Alliance Data Saves More Than $1m per Year with OCI

so at Alliance data we provide the data the technology platforms the insights and the analytics to run some of the largest consumer facing loyalty and digital marketing platforms in the world as we learn more about the Oracle cloud infrastructure we became increasingly comfortable with moving a large set of critical data in our case six terabytes of mission-critical data from on-premise to Oracle cloud in our first move and we run our most important parts of our business on that we move PeopleSoft and half a dozen supporting apps and a span of less than five months I was very happy to report to my boss that the migration completed successfully with no business interruptions and ahead of schedule I originally made the decision based more on operational and security reasons but I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that we're saving more than a million dollars a year I'm very confident in OCI from a reliability and security perspective I would say that I am sleeping better at night than I was when we were running our systems in the datacenter

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