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Jesus the living [Applause] the living [Applause] he's a king of games the law Joe santhanam had a personal experience of the Lord Jesus Christ in early 1979 ever since he has been serving the Lord for the last 29 years through him the Covenant people ministry was formed and we as a church reach out to the nation's through television books magazines and conventions he has a special anointing to preach to the intellectuals and to the rich people of this world he has successfully completed missions to the clergy of various denominations a few of them have even been baptized and are assisting him in his ministry you many have recognized his ministry similar to the Ministry of Moses just as God had used Moses to bring his people out of bondage from Egypt Jos an autonomous used to be to bring his people out of bondage from the worldly system to lead them into the true Church of Christ Jesus the body of Christ [Applause] his messages include the kingdom of God what is Christianity salvation only in Christ Jesus repentance forgiveness and holiness eleven area is equal to V de la Sol this our Marie young a liberal who really can 11 Mitchell es una batalla de las mejores soir Aditya unit area Rodney Laker another whiteness is Susie Laker Nicholas suavity I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God to save you in the pre epithermal a nama karate calorimeter male even the little or anumana are not at the negative – Arimathea Attila their chicken Jesus my lord I see he does that's me singing of [Applause] he has been powerfully used by the Holy Spirit to bring people out of religious bondage into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as he proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord and leads the audience to accept the lordship of Christ Jesus in their lives just as we see in the gospel of mark 16:20 the Lord Jesus Christ moves along with him to confirm the messages preached through signs and wonders healings and miracles surah al-araf the Indian order kunio and father jeyapaul yeah who do you want to mood are they who need way and he got over so he improved oh my I had Bucky and when the prayer was going on it was announced that I was healed and was asked to bend down and check I was instantly I had been in my arms and could not lift my hand now Jesus has healed me and I can raise my hands miraculous healings of cancer heart diseases paralysis coma have been healed through the ministry of the covenant people Easter Island a very certain to the real evil second oh no they were called a studio Alana named Emma secured a poem Weymouth in the sign it here David thing that you never look I'll put angle him the August sounding a la cañada Kannada they both in the sign-in table assign each team will achieve it another our terminus to decay Miranda why the number I know they both end up at a number a new Ningaloo Andy Murray came we are K in da da eh tsamina mehndi in Akiba Canaveral eh to innovate nd she become in the pre-mrna meaning an end a million of us from the new honey polycrystal visas it Oh what exchange another new the issue and the problem would do he yes you in the visa did on the other one on a neighbor said the new league another yamaraja Tala open our lab did Allah Janna need ownership it Allah you know freedom in a recap of Anika and if any more in the preoperative a never-ending Angie with you go see any I would Hannah Christianity on the body another madam Allah yes she comes to my de la víctima Rama had a bantam honor it is a relationship English Living Bible translation voila a symbol ayat before our America check check yourself check yourself and see if you are a Christian negatives the annual our Nona mingle at any of the Parisian agua de Navarre who do you not know yourself Newton Englert any area tenía una loca reimu do you not know that Christ is in you nearly sicles – hundun ah Ling Akari Attilio nama the garage Ilana he wounded riding a lil Ningaloo parrisha cue ball serving is Lord from then on he has traveled to the four corners of India proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and Savior the zeal for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ has taken him to people of all vocations in life his message has always been welcomed by true seekers of the truth his son choco Joseph has begun to proclaim the gospel at a very young age choco has touched the life of both young and old with his powerful stalks that leaves nobody in doubt about the anointing upon him he is also a very powerful worship leader who is anointed to lead people to worship in spirit and truth speaking to the nations tonight jousan autonomous message is on the kingdom of God the Ministry of Jesus we will not be able to understand and appreciate the plan of God for our lives as the church in this world so let us go into the scriptures seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to reveal to us as to what Jesus did here on this earth when he was ministering for three years the very first word that he uttered as he opened his mouth to preach was the kingdom of God is at hand the Gospel of Matthew chapter 4 verse 17 will tell us Jesus came preaching repent for the kingdom of God is at hand the kingdom of God has come Jesus the king of heaven has brought the kingdom of God here and he begins his ministry by preaching the kingdom of God there are three things Jesus did while he was alive on this earth he preached the kingdom of God and immediately he healed everyone who was sick and he cast out the demons the first reason why Jesus calls the disciples who is the church is to be with him to be with Jesus so that they may be sent to preach and to cast out the demons so exactly what Jesus came to do he is now entrusting the same ministry to his disciples to his church so when you and me say that we are the church we have to do exactly what Jesus has entrusted us to do that we continue his Ministry of preaching the kingdom of God and then to heal the sick and to cast out the demons but jesus said My Kingdom is not of this world Jesus was physically on this world but spiritually he says my kingdom is not of this world it is in this sense that st. Paul says the kingdom of God is not food and drink it means that the kingdom of God is not to be seen in material things then he goes on to say what the kingdom of God is he says the kingdom of God is righteousness joy and peace in the Holy Spirit so when I am in the kingdom it means I have received the righteousness of Jesus where I have not done anything it is a free gift of God and because of that free gift of God I have put on the right distance of Jesus I will live out on this world exercising the righteousness of God I will also begin to see that I have the authority and the power of Jesus Christ that when I speak forth there is power because the power of the Holy Spirit is within me to speak his word with authority and power and that people are convinced people are converted people are set free people are delivered people are healed by the words that go out of my mouth I will see that when I lay my hands upon the sick they are healed because I belong to Jesus Christ and the body of Jesus so his Spirit through my hands heals people I will see that the moment I stand up and command the devil in the name of Jesus Christ begone Satan I will see that people are set free from their bondage God is proving before your own eyes that word he has spoken through me his very own words the truth by confirming in front of your eyes healings and testimonies as we were singing hallelujah the Lord has showed me that he has been healing those who have back pain the lady had gained the knees and now she is here this gentleman had a back pain for the last ten years and now the Lord Jesus Christ has needed we praise you so also this man has been suffering from a backache and he's healed now this lady has been in her side after her uterus operation and now she's here this lady also suffered pain after her uterus operation now she's healed in the name of Jesus Illinois Illinois area waiting one man who had a snake bite has been healed you need skin diseases are being healed go to the volunteers in the hall and get prayed over pain in the knees and arms are being healed okay this lady can kneel now she couldn't do it before the woman had pain in the left leg and she's here this man could not kneel before and now he can and he's healed and I knew this lady had that vision her eyes wait how did it now and when the healing was called out she was healed okay praise the Lord hallelujah okay hallelujah a MacArthur is with each another category Americans to the gala room Jesus really the living [Applause] the living [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Jesus the liver [Applause] living the

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