37 thoughts on “Alien: Covenant Review (2017)

  • IGN… Stay away from reviewing movies. You have no idea about cinema. Half In The Bag can be half in the bag and provide better reviews on Red Letter Media.

  • I get so sick and tired of hearing all the bad reviews about Prometheus and Alien Covenant. This film was a great story and monumental edition to the ongoing story of the Xenomorph, Engineers, David, Walter, Ripley, Shaw and the terrific and talented amount of actors, designers, writers, cinematography and of course the master Ridley Scott. So when you go to slam the Alien Franchise just think of the millions of fans, comic books, video games, books,. Movies that continue to thrive!

  • With all due respect alien covenant is very bad. He is betraying evrything that prometheus was building up to.

  • Strong characters? Really? I didn't care about any of them. They had zero set up so I just laughed when they died. They weren't impactful deaths as all.

  • The funny thing is that in 2104 or whenever Covenant takes place, they still have guns we have today, you would expect them to have some next laser guns by that point 😛 But to be fair I guess the scouts didn't expect there to be aliens on the planet.

  • Hate this review! AC has even more stupid and forgettable characters than Prometheus! Any answers provided are weak and unsatisfactory. But you know what the most disturbing thing about Alien Covenant is! It suggests that Ridley Scott simply has no idea how bad or disliked Prometheus was (regardless of your own personal view)!

    AC suggests that Scott is surrounded by a protective machine that goes out of its way to make sure no criticism or negativity about his films EVER reaches him! Thanks to this machine, Ridley probably believes the scene in Prometheus where Milburn decides he wants to hug an Alien Cobra was one of the most brilliant and popular moments ever to be recorded on celluloid – or hard drive – and that the public simply cant get enough of 'intelligent' people in his films!

    This is the only reason I can think of why AC not only repeated the stupidity of Prometheus (another crew of 'trained' people deciding to walk about an alien planet with no protection) but in some cases magnified it!

    Ok, maybe that's exaggerated, Scott must be aware of at least some of the criticism surrounding Prometheus but he probably needs to look further beyond the blind praise of the parasites and hangers-on immediately surrounding him!

  • Easy to watch but nonsense all the same. Doesn't come close to Alien or Aliens. Nice scenery makes it easier to watch than Alien 3 but it has a weaker story.

  • One thing I hated about this film is that Scott tries too desperately to answer questions fans have which ultimately destroys aliens concept. Leave us wondering yes it will annoy us but trying to answes fans questions and basically recreating the story arc is useless. Covenant was a good movie if you want just blood and gore,enjoy seeing the xeno killing stupid astronauts, and don't really care about the whole timeline. But if your a huge fan like me you are and should be disappointed

  • I never really not trash a good franchise but I waited to see alien covenant on demand and there was deleted from the original trailer which I never even saw in the movie so I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see them in the movie only just the action scenes which still makes no sense and the chronological story from Prometheus to alien covenant other than the artificial intelligence acting as the same actor in character sorry to be so harsh but I give it 2 1/2 stars I hope the prequel to this movie will change my mind

  • so like this new aliens from when implanted by facehugger to full maturity takes them how much in this movie like an hour thats just stupid i dont care if they are alien life form anyone who likes this movie is a moron

  • Enjoyed Prometheus more due to more philosophical content and less horror content.
    Covenant delivers well in terms of negative spiral decision making, which was quite enjoyable. The ending is well portrayed in the film and makes room for sequels, although I think I have had enough of the genre for a while.

  • i loved the original and i haven't even seen this movie and it looks unbelievably stupid and dull.

  • No one has got on to the fact that, they are on the Engineers planet, but in the last film, even though it was a different planet the air was unbreathable to humans, yet the engineers could breath, something to do with the density of the air?

  • What a miserable bunch of wankers there are on this page!!…it answers qustions from Prometheus, you find out what happened to the Engineers, and its exciting???…not good enough for you?…go watch "Transformers"..because thats REALLY GOOD isn't it!!

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