Allen West Confirms His Communist Comments & Explains in Detail

I was just here for the cookies cookies way to go what congressman you said that the Congressional Progressive Caucus at 70 or so on communists do you have any regrets about no I don't regret it what soil and I think that if you would take the time to study the political spectrum of ideologies would understand that at the turn of the century America communist renamed themselves as progressives he stated winter worlds of administration people refer to the Woodrow Wilson administrator the progressive administration now what I would hope that people would do in the media is with maybe you should do a little research and start looking at what political ideology or they stand for there's a very thin line between communism progressivism Marxism socialism or even as Mark Levin has statism it's about nationalizing production is about creating expanding a welfare state it's about this idea of social and economic justice and you hear that being played out you know now with fairness fair share economic equality shared sacrifice and nausea and infinitum it is also about creation of a secular state and this whole argument that the liberal left is trying to take you down talk about women's contraception is really about a federal government that is reclassified religious organizations for them to be able to manipulate them however they wish so that's what I wish people would focus on now let me also bring something up since I've been up here first time ever in you know in politics past 15 months you know we've had members of the Democratic Party stand up and talk about how Republicans want to kill with we've been called a racist it would call sexist we call homophobes islamophobes you hear people constantly talking about the Tea Party right-wing extremist of the Republican Party but I'm gonna see anyone you know getting upset challenging the other side about this and I welcome anyone to have a discussion at a debate about political ideology because when you look at what has happened in this country right now you tell me that this government is not natural production automobile is financial sector health care cap and trade did not go through the legislative process look what they're going through the EPA as far as the energy sector look at what's happening with the National Labor Relations Board who would have ever thought that we living in the United States of America where the federal government will be telling a private sector organization where they could relocate and you look at some of the bills that have come out of the Congressional Progressive Caucus these are individuals devoted voted against having a balanced budget amendment but yet they want to have a constitutional amendment so they could redistribute wealth I don't know if that's in keeping in your version of a constitutional republic but you know when I look to my studies it surely was not so I stand by what I'm saying and it was very interesting that people on the left are not debating the point that I made they just don't like the fact that it was made Chad I just went down the line and gave you examples of legislation I just went down online and talk to you about the least but look okay you want to talk about grading expanded or welfare state look at inauguration day when how many people were on food stamps look at inauguration day how many people in poverty and look at where we are today let me tell you exactly where we are okay as of 27 March we have 46 million people on food stamps on Inauguration Day we have 32 million that's a forty five percent increase Americans in poverty on Inauguration Day 39.8 today also 27 marks 46.2 that's a 6.4 million increase that's what I'm talking about creating expanding the welfare state so folks do your research understand these ideologies and this is the choice between two very clear futures for the United States of America and and I'm not going to back down i'm not going to be afraid about the fact that i call a spade a spade that's my responsibility to the American people you

20 thoughts on “Allen West Confirms His Communist Comments & Explains in Detail

  • Okay, firstly I assumed, that with the screen name of "Mac Macaroo" I would be messaging a male, sorry. Secondly, I thought I was pretty clear in my response. If read in between the lines, I believe unfettered freedom is freedom with obvious and required limitations. We can't have anarchy with people disrespecting and walking over everyone else's right to their own freedom.

  • 1. It's "ma'am".

    2. That was kinda my point.

    3. Repeating the question: What does "unfettered freedom" mean to you?

  • Just because you can't obliterate evil entirely doesn't mean that you shouldn't strive for it. C'mon now. Of course, you can not live in a world without common laws that accommodate everyone justly. Above all though, that's life, sir. Crooks, murders, thieves, greed, and all the lot of it will never be completely extinguished from the planet, but in the same sense, we still must strive to deal with it; punishing those who would offend the law, and protecting the ones who live according to it.

  • God Given Rights have everything to do with FREEDOM.
    You have the freedom to choose right vs. wrong. Being Lazy Minded vs Educated. Being Responsible vs Not. You have the Freedom to Hate or the Freedom to Love. You can Hold a Grudge or you can Forgive. Greed is not a Sin reserved for the rich. Coveting is the Mother of Greed. Wanting what someone else has. Life, Liberty & Property. These are the things others are not to infringe on. It is wrong to use UR Liberty to infringe on my others Rights.

  • And what do you think your "God Given Rights" have to do with corporate greed running wild and plunging people into financial ruin?

  • Well, you can't stop murder and mayhem so why try?

    Oh…because you *can* stop *some* of it and have recourse in the event of the rest.

    What, exactly, does "unfettered freedom" mean to you?

  • I get why you resort to calling names, and sarcasm.
    Because you have no way to support your views.
    And you want to justify your angry, childish behavior by lashing out at people in an effort to make them angry like you.
    In some way making yourself feel better about yourself and justify your crude behavior. All the effort you use to attack others and truth, because you are to prideful to admit when you are wrong. But when you do, you won't be so angry all the time.

  • "…the inspiration of God is evident in every corner, of every city, of every country in the world throughout history."

    …except in the numerous places on earth where they aren't "inspired by God" and before Constantine.

    But who's counting? ::: eyeroll :::

  • That is a good question. In fact, that is the ultimate question. How can the government protect us from one another without infringing on personal freedoms? That has to be something that has to be approached carefully and with respect to people's god-given freedoms. You can't stop cronyism and greed. It's futile to think that you can.

  • The two Government Principals you are talking about "protecting" and "general welfare". The Government must not violate the rights of the individual in so doing. The Government must not violate a persons God Given Rights in an effort to provide for the general welfare. The Governments job is not to protect us from Personal Choice, or Personal Consequence. You can Choose to be Lazy, You can Choose to be Diligent. Each comes with its own Reward. With freedom comes self responsibility.

  • ::: facepalm :::

    Look! Up in the sky! It's…the tsmempster1 Batcrap Crazy signal! There's somebody blaspheming over on…I dunno…Facebook! God needs you RIGHT NOW!!!

    Run to Him! He's depending on you to keep his feelings from being hurt. :/

  • Actually, I'm not particularly "liberal." Perhaps I just seem so to paranoid, neofascist whackjobs like Allen West, who call anyone to the left of Vlad the Impaler "liberal."

  • Oh, and by the way…how does government "protecting us above all " not include protecting us from the omnipresent cronyism and greed of the profit-guided private sector?

  • I, sadly, did not have civics in my public school days. However, I do recall schoolhouse rock which gave a much more robust education regarding our system of government than is spouted on any cable news network.
    It strikes me as odd that so many Americans seem to be ignorant of basic government function.

  • Seeking personal gain is a part of life. It will always be sought after regardless of our feelings towards it. I understand yours and every other liberal out there, but what you don't want to seem to deal with is the unequivocal fact that sometimes human tendencies will bend towards excess. I don't like it myself, but freedom is what we all must adhere to or else we risk allowing our government to enslave us all with their dictates.

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