Alien: Covenant | Official HD Trailer #1 | 2017

37 thoughts on “Alien: Covenant | Official HD Trailer #1 | 2017

  • Well, we all just saved ALOT of money!

    Now nobody has to go to the cinema and actually watch the movie, everything important that happens is pretty much all laid out right here in the trailer! 👍

  • However, I read from a half year ago an article about yet another interpretation of the prequels and in it it was said that the engineers from Prometheus did not create people, that just like people were also created by someone else. The "creators" distributed humanoids on different planets where there was a need to interfere in atmospheric conditions (in the case of people, biblical catastrophes, floods, etc.). The prometheus' humanoids developed the most and reached the creators, curious engineers destroyed their "Gods" and took over their name (does not it remind something?). If they saw competition in other "humanoids" – they destroyed them (they saw it in people), while the less developed ones that they saw in the gods left alive (engineers from covenat). Just history is coming round.
    It's nice if Ridley used something, I hope that at least he can do one movie and close the buckle, these two films may gain on continuation. Then move the action 500 years into the future (in the end of the prequels leave an open gate – there are more spaces after the egg galaxy), completely "detach" from previous movies and just do a two-hour closed story, not some new trilogies, only different films, various director's visions, different interpretations with strangers in the background.
    Recently there have been rumors about the show, or some short films there – this is a good track, there will be a lot of younger creators with their interesting ideas, but Scott must also finish what he started, you can not leave it.
    Dear FOX, do it like this …

  • very good film indeed. was very pleasantly surprised. does anybody know the track playing during the shower scene when the big boy alien comes to eat peeps?
    thanks in advance

  • Now we have a new Aliens and Predater in the works, which you more looking forward to? As l right now, Predater.

  • Am I wrong to suggest that the ship that left at the end Prometheus is the one that crashed on that planet, thus contaminating the planet with that black goo, we see this in the trailer where the hazard material is airborne.

  • Looks like a new ship is sent out and lands on that planet to discover the aliens. Nothing new…i really hope its more than what the trailer depicts.

  • I fell like this is going to be a good film without the phallic references that surrounded the original movie

  • They found Elizabeth Shaw's ship. There's also the hooded person. Could it be David, Elizabeth, or engineer? it seems it doesn't want the crew leaving as we see the ship explode.

  • This is again like Prometheus again by Mr.Scott,need to show the set and creatures differently . Trailer was just like Prometheus.

  • So how will this be connected to the Prometheus? Anyone got a clue? I see in trailer that guy who was in Prometheus a robot,he is human here?

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