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  • If you need your characters, like these scientist, to have a brain then don't watch this movie till dvd or home television. They are all morons and every time someone gets killed, right before it, you ask, why is she or he doing this? This is stupid.

  • Thank you for the great review, finally someone saying what the movie is without real spoilers, great and awesome review that only stupid idiot fanboys of Prometheus will dislike, but thanks for saving me a ticket at the cinema, I really love all of your job, reviews, opinions, etc. thank you for existing GamesRadar 🙂

  • Review sucks pure faggotrie, the real movie channels loved alien covenant, the movie reviews of gaming channels are always pure faggotrie, fuck that review vote that sucker down

  • Review sucks pure faggotrie, the real movie channels loved alien covenant, the movie reviews of gaming channels are always pure faggotrie, fuck that review vote that sucker down

  • One thing you don't do is take film reviews from video game outlets seriously. I've watched like 10 YouTube reviews of this film and all but this one are positive. This hipster didn't really tell me anything about the films entertainment value.

  • The alien movie franchise in my humble opinion has two camps. Those whom like something like the original alien(sci fi horror) and those whom liked aliens, (sci fi action). It is a real shame though that movie studios refuse to give sci fi movies a little more depth.

  • im a little confused, someone has said David creates the Xenos? really? then how come theres a picture of one in Prometheus on the wall in the head room 🙂 plus if he's the creator of the eggs??? that doesn't make sense!! as the engineers had a ship full of them in the original Alien!!! unless David is the guy in the chair? but then again, he's a robot! why would he have a burster?? unless its shaw?? but then again it doesn't make sense!! unless the mission was to go wipe out another Engineer planet? oh shit! forgot, what food is Shaw eating to stay alive in all this? ill wait to see the movie, I hope it explains a few things that doesn't mess with Prometheus! otherwise, its a big mess

  • What I find funny, is the fact that for every bad review on this, there are multiple good ones. And most are saying the opposite of what this guy says.

  • Great review James. The team at Future in Bath still keeping it real!
    I knew this would be a turkey after watching that hokey crew character development trailer. Just another vehicle to give us CGI effects. An Alien film where the aliens aren't really that important! Amazes me that all the bright people in Hollywood can't grasp the simple concepts that made 1 & 2 such great films. Games developers got it right with Alien Isolation but we can't have a similar approach for a film.

  • Just look at all the defensive fanboys on here who cant take a bad review.
    You sad, sad fuckers!
    You lot, along with Starwars, marvel or d.c fanboys are more like crazy, blind, obsessed cultists than fans now days. Your like some crazed religion that worships franchises & brands and if anyone speaks out against your sacred religion or disagrees with it you scream "blasphemy" & attack people, just like real religions bitch & bicker with each other.
    Grow the f-up and get a life, who cares if people said they don't like something you like, does it really matter as long as you enjoy it.
    Fucking kids these days & the internet.

  • Your review actually made me want to see Covenant. You said that "the film presents the monsters in a loveless, matter of fact way." That's exactly how I want the Xenomorphs to be presented. I love it when science fiction is presented as matter of fact, it makes it more real.

  • I totally understand that an opinion is exactly that, "an opinion"; but of all of the early reviews of the film this by far is the most critical.
    The general consensus is that Covenant is better than Prometheus but not better than Alien or Aliens. That the film is stunning to look at and the gore is back with a vengeance.
    This reviewer did nothing but bash the film and spoke little to none of the aspects he did like. Kinda matter of fact skewed towards hating the film for some reason.
    I'm not looking for a slasher film; well okay maybe just a little bit slasher but as long as they explain the Engineers and their motivations for wanting to destroy humankind from Prometheus I will come out of the theatre satisfied.

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