Alien Covenant First Look at Engineers, New Chestburster, & more

hey what's going on guys Nikhil with some new alien covenant news so the latest issue of empire magazine for June 2017 has just been released for Empire magazine subscribers now unfortunately a lot of this stuff is coming at us in low res equality because the magazine hasn't been released for the rest of the public and of course digitally it isn't going to be released that way until next week so unfortunately as for now we're just gonna have to deal with these kind of low res images but they do reveal a lot more about the plot we get to see our first look at the engineers civilization and living engineers and a bunch of different ships and the new chestburster adult Nia morph shot some stuff with the crew David and Walter interacting so pretty damn awesome stuff here guess I'm going to look at these images really closely so the first thing I'm gonna bring up it looks like this is the new sort of chest burster the variant much inspired by the Bambi burst are actually from alien 3 you can kind of when that bursts out of the ox and it ran away it was a you know bigger than a chest burster but not quite an adult alien it was sort of like a maid way between the two so I really like that I'm guessing this is the proto morph obviously that bursts out of Billy Crudup scarecrow so can't wait to see that in action it looks actually practical in this shot so pretty cool ok the next shot here is very revealing at it's definitely the engineer's civilization and I'm guessing that this is a flashback scene because obviously there's not like a thousand dead engineer's bodies everywhere and it's not all gloomy and dark it looks like this is probably a flashback of the juggernaut arriving on paradise piloted by David and Shaw now if you look actually in the center of this image you can see a giant ship that sort of pointed downwards towards the planet and according to one of the conceptual artists that ship is actually called the mother juggernaut and I guess it's like a larger version of the smaller juggernaut ship I'm guessing it's possibly just in low orbit or what have you is kind of hovering over the Society and they're I guess they're shocked by the appearance of the new sort of juggernaut ship because if you skip ahead to this next in maker you can actually see the engineers looking up in kind of a distraught manner you can tell that they're sort of prai's by the appearance of a yet another juggernut ship and the next image here it's low-res again but you can see a figure and this is I'm guessing David here because it looks very reminiscent of what was described in the CinemaCon footage where you see David unleashing all of the black goo ampules on the engineer Society so it makes sense to me can't wait to see this you can't sunscreen because of course it's gonna be living engineers and seeing how the black goo basically just lays waste to their whole civilization pretty crazy stuff okay so the next and make sure we get to see Walter and David it looks like David is kind of helping Walter play the flute I'm guessing and in the background you could see some strong zuv animals and insects and things like that I guess because David has been testing on the wildlife and just you know experimenting with the black goo creating life of his own I'm really looking forward to the interactions between these two characters because it should be awesome to see Fassbender playing kind of two sides of the same coin you know David being more human-like and then Walter being much more robotic so the next image up here we have is of the adult neo morph right after it's attacked one of the covenants crew members I love this image here it looks great I love it crouching over its prey like that of bloodied corpse looks pretty damn awesome hopefully this is suit work because it doesn't look too CG to me alright so the next shot here we get to see the Covenant crew with the director Ridley Scott standing front and center awesome that Ridley is back at it again the next shot here we get to see of course the prologue sequence between young Peter Weyland and David as these first brought online and this is said to be the Films opening scene so it's gonna be talking a lot about you know creation and our place in the galaxy and things like that so I think that should be a really good opening for the film and kind of the ideas and themes of this movie overall okay so the last shot here we just see Daniels and Tennessee walking through the corridors of the Covenant ship I guess as they're hunting the xenomorph towards the climax of the film so that's all the new stuff that we have here of course there's the Empire magazine cover which I showed earlier on and that's pretty cool it's not exactly the proto morph that we've seen the film I think but it's basically like a you know inspired artwork of sort of a meshing between the classic xenomorph and then a little bit of the stuff that we're seeing of the new alien by a artist so I like the cover I can't wait to see the regular Empire magazine cover which should be hitting stands next week and I'll probably actually pick up a copy for myself so leave your thoughts down the comment section below what do you guys think of the new images that we got here of course like I mentioned they are a little res so apologies for that but you know that's the best we got for now and hopefully next week we'll get some new high-res versions of these images thank you guys again for watching my name is Nick and for more on the Alien and Predator universe stick with the hyper Network you

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  • Hey guys completely forgot to mention the image of David with long hair lol. Check out the rest of them here, and credit to AvP Galaxy for getting these images early!

  • I don't think those were engineers or engineers home planet…I think they were just another creation of the Engineers…they did not look like engineers…all the Engineers in Prometheus looked exactly the same…plus these beings were waving and looked happy to see that there creators are visiting and haven't seen them in a while until of course a shit storm drops out of the ship but yea my opinion they aren't the same beings that were in Prometheus

  • why do all the Engineers in Prometheus look the same and in covenant they look nothing like them and they none of them look the same either

  • maybe david learned on board about the civilization of the engineers and though he seemed to have a subtile contempt towards humans, the encounter with noomi rapace has changed his view towards humanity, maybe even realizing they are an exception among other races who are warmongering and uses the ship, which is a mass destruction weapon against the ones who sent it.



  • really hope they have aplan, where this is not the real planet for the engineers! because if, they really fucked it up! because how fucking syupid could a high tech sosiety! really the should have a master plan, where it is all the enginners they don't wont or something, like criminals! because if not, it just ruin everything for me! or in other words, then it is like a kids fantasy and it is to, yes in aliens , unreal!!

  • p.s I move that the term "practical effects " be replaced with " tangible effects ". cgi is actually easier to achieve and less time consuming therefore more "practical "

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  • [Spoiler] David taught Walter how to blow the flute then told Walter to only try the 'blow' part, he will take care of the 'fingering' part, then near the end David kissed Walter in the lips.
    I'm not trying to be offensive but that was GAY – AS – HELL.

  • No one asks why the title and the description of the video are in Spanish and the video in English? Sorry for my english but I used google translate :v

  • I've paused this at 1:37 – this is a shot from the short that they put out, Covenant: Prologue, directed I think by Ridley Scott's son? Sorry, I've not read through the other comments or watched further to see if you mention this or if more shots from it are used, but since you've not mentioned it at this point in your clip all I'll say is that David is piloting the ship in the upper right of the picture and his intentions are not peaceful  😉

  • So the next step is for me to write that the black goo can also impregnate artificial / "mechanized"/ robotic life. Imagine a Cybermorph from David! That'll be Alien :Titan MIssion….

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