ALIEN: COVENANT | Official Trailer #1 | May 2017

24 thoughts on “ALIEN: COVENANT | Official Trailer #1 | May 2017

  • I understand that everyone whose seen horror movies now a days especially in this time era knows that all horror movies made now are shitty, lame, steriotypical, and pretty much cliché but this is Ridley Scott we are talkin about je made Alien, so don't think its gonna suck im pretty sure He knows what he's doing I mean come on from past experience of producing Im pretty sure He knows by now what makes a great horror movie but then again its just my opinion either way Im gonna love every bit of this movie

  • The original and the second movie Aliens my dad when he was a kid when Aliens came out and that he remembers Aliens was awesome and scared the shiz out of him at the same time.

  • Ridley Scott – "So guys, here's my new sci-fi/horror opus Prometheus…"

    Fox Studios- "What's this shit? Where's the Xenomorphs you idiot?"

  • I hated every Alien Movie expect the First one. Because the Alien is just not the same. Watch the first one and think of One thing : The Alien is NOT Evil. It´s just Not. For the Alien it´s like being on an Alien Ship all alone. Watch the Film and think about that, you will watch a different Film. ^^

  • Shaw´s fate? best guesses
    1 ) she´s spelunking
    2 ) She´s seeding spores around somewhere
    3 ) She´s dissecting neoprotobigblackprotococks on the new planet
    4 ) She died in the crash landing
    5 ) She forgot her visa and was sent back to LV 323
    6 ) she´s looking for predators to get somehelp
    7 ) she became a mutated form of some sort of Queen Alien ( BEST GUESS Shaw is the Queen Alien we saw on ALIENS 1986
    8 ) She trying again to get a baby by fucking David´s head into her pussy

  • I have least ten reasons:
    1 ) Another Sci-Fi landing horror film :LANDING? Again? Why is everything that has to do with Alien must have 20 minutes wasted on landing on another planet shit. Its a filler. Ridley is beating around the bush.
    2 ) Teamwork conspiracy bullshit.: We have the skeptcist,the lover,the bitch,the "no with me girl", the cowboy and the guinea pig ( the first moron who got screwed by spores before being torn apart by a proposhitalien form
    3 ) Another "between my legs" pseudo erotic slaughter. Come on!!
    4 ) Flat and pathetic dialogue lines AGAINNNN
    5) What kind of shit SOUNDTRACK was that ? Enya? Era? Lorenna Mknennit? It´s worst than Rhianna on STAR TREK . What kind of fans the moron wants to reach out by adding a stupid soundtrack like that on a trailer like Alien?God How i Miss James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith
    6 ) Another "look! I´ve found a derelict shit ..lets go inside and see what we can find hoorrayyyy. Fuck off Ridley Scott!! Again? A bunch of lunatics cowboying into a ship without having a fucking clue on what they can find inside? Only David again knows about the conspirary…predictable conspiracy
    7 ) The dude´s backburst scene : Lamest CGI scene i´ve ever seen in my life. God how i miss the 70´s and the 80´s . Pure acting and hard work teamwork.
    8 ) those girls screaming like whores seeing a big black cock!! give me a fucking break
    9 ) A new planet? helmets? Suits? it´s not necessary. A new eco system? Precaution? Come on;…no! it´s alice in the wonderland..lets go out there and have some nice shooting fun time :FUCK OFF RIDLEY SCOTT
    10 ) shaw´s fate? A pathetic excuse to get people heading for the cinemas? how about new names such as Protoforms or the old xenoshitform agaain. It proves my point ! total fail ! Total disaster
    IN SUM, Crew finds shit on planet > crewmember gets infected > alien(s) come out > crew dies one by one > female crewmember survives.
    FUCK YOU COVENANT and RIDLEY SCOTT ! Respect us the real fans!!

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