Alliance Lite2 — connecting corporates to the SWIFT network [WITH SUBTITLES]

you operate in a complex marketplace the key to success is how you manage that complexity in business the most elegant solutions are often the simplest and the solution for complexity is swift Swift is a standardized secure financial network for all your treasury operations it is multi bank and multi business connecting all your business lines to your banking partners both local and global offering complete real-time visibility over your cash position and liquidity management now it's even easier and more cost-effective for your business to start using Swift thanks to alliance light – designed with your needs in mind Alliance like – offers world-class reliability and secure cloud-based access to the Swift network of services delivering the immediate productivity and efficiency gains in a non Swift environment an organization may have dozens of channels they use to connect with their banking partners each with their own applications standards and protocols and many that require manual processing alliance like – replaces these costly and resource heavy systems with a single standardized swift connection that enables additional automation increased straight through processing and full integration with your business applications your treasury operations become straightforward efficient and direct while the up-to-the-minute view of your cash position puts you in complete control of your payments receipts and liquidity management with alliance like – it's easy to connect multiple departments to the Swift Network simple cost effective with little upfront investment alliance like – is customizable to support full automation and integration with scores of business applications whatever your size or needs Swift is your connection to more than 10,000 financial institutions worldwide with businesses facing ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs like – is a tailored solution for your organization underpinned by industry standards for 40 years Swift has been the communications network of choice for the global financial community from fortune 500 companies to smaller international players Swift makes managing your banking relationships simple and with alliance like – using Swift has never been easier or more affordable so visit Swift comm or speak to your Swift representative today and discover how Swift and alliance light – can enhance your business

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