Alliance Defending Freedom: Building Freedom’s Future

As a kid, the grown-ups used to ask us
all the time: what do you want to be when you grow up. I told them, “I want to be a
fireman when I grow up.” In 1981, my dream came true. Being one of the first African Americans
on the Shreveport Fire Department had significant challenges.
After living a life experiencing a lot of discrimination, it gave me a
conviction that should I ever be in a position of leadership, that I would
never allow anyone to have the same experience I had as a minority. That’s
why I was so surprised that writing a book for a Christian men’s Bible study
would cause my career to come to an abrupt end. These tombstones represent a life that
are taken by abortion every single day in the United States of America. This is
a personal issue for me. When I found out that our pro-life club on campus was
denied, it shot me right back to when I was 16 and I found out that my mom
considered aborting me. When we got the news, I was angry. They were denying us
the opportunity to express our diverse viewpoint on campus. Since the physician assisted suicide
law was passed, it certainly brought home the reality that we’re in a whole new
world in the field of medicine. Being forced to talk to someone about
committing suicide and ending their life artificially, and having me be complicit
with it, violates my sense of conscience because my role is to protect life.This is
something that really could end my practice. If I’m forced to do this, I
won’t continue to practice medicine in the state. I would leave my practice.
There is no compromise here. At the end of 2016, there was a state law
that was passed that would force pregnancy help centers to refer for
abortions. The thought of actually having to give an abortion referral to a young
woman was just unbearable. This law is such a violation of my conscience.
It’s truly unthinkable because it really totally erases the whole reason why I’m
here, the whole reason why Aid for Women is here. Five years ago, we were approached by a
customer who asked us to print a message that conflicted with my conscience. So we
respectfully declined the order and I had a another print shop and would print the
same job at the same price but they ended up going to our local government
and they filed a lawsuit against us to try to get us, in the future, to print
shirts that had a message that would conflict with my faith.
I received a phone call after I made the decision to decline the message and the
gentleman called and didn’t give me his name and he just asked me, he said, “Are
you sure you want to stand for this? Are you sure you’re going to hold your
beliefs on this issue? I want to know before we do this.” And I just said, “I had
no option.” said, “I can’t print that message.” And he hung up on me.
When that happened, I knew this wasn’t going to be a small issue. Every creative
professional has a list of reasons why you would choose a project and why you
would decline a project. And that’s true for everyone I work with. But there’s a
law in Minnesota that would force us to tell stories that conflict with our core
beliefs. Preserving freedom conscience is important for every single person. We
don’t want anyone to feel or fear that the government will punish them for
simply holding an opinion that might be unpopular. One of the great joys I have
is leading a Christ-centered University, a faith-based University. This
legislation, if it would have passed in its original form, would have ended up
setting ourselves up for the possibility of being sued just for practicing what
we believe. Ministry is not just about being on a pulpit but rather serving a
community. So our church recently bought a property that we are developing to
help victims of domestic violence. All of a sudden this law came out that was
going to make it very difficult for us to be able to serve these women that
have been abused. So we worked with ADF to defend the freedoms
that the church had. Everybody in our country should care about right of
conscience in all aspects of our public life. When someone else comes and
dictates that you must do something against your conscience, it brings us
back to some of the worst times in history.
Everybody should care about this because if we’re the first or some of the first
to be targeted, it is assured that other professions will eventually be targeted.
Religious freedom helps everyone. It’s not just freedom for me, it’s freedom for
everyone. It’s bigger than just the one person. It’s about the freedoms
for all of us to live by our conscience. We were meant to be free. The world is a
place that flourishes that grows under freedom.

34 thoughts on “Alliance Defending Freedom: Building Freedom’s Future

  • As a Gay American Man I AGREE WITH THIS 100 PERCENT and if anyone else sees this video and really care about their own freedom they too would support this. Who says at some time in the future what YOU believe won't become illegal.

  • I'm not even religious but I find it appalling that people are being targeted because of their beliefs. Even that tshirt company happily helped the customer go to another shop for the same price. They had NO right to sue. They're just hateful people who are looking for a payday & to punish people who refuse to 100% agree with them

  • Founded by some 30 leaders of the Christian Right, the Alliance Defending Freedom is a legal advocacy and training group that specializes in supporting the recriminalization of homosexuality abroad, ending same-sex marriage, and generally making life as difficult as possible for LGBT communities in the U.S. and internationally. MORE HERE:

  • NOTICE,Please how this video by the Alliance Defending "Freedom" Omits ALL SPECIFIC Information about Places,Circumstances,and Cases_TOTAL Manipulation ofa Few Facts,ELIMINATION of Most Facts to Spread A.D.F.'s LIES.
    A.D.F.: Purveyors of Bigotry & of Hate& Paranoia ,JUSTIFYING their PERSECUTIONS in the Name OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.
    A.D.F._TRUE Solders for ChrISIS.

  • We know this guy would run into a burning building to save our gay asses – we don't know why he felt the need to distribute text he had written that called us "vile," "vulgar," "unclean " and a "sexual perverts" or why he compared us to "murderers, rapists, and pedophiles" – he says he does not regret distributing this nasty speech – most of us wouldn't call hate speech religious freedom

  • The poor Christian Taliban attempting to destroy our civil rights laws. Religious Freedom Restoration is Unconstitutional. No promotion of one religion over others. First Amendment Establishment Clause.

  • So Christians should be able to be laws unto themselves and deny rights to other people in their business lives based on their personal religious beliefs.

  • The doctors bible 😂, these people are nut jobs, i agree they should be able to celebrate there cult values just like i dont have to celebrate these vampire blood drinking idiots

  • I personally am not religious but if someone refuses to do something that goes against their beliefs that is alright. They have the freedom to choose what they want to do. It doesn't mean they are bad, just means they sticking up for what they believe in.

  • Oh you poor Christian's pretending to be a minority. Abortions save lives. I'm laughing my ass off. 😂 This is literally so funny because y'all are so far up your ass. They are fucking clumps of cells. Pregnancy crisis care centers threaten and mislead women, and are run by incompassionate men.

    Separation of church and state!

    And by the way, religious freedom means being allowed to make your own religious choices, not to impose your agenda upon the suffering.

    I don't know why this video was recommended to me. Y'all aren't oppressed. You're just uneducated. Lmao

  • The threat of masses using "magic" to justify the moral condemnation of such a minor sexual deviation far exceeds whatever threat is posed by the unimportant inclination by some toward same sex attractions.

  • Just so we are all aware, the reason the domestic violence, church-funded house faced legal pressure was because they were accused of forcing their beliefs on these extremely recent victims of domestic violence.

  • I'd like to illustrate an analogy that can help people understand why we do this- Imagine that you are a painter, and you have very strong beliefs about the prevention of graffiti. Then, a customer comes to you, requesting a very large image to be painted on the side of a big building. They make it clear that they don't see what is wrong with defacing public property. Would you still paint that image dispite your own beliefs? I don't think so. Now I know that these two scenarios are very different, but they are very similar in many ways. Both you and us have beliefs about things that the customer does not see as wrong. Neither of us want to hurt, or discriminate the customer but do not want to perform the task because of our own beliefs. The customer believes that just because they are giving you money, means that they have every right to take your freedom away, and make you do something that you do not want to do. I hope this helps people understand the side we are coming from. I'm not trying to be aggressive, I'm just done with being seen as monsters just because we don't agree with your beliefs and don't want to stand for something that we don't believe in.

  • I'm a Christian pansexual girl and this is disgusting. First of all, I understand freedom of speech, but it does not excuse intolerance of a group of people for something that they do not control so why punish them by excluding them from daily life? Secondly, THOMAS JEFFERSON, OUR FOUNDING FATHER, MADE IT CLEAR THAT CHURCH AND STATE WERE TO REMAIN SEPARATE. HE PUT THAT IN PLACE BECAUSE OF BRITAINS GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM MIXED WITH RELIGION. ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS?!?!?!? YOUD RATHER ENFORCE RELIGION ON OTHERS THAN ACTUALLY ABIDE BY THE LAWS AND RULES OF THE US GOVERNMENT. WE DIDNT FIGHT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR NOTHING! FINALLY, MATTHEW 6 IN TNE BIBLE STATES HOW GOD DID NOT WANT HIS WORD FORCED ON PEOPLE. AND YOU CALL YOURSELVES "true Christians". You are a disgrace.

  • The amount of hypocrisy in this video is shocking, a good portion of this is saying that people shouldn't be discriminated based on they're beliefs, and yet, people who share different beliefs than them are then being discriminated. Say getting an abortion, if getting an abortion is against your beliefs, that's totally fine, but why should you push your beliefs on other people who don't share the same beliefs as you. "We are meant to be free" is a line said in this video, so let people be free and live under different beliefs as you. If someone wants to get an abortion and it doesn't go against their beliefs, why stop them from doing what they want, it won't affect you in any way, and they aren't forcing you to get abortions, if your beliefs saying being homosexual is wrong, don't go out and discriminate other people for being homosexual because they obviously share different beliefs than you and shouldn't be discriminated because of their beliefs. I think it's great having your own beliefs, if you're Christian, that's great I have absolutely no problem with that, but if you are forcing your beliefs on other people who think differently, you're going against your own message that nobody should be discriminated for their beliefs. Being discriminated based on religion goes against the Constitution, so people have to decide wether they want to force others your beliefs or be an American, because you can't do both. Just let everyone be free, nobody should have to worry about their decisions based on the beliefs of other people.

  • Just so you know: I am trooping up with other LGBT+, Atheïst and anti-christian groups to put as much anti religious hating videos on your channel as we can.
    That is what you get for bombarding LGBT+ videos with your hate message-ads.

  • People who have no problem serving those into homosexual behavior are refusing to promote anti-Christian ACTS with their business. But the anti-Christian activists use LGBT to lie and pretend they won't serve them at all. It's time to get active and stop the activists who are many times not even into homosexuality from using LGBT to censor, shut down and seemingly seeking to eradicate Christianity from America, one victim at a time.

  • You people are such hypocrites. In this video you complain about being punished for having different beliefs than everyone else yet on your website you make it clear that you want same-sex marriage outlawed because it’s against your beliefs. Wouldn’t that be punishing people who have different views than you which you claim you are the victims of? Not agreeing with same-sex marriage is fine and I would defend a priest’s right to refuse service to them if they provided an alternative but wanting same-sex marriage illegal for everyone just because it’s against YOUR beliefs goes against everything you claim to stand for in this video.

  • It’s like the government has forgotten that religion is a protected class under the 1st amendment and many federal and state laws, regardless of what the governments opinion is of the religion. And the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience has been recognized by federal courts time and time again for decades

  • Be careful what you wish for. According to a recent Gallup Poll, over 42 million Americans (13% of 325 US population) believe that interracial marriage is "always wrong". That is their belief, sometimes on religious grounds. If religious belief gets to determine who gets to buy stuff and who doesn't, then that means a baker could refuse service to an interracial couple. Once everyone is agreed that mere 'belief' is all that is needed to justify refusal of service on the grounds of race, then employment can likewise be refused, and so can housing, medical treatment, education, insurance, transportation, good, clothing, goods and services to individuals on the grounds of their race. Don't think it won't happen after the Civil Rights Act 1964 is repealed to accommodate religious belief.

  • I'm sure I would agree with some of their positions on freedom of speech and expression, etc., but honestly I don't get the position on assisted suicide. Really, there are fates far worse than death and I think it is ridiculous that anybody would think that a person's choice to end their life when they are so sick that further existence means nothing but suffering would be anything but a matter between them and God, if such a being even exists. I understand that this could be unfair in a sense to a Christian who sincerely believes that they must quit their job before participating in assisted suicide, but Christians have to understand that this is NOT a country based on their faith positions and they have to abide by the law of the land like everybody else. But really I don't even get the Christian position on assisted suicide. On abortion, I disagree with them, though I do favor banning late-term abortions in all but the most dire situations, but at least I can understand their position. But, really, do Christians think God is some kind of monster that would insist that a person must endure suffering to the nth degree rather than end their life or face eternal torment in hell? That's really quite an insane view of God, IMO.

  • By your logic i should be allowed to found a religion whose primary principle is to discriminate against Christians, then claim it is my religious right to do so when challenged in court…

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