judgment on the characters in order to move the plot along I do however wish that the crew would keep their damn helmets on in the next prequel movie we've seen in the first Alien movie that the facehugger can break through a helmet like Kane's so the actors don't need to be walking around on a new planet with no breathing apparatus it's just plain stupid and would never happen in real life that said I know that they wanted us to see the actors and not have them all stumbling around in helmets after all it's a movie and they don't pay actors a ton of money in order to then hide them under helmet I know in the commentary on both alien and Prometheus they state that the helmets totally suck to wear and we're always messing up shots and screwing up so that comes into play as well to me the main plot worked out quite well the movie moved along briskly and gave you two main parts to enjoy the first part with the initial landing in the neo morphs and then the second part with the temple and back on the Covenant with the xenomorph both worked really well to me I just wish we got to see more of the city on the planet now this is where my main beef with the movie plot comes in the sheer lack of the engineers I get that they thought that Prometheus did poorly due to the lack of aliens to me this was no problem at all with Prometheus as I found the engineers much more exciting than the aliens at this point we get these huge questions in Prometheus and they're just avoided in covenant like I said earlier the people on the planet don't even look like engineers to me in the first place and they are only on screen for a few minutes and are not really talked about again to me this is a huge flaw in the script I did need all the questions from Prometheus answered but it would have been awesome to see the engineers more and I mean like the one that you see in Prometheus or at least an explanation as to why they look different another plot point that really upset a lot of people was the fate of Elizabeth Shaw to me I'm fine what they're not really being in the movie I like new me don't get me wrong but I don't rely on people to survive in these kind of movies so not having her was fine with me if anything I wanted her to live just to get more answers on the engineers not because I wanted her to be in the second movie I was also fine with not seeing a queen to lay the eggs that David had I believe that these eggs are actually Shaw's eggs mutated by the black goo and that's another plot point that I don't know how I really feel about yet it's the black goo in how it stands in Covenant we do get to see ampules and urns and David's lab but the goo itself was portrayed as being almost sentient and that really didn't work for me the way the bombs exploded in midair and then the goose swirls around and pretty much attacks people that didn't work for me as well it wasn't gain braking but I want more information as to what David has done to the substance to make it act this way hopefully later movies will give more insight into that now before watching the film I couldn't help but wonder why they would land on a different planet as they spent years planning and plotting their journey I get the use of the old intelligent message got to check it out but I thought that the fear of the crew not wanting to re-enter cryo sleep after the accident helped tip the scales in order for the crew to make that decision to check out this planet beyond those issues I like to plot for the rest of the movie and even though there are some flaws in the writing the plot as a whole worked for me and I enjoyed the overall story so where does this leave the movie as far as being a part of a hole in the Alien franchise there are still many questions that I think need to be answered in the next film they need to clarify and or and I hate to say this retcon the age of the eggs and the space jockey in the first Alien movie I really don't want to see a retcon but maybe they can further clarify the situation clearly David cannot create the xenomorph if the eggs on the derelict on lv-426 six are older than the creation of the xenos an alien covenant this sucks to me as even if Ridley were to state that the ship in the eggs aren't that old then he's got to explain the condition of the body of the space jockey why did it look so old and why is it much larger than the normal engineers as far as the mural and Prometheus many people are saying that that's further evidence of the creation of the Xenomorphs before David's creation but to me that mural has always been a deacon alien and not the xenomorph that we know in later films just by the shape of its head but that's just my opinion to be honest David still hasn't made the Zeno as we know them now so the age of the derelict would have to be after what happens in Alien awakening as well these kind of plot holes do suck and I see why there is so much hate for the prequels I don't want retcons to happen alien or the later films but I'm going to hold my judgement on this until I'm able to see all the prequel movies all in all I think that covenant is a good installment to the franchise I've enjoyed both prequels more than I liked alien 3 or 4 and I think over time prometheus may even pass aliens for my second favorite movie in the series but I'm going to need more time in viewings before I'd move aliens down in that list so what did you guys think of the movie did you like it love it or hate it does it fit in well with the franchise for you and are you excited for alien awakening do you want to see more of the traditional engineer that we saw in prometheus let me know what you think down in the comments and as always thanks for watching

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  • I read in a comment somewhere that Covenant was available for $5 at Walmart. Yep, I got the last one at my Walmart. I stopped buying DVDs after Alien 4. I do have AVP, probably it was in the $1 bin. This was my first time revisiting Covenant. Two things leave me scratching my head.

    #1 The first half hour is wasted on…. I don't know… setting up the plot… or just stealing from the original Alien to establish it's not just a crew but also one big family? That could have been edited down & given us more about the engineers or <groan> more alien buggers.

    #2 I don't understand the <groan> fight scene between Daniels & the alien on top the ship. Couldn't Daniels stay in the ship & spend that time flying sooner into the atmosphere where the alien would die?

    I could grumble about other things, like ditching the same old strong female hero saving the day. I'm all for expanding the Engineers story line as well as more devious David. This set of movies are prequels leading up to the original; do they need to stick to the heroine saves the day, big fight on top the ships, bad guy/good guy android; etc? I love evil David 🙂

  • So this movie is flawless? Far from the truth, it got its moments but raised more questions than answers… u sound like u like anything that u see on a screen

  • I like movie too. Just want to mention that after David successfully landed juggernaut onto that flight structure isn't for me clear his motivation of sent it to the woods in crush course. Or I am missing something?

    Edit: by the way there are gods and gods. Some of them more and some less advanced with different roles. At the beginning we have this dudes without suit, then dude within juggernaut and then those killed. all of them looks they have contact with goo. We can assume that they are in sort of very close relationships to each other, even they use it differently.

  • I liked the movie well enough. Its two major weaknesses:

    1. After the assortment of strangely unanswered questions in PROMETHEUS all of the audience's remaining trust for answers to SHAW'S questions, on account of our investment in her as a character, was broken by discarding her in COVENANT. I truly wanted to see Shaw and David arrive at the Engineer home world, interact with the people there, and receive some answers. For me, David goo-nuking the Engineer's planet immediately upon arrival was as much of a short-circuited audience expectation as was watching the revived Engineer in PROMETHEUS (more or less) immediately attack the humans with no apparent explanation as to why (never mind that the BlueRay deleted footage fleshed out that scene a little better—it wasn't in the theatrical release of the film and the theater audience was left scratching their heads during what should have been the climatic moment of the PROMETHEUS). To discard Shaw so readily and briefly and not make use of her built-up expectation of having her questions answered by meeting the Engineers face-to-face seemed to me a needless waste of, and disregard for, the audience interest investment left at the end of PROMETHEUS.

    2. The developmental middle of COVENANT is where I fault this film the most as a standalone work. I wanted more detail about the Engineer's planet and civilization, about the Engineers themselves, about why David ends up enacting "The Island of Dr. Moreau" with the black goo pathogen, and I wanted to get that information from more lengthy/detailed character dialogue. I wanted the Covenant crew to ask David "What is this place?" and "Where/How did you obtain that alien spaceship?" and "What else happened to the crew of the PROMETHEUS and what did you find on LV-223?" and "What were these Engineers like?" and "Is this place the Engineers' central city?" and "What was their culture like?" and "What written records of their civilization did you find here, and could you decipher them?" and "What catastrophe happened to all those people whose corpses are littering the plaza out front?" and "What sort of technology did this civilization have?" etc. As it was presented, I though the film's developmental middle was too sketchy and needed more fleshing out (even just five more minutes' fleshing out would have helped) in these areas. As it was, the middle portion of the film seemed a little too surreal, and was somewhat inconsistent with the rest of the film's apparent striving for realism. The middle of the film—once the Covenant crew first meet David—seemed more like separate character set-pieces than an organically developed plot sequence.

    I had no problems with the cinematography or look of the film, no problems with the acting, and even no problems with the CGI. I would have liked to have seen more details of how David managed to impersonate Walter (Cutting off his own left hand to match? Stealing Walter's ship security codes by forced 'download' from Walter's memory somehow?), and I would have liked to better understand why David helped Tennessee and Daniels corner the onboard Xenomorph, since David still had plenty of other colonists to experiment on if Daniels didn't survive the Xeno attacking her.

  • I've only read the novelization of the movie, but I enjoyed that novelization quite a bit and am looking forward to seeing the film on dvd/blu-ray.

  • The neomorphs made this movie amazing. Contrary to what you said, the xeno felt like it was forced in. And comparatively, the parts with the xenomorph were nowhere near as intense as the neomorph scenes.

  •  We Prometheus fans were cheated out of 1 super sequel with release of Covenant. Remember how great 'Aliens' was? That's what we should've gotten: Shaw's big questions concerning Engineers answered! Should've been on Engineers home world like first idea of 'Paradise.' We got robbed! Keep reading review & you'll see my version of what Prometheus 2 could've been. Deacon alien TALKS to Shaw! Tell me what u think~

  • whos to say what david was doing hasnt already been done using other species, seeing his experiments and lack of life on the planet, it seems to me a few factors came into play but were helped by david, things that the engineers possibly knew as well.

  • In the end, I had issue with character development in Alien: Covenant, they put out a bunch of promo footage that gave you a hint at who was who and who was with who. This would have helped me care about the characters more. There is some really dumb choices made by the characters that defy rational thought, I can let some mistakes go, but there were some REAL dumb choices. That said it looks beautiful. The ship, the plant, the places they go are beautiful! The horror atmosphere is great. I hope they release the blu ray as a directors cut that adds some more elements. I'll give it a 6/10.

  • So if he engineers the alien then how does this tie into the first film? Did he go out of his way to find some engineer to pilot a ship to LV-426? I mean we're really stretching it thin here. I really wish O'Bannon was alive to collaborate with Ridley. Alien was O'Bannon's baby and Ridley brought it to life. These films are Ridley's take. I think he should take the brave step and say this is a different version of the Alien universe with no tie in to the original film Alien. I mean we get a bazillion retelling of The Mummy and Spiderman so why not Alien?
    Also I'd feel a lot better because people in Prometheus and Covenant are about as bright as turnips. I really hope David wipes out this version of the human race–we're really dumb in the future. Yes there are real world people who do walk onto oncoming trains, use hair driers in bathtubs etc but a ship of idiots? Maybe…maybe that is why they have synthetics…because Wyland Yutani only hires dumb people and the synthetics are there to make sure they don't break too many things.

  • Ideas and metaphors in Alien Covenant: 1) hierarchy is the poignancy of hierarchy needing to be separated from equality. 2) Hierarchy being supported minus the need of equality is the replication of the original absence of the original state of reality. 3) David is the discrepancy of needing and opposing the concept of defence. 4) Elizabeth Shaw is the value of self-awareness being a false bias. 5) David and Shaw are an allusion to Beauty and the Beast. 6) Bias is substitution being the means to creation. 7) The means to peace without destruction is if the state of peace being destruction is replicated

  • good video, you make many good points. personally I hope that they don't try to answer too many questions in the 3rd one, and focus more on just making a killer film. I know it can be frustrating not to get answers, but like you said it brings up many cool discussions, and many great films didn't worry about answering questions, they were bold and made no apologies.

  • My biggest takeaway EVERYONE is missing. The engineers. They are not the creators of the Xenomorph. But they are responsible for the evolutionary history. The ancient history. The murals of Prometheus prove as much. Here's the ultimate confirmation though. In the prologue, David claimed he learned of their ways. David never saw what became of his work on LV-223, in fact he never even saw the Deacon. If he never saw this how would he even know to start in Covenant. David must have learned that the engineers were attempting to create the perfect organism, but they did not succeed. They idolized the concept of the perfect organism as seen in the mural, but they could never achieve perfection. David is the perfectionist. The creation of a creator has become the perfectionist of creation. That's the level of theme work at play, but it also means that David did not create the species, he guided its progression.

  • I have to say, this film ranks third for me.
    Alien: Covenant.

    Ok, before people rage at me for liking it more than Aliens, I am not saying it is a better movie than Aliens. What I am saying is that this movie appealed to what I believe the franchise is. I feel the franchise is a story about perfection and creation and I feel that Aliens, despite being probably the best action thriller film of all time, wasn't a proper follow up to that. It didn't have the same Thematic and symbolic complexity that Alien, Prometheus, and Alien Covenant. Of course I hope this explanation makes people understand I'm not taking shots at Aliens, just doesn't fit what I was looking for when it comes to this franchise, compared to the rest. Of course, after Prometheus, Alien, AC, Aliens every other movie I the franchise I pretty much hate.

  • Hi and thanks for this video!!
    I agree with you on basically everything you spoke about except you would be crazy to move Aliens 1986 down below Prometheus? LOL

  • Hey, an alien planet we know nothing about. Let's go explore it without any helmets. It's pretty, so it's gotta be safe!

  • I thought the movie was complete garbage. I'm done with the franchise. It's obviously not for me anymore. Alien is a perfect film and I'm thankful it exists. But this trash is unworthy of the Alien name. Ridley Scott lucked into his career and failed up. He's a hack.

  • I'm hoping things are clearified in the next prequel. honestly I didn't like the idea that David create the aliens. I want to believe that the engineers create the black goo from the xeno DNA. as the ship in the original movie was "fossilized". the mutations from the goo seems to want to become the xenos, like trying to return to their original shape and design. even the spores were like the eggs waiting for a host to infect.

  • I hope the classical biomechanical Xenomorphs are born through the Alien queen and they are ancient while those Protomorph are created by David in attempt to mimic the Engineers who created the Xenomorph queen

  • For me it was the best alien movie. By the way speaking of alien, I just posted a video about The Hidden Message in the movie Predator.

  • One of the reasons they didn't wear their helmets was, this planet and its atmosphere was better than Earths, they didn't need to. And it was better to colonize than the planet they were going to, which resulted in them thinking about populating this planet instead. Which is another reason why they went there, besides Davids transmission.

  • The biblical words most often translated "covenant" are berit [tyir.B] in the Old Testament (appearing about 280 times) and diatheke [diaqhvkh] in the New Testament (at least 33 times). The origin of the Old Testament word has been debated; some have said it comes from a custom of eating together ( Gen 26:30 ; 31:54 ); others have emphasized the idea of cutting an animal (an animal was cut in half [ 15:18 ]); still others have seen the ideas of perceiving or determining as root concepts. The preferred meaning of this Old Testament word is bond; a covenant refers to two or more parties bound together.

  • i can't agree with much stated here. i think you're right with saying that this wasn't a horror movie. this movie was neither tense, spooky or exiting. not to a degree all other installments managed before. i think that's mostly due to the point i have to disagree with you the strongest: the character showcase here was horrible. all prior parts had strongly flashed out characters, some of them starkly overdrawn. but that helped at least to care what happens to them. for this crew i couldn't care less. the only interessting character in this movie is david. apart from that the screenplay focused on the wrong parts. that last act on the ship seemed totally rushed and totally failed in portraying the perfect organism. hoping  a directors cut can fix this somehow.

  • There was not a single event in which the humans turned against the engineers. It was the other way around.

  • David I've seen the devil before when i was a kid.. and Ill never forget him..

    Now tell me what's really going on here.. before I totally fuck up your perfect posture.. loved it!! And just like with Charlie holloway at the pool table scene.. here we go..what I like to call direct response.. from david..

  • As a big Alien fan – I have to say I enjoyed Covenant but was very disappointed as it could have been a LOT better – If Ridley Scott had taken more time to weave in more about the Inhabitants and much more of what happened from David and Dr. Shaw's journey until the arrival of the Covenant crew, the film would have been much more satisfying and would have set the stage better for future films in the series.

  • Who's that in mothership tho..which was beautiful by the way, in its elegance .. very "giger esque".. honestly I didn't care about that plot point anymore..i was so engulfed into the atmosphere and drama of the story unfolding ..and all the couples..and the captain just died.. and the 2nd in command is obviously not ready to take charge.. And the crew doesn't quite know how to feel about that especially daniels..and there from the start .. questioning him about his Judgement.. And how Chris feels about that.. there's so much going the beginning.. I love it.. then the arguments.and shade thrown..bewteen Daniels and Chris..And if they should even land on the unknown planet .. And losing your soulmate.. You havent lost yours yet.. but then you do.. and you feel that pain.. and now both of you truly have something in common.. deeper than friendship..or crewmate..its crazy.. all the while Danny McBride provides levity to the cracking sexual
    jokes here and there, when he Repairs the ship.. but unfortunately the dread and chaos..was inevitable.. as soon as land on this unknown "to good to be true"..planet.. tension.. would be a understatement.. didn't know Ridley was gona have another guy get infected as well did not see that coming.. cause we knew from the jump what was gona happen to About 20 mins ..if even.. but what we didn't know was that it was gona come out of his FUCKING MOUTH!! ..but when the other guys back cracked open and the blood money shot her face..she was Like "I'm done" just left and locked the door.. in a panic of course..rightfully so… . the creature it's self was..lovely!! albino, looks like it doesn't have a mouth..i loved that! strong as hell and vicious.. I loved the infrared green..on those assault rifles.. as I can see.. It's hard as fuck to actually kill these creatures .even morso trying to just aim at them… Just because they had guns really didn't mean shit.. And loved that..Mofos still getting the business..

  • This film was awesome..just saw it with my she's a fassbender fan..and he delivered beautifully..the duality of walter/david scenarios..and zoology/ Virology/ Biology/ Ecology behind combined android intellect , with a unknown alien mutagen.. its makes sense… on all levels ..when came to creating life of David's own… that also obeys him or lack there of as we saw.. A godlike mentality of knowing from the start that he is superior in everyway and immortal as we saw when he told a middle aged weyland in the beginning.. It angered weyland too.." Bring me the Tea David". "Weyland Said" Even tho the tea was right next to weyland..not even arms length.. While David sits almost 6 feet from him.. "So much shade" lol.. Notice the hesitation from david though and that stare from him.. I love the quote un quote "Giger Orgy" in David's lair Paying Homage to a Talented and UNique well..Keeping that Sexual nature of the creatures themselves and Rape and Infection.. Of This Nightmare that won't end.. and David's Evolution, of what a 1st gen prototype can become.. emotional properties that can manifest and literally "feel".. and "dream".. It's very backdoor "BladeRunner" esque… Almost a" Roy Baddy "type.. Ridley in his blade runner commentary stated ..the wetland yutani corp could "exist " in The blade runner realm.. it's so me.. I talk about this film all day.. sooo gooood

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