Alliance In Motion Global Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

friends and internet neighbors one of the most common scams you're gonna find in the business opportunity world is the health and wellness product based pyramid scheme with this type of scam ridiculous claims are made about the benefits of the overpriced products that are sold the vast majority of income is made from the distributor's purchasing the overpriced products to qualify for Commission's many of my subscribers have requested that I take a look at alliance in motion global here is what I found out about this company Alliance in motion likes to talk about how they're taking ordinary people and they're turning them into extraordinary millionaires they like to talk about how they're gonna help you achieve your dreams live stress-free and be able to have time with your loved ones they also like to say that they are the number one multi-level marketing company let's take a look at the reality of alliance in motion alliance in motion global was formed by dr. Eduardo Francis Miguel and John aspirin in September of 2005 the company distributes and markets food supplements for Nature's Way and also premium blended beverages they are the exclusive distributor for Nature's Way for direct sales in the Philippines I wanted to spell one untruth right off the bat Alliance and motion is not the number one multi-level marketing company in the world Amway is many times larger than Alliance in motion Alliance and motion demands your loyalty when you join them as a distributor you can't join any other more than level marketing companies and you're required to observe humility and respect toward the members officers and employees of the company to become an alliance and motion distributor you need to purchase a position in the compensation plan you can do that by buying one of their global packages you can buy up to 7 positions in the compensation plan and that's what they recommend that you do it costs about a hundred and seventy nine dollars to buy a position in my opinion the recommendation to purchase additional positions in your own downline is a clear sign of a scheme this is a common practice in binary compensation plans Alliance and motion cells beverages and supplements whitening creams and toothpaste but for none of these products are they licensed to make therapeutic claims about the effectiveness of these products when you go to many representatives websites you find that they make many therapeutic claims to sell these products in fact a hundred of them they talk about how these products can help with hypertension gout and glaucoma and many others the compensation plan for Alliance and motion is a combination of a binary unilevel and stair stepper plan you can make commissions from 5 to 10 levels deep in your downline these excessive levels in your downline are a clear sign that representatives are encouraged to sell primarily to their downline instead up to the general public this makes it an exploitive money transfer scheme or a product based pyramid scheme in my opinion alliance in motion global is a product based pyramid scheme by having you sell high price toothpaste and other consumer products they virtually guarantee that your primary customer is going to be other people joining the business opportunity they demand your loyalty to participate in the scam you are not an independent business owner with this company they control who you can work with and what you can say to company representatives each person who profits does so primarily from the payments of others who are making payments to make their own profits I would avoid the alliance in motion global scam

31 thoughts on “Alliance In Motion Global Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

  • This is true. I've been in AIM global for two years but did not get exactly what they promise you to become during orientation.

  • When I started joining MLM company, I was taught by someone what company I should join in. And here are some she told me:

    1. First, the product that the company is selling. For example, does it give u health benefits? Will it treat your diseases or something u feel inside your body that isn't well anymore.
    2. You should look for its owner and try to have some research about them.
    3. Its Marketing Plan
    And many things she has told me about this. There are still some but I can't recall the others.

  • Lol 😂 I am joining the biggest mlm amway.. if I am going to be scammed I want the best and baddest. 😂

  • Alliance is a load of rubbish…..They approached me and they have conned a lot of poor people in PNG and FIJI

  • Friends Beware about this AIM GLOBAL FRAUD. They will even use Bible verses or sound Holy to deceive you. If that is not enough they stoop low to use Photos and quotation like Bill Gates. I guarantee that Mr Bill Gates will hate his photo used in association with this fraud.

    No Scientist or Medical Fraternity in the Western World will support the Medical Claim of the AIM Global products, so they flew all the way to a Country in far far Africa to support their Claim. Their only ploy is to use YOU to make their money. I pray that God will deal with them TODAY!!!

  • Thanks for the video.
    Indeed it's a Scam.
    It's a pyramid scheme.

    It's important for all of us to spread out the word for each scam out there.
    Because so many people are losing money and will lose money.

    It's our duty to educate people about scams and how they are structured.
    Thanks to Ethan Vanderbuilt who's doing a fantastic job.

    However, we, the people who does understand the importance to spread the word about these
    scams shall do it, and bring enough comprehension to understand the structure of these scams.

    The more we educate others about these scams, better companies will raise.
    Success to All of you.

  • Yes it's a scam. There are many working abroad who was scammed by this company aim global. Why I say it's a scam? Because not every members are not willing to recruit people to join this company but they need to pay high price. Seconly,the teach you how to be extra ordinary fucking person.. thirdly, there are many complains and scams about this company..

  • 124 Are Scammers!

    I agree with you dude! I live here and these pathetic scumbags are like religious bigots forcing their imaginary wealth and fake business opportunities into everyone's throat. I already met a bunch of these scumbags who approached me and invited me to join but I have high IQ so I played along only for them to find out I did not return their call and invitation.

  • its only a matter of time before the great pyramid collapse…and pity tho those who are beneath it…

  • Aim Global is a scam. But they are a huge taxpayer here in the Philippines, and they are even listed publicly in the stock exchange. This grants them protection from the goverment, unlike their competitors which have long been gone.

    In a youtube vid, Joseph Lim, one of their "top earners", promise the possibility of earning almost P1million per month ($50k/mo) if you are able to build a binary downline out of your referrals. This borders to a fraudulent promise. If a referral would earn you P2000, imagine how many people are in the pyramid before you reach that level. And lets not forget, the promise was not exclusively made to you, but to everyone.

    I must commend aim global for staying alive for this long. However, it is still a scam, and if you are thinking of joining, id assume that you are aware that you would be scamming others.

  • Reminds me of the Equinox International Bill Gould Pyramid marketing scam. Its a good thing they got shut down.

  • Thank you Ethan.
    It now clear that is not legit.
    I was planning to join it, but now that i know what it does, i won't.

  • Can you please do one for the Royal brand in the Philippines also, they had there products tested in Norway and turned out to be sawdust added, its the same scam as this one just different name.

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