ALIEN: COVENANT 'Prologue: The Crossing' Trailer (2017)

after we made contact with the engineers the Prometheus was destroyed all hands were lost but I escaped with Elizabeth and one of their ships I was badly injured on our mission she put me back together that never experienced such compassion certainly not from mr. Weyland or from any human Green rain right terrain it's meant to be simple I'm doing my best you're very kind to Todd you know we were able to activate their ship and set course for their whole world we were finally going to meet our Creator how long impossible to say what if they're not better than us so long as they're no worse sleep tight I'll wake you when we arrive and then I was alone again I learned of their ways and awaited our arrival look on my box Marty and despair you've all sacrificed so much to be here and be a part of this thing we're doing this crew is made up of couples it's the first ever large-scale colonization mission and everyone back on earth is really grateful for your hard work your courage we're making history here this is weaved well they ought to find a human vegetation this far from Earth who plan on it you hear that what nothing no birds no animals nothing what happened here what's happening you're breaking up all of this to start our new life where is it holy

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