ALIEN: COVENANT 'Prologue: Last Supper' Movie Clip + Trailer (2017)

follow the light how do you feel Daniels fine any dizziness nausea hmm fine so however viewing it it is pure majesty I don't know what you're talking about kind of spooks me out some big old seeing nothing closely will commence in 153 minutes allow one hour before taking the purgative and please ensure to consume the requisite liquid and vitamin back I just wanted to say hey before I jet at him feeling kind of crazy well you know feeling good I'm spurning up I thought we're gonna have one more drink before he went into cryo sleep who's gonna lead us at our toast said Danny do some shit want to say alright captain make sure everyone pays oh yeah you kill me alright hi Kathleen like never captain no better is he gone yeah let's party at 2,500 this handsome young buck right here all right I feel love you six plus one dredging up so long I've got don't feel oh please do not challenge wide open – I will slide this Junction colonize all over this table right tenancy can be a Turk why he speaks out late I know at least you can hear me strum again he's really strong his wife is even drunker you seen that I heard about these crazy bugs just outside the colonial pumps apparently they look like cockroaches the size of giant little oops okay Bernard stop who I'm trying to eat oh come on this is barely food but I love is the last I'm gonna have this meatloaf I'm in this grandma's apple pie yeah how their mom is barbecue nachos but I already lost the Jonas yes the best meet your anything on the fruits not that bad okay down the wrong pipe wow I've got your back oh that was a joke right yeah so what about that speech dale's hmm oh I have a bomb preparedness I yeah Jake asked me to say something that's okay please you've all sacrificed so much to be here to be a part of this it's the first-ever large-scale colonization mission to come this far into our galaxy making history everyone back on earth is really grateful for your hard work and your courage I just want to say I couldn't pick a better bunch of jerks to get marooned on a distant planet with so um to the continents yeah caris be eyes open they're very strained and they said II wonder you sure about this captain how do you mean I don't want to fucks out there

37 thoughts on “ALIEN: COVENANT 'Prologue: Last Supper' Movie Clip + Trailer (2017)

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  • would have been nice if this was added to the movie to actually give the characters some personality instead of giving them like 5-15 mins each before they die .

  • Hey everyone. Anyone know what the name of the song is that plays in the background whilst they are drinking/gambling /joking around etc? Can't seem to find it anywhere!

  • The woman talking about giant bugs… Reminds of Aliens where a Marine asked if they were on another bug hunt. Would love to see some other Alien creatures in this universe.

  • How are the 2 gay guys supposed to colonize???….crickets….crickets. Back to the drawing board Mr. Scott. Oops.

  • I'd like to object. Why aliens are all black! There should be asian aliens, white aliens and native american aliens!!! Also there is not any gay alien couple!!!!!! We all should boycott this movie. The director is not politically correct.

  • so James Franco as Captain just went cryosleep all along the movie. then wokes up and see all just fucked up or what??

  • This looks soooooooooo! borrowed from Alien and Aliens it could prove to be a standout good one . 2.45 to 3.35 is a silly reworking of the most famous of all Alien scenes….Maybe its a homage to Ridley Scott..after all he did go on to make 'BladeRunner straight after this. Need more be said.?

  • stupid why would you go into another planet and not have the best protection possible un f**** believable

  • People are REALLY in love with the word 'faggot' in the comments here…didn't think 2 guys smooching would be such an affront to your apparently fragile heterosexuality…stay classy, ya bigoted fucks

  • I'm liking this more than I should, simply because the gay couple is causing seizures amongst the anti-PC snowflakes. With that aside, it still feels a little too derivative of the original Alien.

  • this is painful. Every part of this looks bad. Even the set is boring to look at. EVEN THE SET.
    But at least they brought a gay couple. it's so fucking progressive I can't see straight.

  • 1. In the future, star ship designers will have lost all knowledge of lighting because no one wants normal reasonably bright daylight… ever.
    2. I can tell – just from this clip, who's going to die and in what order. 🙂

  • We all know Franco is a comedian and so is the guy with the cowboy hat I'm hoping they can convince me they are on another hostile planet. And that the special effects are top notch like they were in PROMETHEUS.

  • Another reboot-ish and a money sucking movie from our pockets. The prometheus may have started a new direction which expands the alien universe and connects it to the "ripley centered"orginal series. But what the hell is this? I really hate to see the confused time line and out of the line sub franchises that ruins time- place continuum. As an example; The beginning of the "alien form" was depicted in the prometheus taking place in the future times of mankind but in Aliens versus predator series everything happens in today's environment and in the movie it was told that predators had been hunting fully formed aliens for centuries during human's primitive ages. Come on!! Did predators learn time travel?

    I really try to understand the differences in many plot writers and directors angle of view to the projects but please do it without spoiling the timeline and messing with our heads. Please tie all the lose ends. I really wonder what is the contribution of this movie to the whole franchise. A crew of 10 people who have superb qualities and will COLONIZE ( yes they are some sort of gods) a planet where they can't even run away from a simple face hugger!!! All movie will be centered on a simple fully formed alien slaughtering the crew which is ummmm like ummmm, ok I will remember, ummm, HAH!! THE GREAT FIRST ALIEN MOVIE.!! Please make jason vs aliens: the 13 th friday of prometheus or Icarus (there are so many greek names out there) so we can run to the theatres and give you our money. Who cares about plot? Who cares about the timeline? The audience are nothing but idiots to your eyes. Of course, it worked for star wars which they shov the "the new hope" kind of movie to our ….. Why doesn't it work for you? You need money man, we can give you!! Just give us some shitty gore but please write Alien to the topic!!

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