Allen Theatre Complex: Power of Three Campaign

-The bright lights of Playhouse Square are about to get brighter. -It’s all about critical mass. -The total will be greater than the sum of the parts. -This is a campaign not just for one institution. -The Power of Three: The Allen Theatre Project. A world-class performance complex, an unprecedented partnership, a national model for economic revitalization and arts education. -To now do this capstone project, which takes the longest running theatre company in America, the Cleveland Play House, a great university, and put them together with this arts and education center, is a fantastic thing not only for the region, but it’s a project of national significance. -Three leaders in theatre, arts education, and economic development coming together to better serve our community, The Power of Three will create the Allen Theatre complex. These three theatres – a reconfiguration of the historic Allen Theatre, and two new theatres – will be located in the heart of Cleveland’s entertainment district, serving as a vibrant new home for Cleveland Play House, its MFA Acting Program with Case Western Reserve University, and Cleveland State University’s Department of Theatre and Dance. -The Allen, the project is actually you get very contemporary new work within an historic context. You’re seeing a balcony to allow the audience to have this very intimate relationship, really less than really less than 55 feet from the most distant seat to the stage. You see a new proscenium which actually frames the activity on this phenomenal stage, and so you you have a contemporary new work existing within this beautiful historic shell. -This is our Second Stage Theatre, one of the three fully flexible theatres in this country. It’s incredibly intimate, as you can see, there are only seven rows in the entire theatre. it gives us an opportunity to place the play and the audience in any configuration, and it takes five people just two hours to turn this space around. The great thing is that directors and actors from all over the country will want to work here. -This is our Lab Theatre. This is our gymnasium. This is where our student actors, designers, directors, dramaturgs, stage managers, this is where they come and they flex their muscles and they lift their weights and they get on the balance beam, and they will be doing their own original work, they’ll be doing work that is perhaps lesser known, if known at all. -Building on the momentum of Playhouse Square, the Allen Theatre Project will transform downtown Cleveland with new entertainment options, new businesses, and new energy. – We currently draw a million people a year. This project adds another hundred and fifty thousand people to Playhouse Square, which expands our retail plan, which allows us to draw restaurants into the neighborhood, and also fills the empty storefronts with galleries and other compatible retail. -This partnership enables us to continue the great work that we’ve done in the last hundred years. We will be a partner in an exciting renovation of downtown Cleveland. -With this collaboration, we have a unique opportunity to pool our resources. When you think about all the education programs that are done by each of these institutions and collectively, what they can do by not duplicating what each other does, but by coordinating and leveraging what each other does. -This ties us directly into the university environment, in an accredited baccalaureate program where students will then be able to grow. So it’s us looking at, opposed to K through 12, K through 16 experiences. -Part of the Allen piece is connectivity, and part of the Allen piece is engaged learning. If you look around the country and a student says or a family says, “Where do I find state of the art theatre facilities? Where do I find professional talent? Where do I find a vital, working arts district?” I believe this is one of the answers -It’s all about critical mass. It’s about bringing more people. Bringing 700 students into Playhouse Square on a daily basis creates that energy and excitement, and it’s a great investment for the community. -This is going to be the kind of synergy – with the spaces, with the companies that we’re collaborating with – simply without peer. -This is a capital campaign, not just for one institution, it’s for everyone who loves theatre, arts education, and the economic development of Cleveland. -Support this bold investment in Cleveland. Support The Power of Three: The Allen Theatre Project.

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