All for Freedom Testimony: Barronelle Stutzman

– It’s just amazing that
God has given us not only the product, but the creative imagination to create things that words cannot say. And every bouquet we put out, we try to convey a special message. We want to do what the
customer wants us to portray in flowers, that they might
not be able to say in words. Rob came in the store and
we just started talking, and I believe he had a
party, and he was talking about arrangements for his party. And he told me where he worked
and talked about employees, and he just sounded like a great boss and very concerned for
his employees and his job. And so when he told me
what the event was for and he would pick out something
different and unusual. He didn’t like the norm stuff. And, he’d say, just do your thing. And I loved doing that,
’cause I got to go out of the box and create
something really different and unusual for him. And he loved the arrangement
and I loved doing it for him. I really miss him, we just
had a great time together, I mean, there wasn’t ever any
trouble between Rob and I, until the government stepped in. I mean, I served him and waited on him, and enjoyed every minute of it. Well Rob had been in a couple times before to ask for me and told the
girls he was getting married, so I knew why he was coming in. So I went home and I talked to my husband, and we talked it over in great length. And he said, you know, we don’t have a choice, God’s words
pretty clear on this. So it was sort of my job to
figure out how to tell Rob that I couldn’t do his
wedding without being hurtful. And so when he came in and started talking about his wedding plans,
I just put my hands on his and I said Rob, I’m
sorry, I can’t do your wedding because of my relationship
with Jesus Christ. And he looked at me and
he says, I understand. And we talked about his mom
walking him down the aisle, and why they decided to get married after the years that
they had spent together. And we just had a nice conversation, and then he said is
there any other florists that you might recommend? And I gave him the name of three florists that I knew would do him a good job. And we hugged each other and Rob left. I felt that he was very gracious to accept what I’d told him, and
there wasn’t an issue. Well my faith teaches me that marriage is between a man and
a woman, and it’s also a covenant between Christ and his church. So for me to participate
or create something that would go against what God has said, I just can’t do that. The first thing that came to my mind is, I don’t know why I’m being
sued, I did nothing wrong. I’ve waited on Rob for 10 years and arranged all types of things for him. We just disagree on one thing and that I believe marriage
is between a man and a woman. There’s no reason to sue me, we just have a difference of opinion. We don’t do weddings at the moment because every same sex couple could be another potential lawsuit. They keep saying they
want me to be tolerant, but yet the other side
is not being tolerant. We all have different walks of life, and we all have different experiences. But that doesn’t mean I should be forced to participate or believe in something that’s totally against my faith. Rob and Curt had enough
offers to do 20 free weddings. So it wasn’t that he couldn’t get flowers. We’ve had all types of customers and all types of employees,
including gays, bisexual, different regions, and
it’s so far from the truth when they call us a bigot
or a racist or a homophobic. I love Rob, and if he walked
into my shop tomorrow, I would hug him and catch up on his life, and wait on him for another 10 years. It was never an issue that Rob was gay. And I hope that’s very clear. And I also hope that Darrell and I can go back to our simple way of living, and put all this behind us. And that the courts will say
that we can live consistent with our faith and belief and
be tolerant of all people.

3 thoughts on “All for Freedom Testimony: Barronelle Stutzman

  • Court again rules against florist who refused gay couple.
    Thu., June 6, 2019, 9:58 a.m.

  • So the Washington Supreme Court reconsidered the case. Today, they basically said they were right the first time — and they said it unanimously.

    "Thursday’s opinion says that neither the Washington Supreme Court or the lower state court acted with religious animus when they ruled the florist violated the state’s law against discrimination. The opinion says that Stutzman’s refusal to provide flowers to the same-sex couple constituted discrimination against sexual orientation."

    WWJH? Pretty obvious!

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