• What did you think about this scene? Hope this clears up what David said. =)
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  • I would suggest you record yourself when not having a cold. Really hurts the brain and it's hard to concentrate on the matter discussed.

  • god you are so literal this is a poem, not an equation. The quote in the poem refers to all powerful men and women, who think their power is eternal, that in the end, there will be nothing of them left, as time kills all. David here is using it to refer to the power of the engineers, presuming he is looked at the knowledge on the ship has found now that they have all died. With that their power. As david IS immortal, he is comparing himself to time itself and the power that holds over all earthly things. The only true constant in the universe.

  • The thing is, the beings below were prepared for such an event. In cut material there were two satellites over planet 4 that powered a protective forcefield. We see the forcefield briefly after David unleashes the urns upon the people below when the urns crash into a burst on an invisible dome well above the ground. The people below also activated a device that perminantly disabled all ships on the planet to prevent them from spreading the pathogen off-world. This is what caused David's Juggernaut and the Mother Juggernaut docking ship to crash. Also, an incinerator of sorts was fired over the courtyard to roast the infected and slow the spread of the pathogen.

    After all this…..they still perish? It seems absurd to suggest a billion+ year old species with awe inspiring technological advancements would build a safety net…….that did not work. There are no indications that David did anything (or could have done anything) to modify the payload to beat their defenses. If he did they should have shown that and all of the details I mentioned above that were cut to make it all make more sense instead of the quagmire of ambiguousness that the hacked up finished product left us with.

    30 minutes of additional content could have made Covenant a much better film for all of us and more profitable, but domineering, miserly studio brass have to suffocate content in order to squeak out maximum profit.

    The joke is everyone blames Ridley Scott when its the studio that choked it out….

  • it's round the decay and you should have read the whole poem.a sonnet means little song . listen to Bryan cranstons reading. this is most monotone video I've ever seen. its unstressed word followed by stressed and so on

  • I honestly thought he was referring to god and basically saying "look at what I've done" That is literally how i interpreted it.

  • I agree, but it is also foreshadowing. Taking David's quote out of the context of the poem we can see the statement as revelation that he destroyed Paradise. Speaking to the other Android he can literally look out on David's works and despair.

  • As some have said, I don't think that David used the quote to gloat over the death and destruction he brought upon the Engineers. I also don't think David saw himself as God-like either. Indeed, it looked as if David was crying and sad as he dropped the canisters on the gathered Engineers. And I believe David was sincere in his emotions regarding the loss of Shaw, even though he was the cause of her death.

    To believe that David felt that he (as a synth), was just like Ozymandias and "better" than both Engineers and humans implies that David himself failed to understand the deeper meaning of what he just said. No, I think Davis is aware of the moral of the story and knows that he too (and his kind) will inevitable decay and be surpassed- hence his obsession with experimentation for the "perfect" organism that will surpass the synths. The fact that David's creation is a biological life form (which will also inevitable decay and die) versus creating a synthetic life form shows, to me, that this isn't a a flesh vs. synth issue.

    I believe the quote was merely to acknowledge that all empires (and species) will decay and have an inevitable end. First there
    were the Engineers. then came humanity, and now the synthetics. To David, this is not a good thing, or a bad thing- it just is.

  • David did NOT surpass the Titans' technology. Just because you can use a nuclear bomb doesn't mean you know how to build it (let alone have the infrastructure).

  • David is an angel of destruction and creation. So many great references in the movie to Egyptians and (more subtle) to Germans / Nazis. The poem too contemplates on the power of the mighty and their self-indulgence…and the fragility of it – fragility of.the rules and the ruled. Colossal might eventually turns to ash. Ashes to ashes, yet the stamp of some feared greatnesss remains, and the ability by the poet to reflect it is truely ingenious here.

  • I think Ridley Scott simply cheated by never ever delving into engineers point of view. Simply deviating into David's storyline. We have not yet discovered life beyond earth. Imagine how hard it is to screenwrite an entire civilization from a scratch. It is easier to wipe them out and leavel with many questions unanswered.

  • My opinion. Elizabeth says "What if they are not better than us?" to which David replies "So long as they are no worse." Then David says "He learned of their ways." and the way he looks at the Engineer suits seems somewhat angry to me. He probably discovered that they are in fact "Worse" than us.

    He then arrives at the planet and stands alone looking down on the Engineer city. I'm guessing he did not wake Elizabeth because he didn't want her to see what he was going to do. He says the line "Look on my works ye mighty and despair!" from the poem Ozymandias in which a traveler finds the ruins of a statue with this quote carved on it. "My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings… Look on my works ye mighty and despair!" The full poem actually paints a perfect picture of undertones in this whole trailer.

    In a certain context, the Engineers are Ozymandias… They built a statue of themselves (humanity). They are the "Kings of Kings" creators/kings of humans in a way. So perhaps David views them as cruel, narcissistic tyrants like Ozymandias was. He then unleashes their own doomsday plague upon them destroying the Engineers and now just like Ozymandias, all that is left of them is nothing but ruins.

  • hey guys this is just a question but the aliens can use anything as a host to grow or just the ones with our same DNA like ours?

  • Maybe the black goo references opium. Shelley was known to indulge and constant use results in dreaming of monsters and stuff.

  • David is still acting on behalf of his diretive given by his Creator. He is developing a sense of self through studying Shaw. Because he feels that he is unequealed as well as challenged he has made himself god!

  • Aaaahh come onnnn! I pray this isn't the opening scene like, I'll like to see them explore paradise, try to talk to the locals, things don't go right, return to ship, then unleash hell vs just arriving and unleashing hell.

  • Percy Shelley? Husband of Mary Shelley? Who in turn, is author of "Frankenstein?" Which in turn, is alternatively named "The Modern Prometheus?" Which, if it isn't already obvious enough, was based on the story of the greek titan Prometheus? Coincidence?

  • It's really impossible to make any inferences that are a greater probability than any other. While we do know there is some biblical connotation to things, the interpretations could be wildly different, so there's a lot of ways the actual story could lean. We have to keep in mind that people in a room are writing these things, with some framework as to what Ridley expects. So they have to operate on keeping things intriguing, but not exactly predictable. You have lots of people in writing rooms trying to add pieces to the story, while trying to piece together those pieces themselves, into a final product.

  • Hmm maybe the Deacon of Prometheus got onboard on the Juggernaut and David finds it after he puts Shaw in cryosleep.

  • David has stolen the "fire" and is taking over the throne. He thinks of himself as better than humans, and since humans are related to the Engineers, his attitude is no different towards them. We have to remember, David's first experience with these beings was not good. He was decapitated. Why would he trust them?

  • David got pissed off that an Engenier ripped his head off. From that moment, he did not forget and he does not forgive.

  • If David crated the "Aliens" why is there a mural on the wall of an "Alien" in Prometheus? If David Created the "Aliens" how can their eggs be in the 2000 yr old derelict ship in the 1979 film? If the "Space Jockey" in the 1979 film is an Engineer then why is he so much larger (including the chair) than the Engineers in Prometheus?

  • AcidGlow, i have bought my first blueray disk, it was the last copy of the Alien Quadrilogy in wallmart, and there was an exclusive sneak peek into Alien Covenant called "the next chapter", and i can tell you that from the trailer the most significant part of it was of David asking Weyland : David: "may i ask you a question father?" Weyland: "please David:"If you created me, who created you?"
    i can give you the code to watch the trailer if you wish.

  • that is not why David infects everyone with the black goo. that quote was deliberately given to us now so that we can draw our conclusion. Yes the quote does have valid point but the main reason why David infects everyone is not known until we see the movie. Ripely gave us a spoiler but he gave a spoiler for reason B not reason A thus the whole twist in the movie. My penis is nice and big. David had a lot of time to learn about the engineers so its most likely something that he learned about them, something that was a threat to our humanity and i think David is being compassionate to the humans who created him and got rid of the threat for us.

  • I'd like to know how long he was experimenting with there black goo. I have know doubt he used Shaw as his guinea-pig.

  • There is nothing almighty about David at all. He got his head torn off by a superior being and not only that, he was saved by an inferior human who stitched his head back on again. He has no grand plan other than wiping out the engineers, which was Shaw's plan in the beginning. His legacy is to kill the engineers and to create different lifeforms on their plant. He is definitively not a pharaoh. He will probably not even be able to leave the planet again, because the space ship crashed at the beginning of the movie. A megalomanic android is what, he is.

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