Alternative Housing – Living Without Rent or Mortgage

Hello Friends, When you start thinking about living by faith, one of the biggest expenses is a place to live. Do I Rent? Do I Buy? How do I obtain housing without state
If you are following Christ’s command to sell all
that you have, where are you going to find shelter? Are you supposed to be homeless? Do you need to rely on friends and relatives in
the system? Is surfing from couch to couch your new
lifestyle? Surely there must be a better way. Today we are sharing how other followers of
Christ find housing. “Foxes have dens and birds of the air have
nests, but the Son of man has no place to lay his
head.” That’s at Luke 9:58. Yes, we are of the same
status as our Master. We have no guaranteed place to live – no continuing city. We look for another city whose builder and maker is God. Hebrews
11:10, Hebrews 13:14
If you’ve trying to find housing in the
conventional way, you’ll find many doors closed. You can’t pass a background check or prove
you’re a citizen of the world. Therefore, most landlords won’t rent to you. You can’t buy a house without numbers from
the system. And, you wouldn’t have the funds
anyway. So, where does a poor Kingdom of Heaven
citizen live?
Here’s a few examples of how God provides for
Kingdom citizens and how He can provide for you as you look to Him for your every need. 1. Living full time in an RV – These include
motorhomes, campers, 5th wheels, vans and travel trailers. The advantage to living on wheels is that you
can quickly go wherever Christ calls you. If you are persecuted in one place, you can flee
to another. If you have a smaller RV or van, you can also
park inconspicuously in a variety of locations, in and out of the city,
without drawing attention. There are free campsites around the country on
public lands. The American west has many
acres of land where you can boondock. Boondocking is camping without any hook ups
for electricity, water or sewer. But don’t worry. You can provide your own utilities. For
electricity, suitcase-style solar power units can be quickly set up and then folded away
when you move to your next location. A composting toilet provides an alternative
when water is not available. And the internet can be accessed using a smart
phone. You can avoid heating and cooling expenses by
traveling south in the winter and north in the
summer. This is inexpensive living, going where you are
called and living close to God’s creation. Nature is very healing. As you move about in
your RV, you will find lost and hurting people who need
to hear the Gospel of the Kingdom.
There are also state and county parks where
you can camp for a small fee. These parks are available during the summer
months, but may close for the winter. Lloyd, after losing his wife, spent the summer in
a travel trailer seeking to heal from his grief. He rented a space for his travel trailer, moving
it every two weeks to another state park just a little further down the road. We parked our travel trailer at a beautiful
private wooded park along the river. We paid a modest yearly rate which also gave
us access to running water and restrooms. 2. Tent living – This works in the summer in
some climates, but can also be done in the
winter in southern climates. Our daughter spent four months living in a tent
with her husband and children. The tent looked ordinary from the outside, but
the inside housed everything they needed, including a computer station, drawers, beds
and even a crib. They all enjoyed the adventure and she even
gave birth to one of her children while tenting. Four months without paying rent allowed them
to get out of debt and back on their feet again. 3. Caregiver – Live with an elderly or ill
individual. You serve meals, do light
housekeeping and help with their daily activities, in exchange
for a place to live. Mary took care of her bedridden dad for two
years until he passed away. She was able to not only help with his physical
needs, but she also ministered to his spiritual
needs, showing him the teachings of Jesus. They grew very close. Now she is taking care of an elderly disabled
woman. There is much need for this kind of loving help.
Not everyone can afford to pay for a caregiver
in their home. But when you provide that caregiving in
exchange for board and room, this opens the
door for those who could not afford to pay a caregiver. Mary also receives a small stipend that gives
her some pocket change for personal use. Dan is also a caregiver, but he is only needed
at night. Other caregivers take care of Steve
during the day. Dan also receives board and room for his
services. He cooks the evening meal and socializes and
encourages Steve, who is frail and frightened to be left alone at
night. During the day, Dan gardens and is free to help
others, as he is led. 4. Share a house – Get together with others of
like mind and share one house. James was living in a motorhome with his
growing family. One day his elderly mom called and asked him
to come live with them on the farm and take
over the chores. Now his children are raising chickens and riding
horses, with lots of room to roam. James’
parents are able to enjoy their senior years with their
grandchildren and James shares a large
farmhouse, with no rent payments. Art and his wife were in their seventies when
they were awakened to living by faith. They were just getting started when Alice died
suddenly. Art was heartbroken and knew nothing about
cooking meals, or laundry or housework. He soon learned his neighbor had suffered a
massive stroke, leaving his left side paralyzed. Art went over to help do some lifting and lawn
care. His neighbor’s wife gratefully shared meals with
Art and did his laundry. As they helped each other, they all began
healing. Soon Art realized he didn’t need his
house anymore. He sold it and moved into his neighbor’s spare
bedroom. Both Art and his neighbors suffered devastating
losses, but by helping each other, their pain
was eased. Zackery’s marriage was in trouble from
meddling inlaws. He heard the call to forsake
his old life and live by faith. The family sold their possessions and headed
down the road in an old beater car, not knowing where they were going. Their gas
ran out four hours later in front of a garden
supply store. The owner heard of Zack’s new found faith and
offered him a rustic cabin. Zack and his wife, plus their baby and toddler
prospered that summer without electricity or
running water – and no rent. This was just the healing they needed to
prepare them for the next chapter in their
ministry. 5. Live in an extra room – Be a blessing and
companion to an elderly or sick individual or
couple and live in their spare bedroom. Michael loves cooking and ran a Kingdom
catering service specializing in traditional foods. He met a woman in a wheelchair who had been
severely injured in an automobile accident. She was told she would never walk again. However, she believed if someone would cook
her nutrient-dense meals, she would heal. Michael, who needed a place to stay, took on
the challenge of cooking for her and her family. They gave him the guest bedroom. He had the
advantage of sharing their happy family life and
watching his client learn to walk again. After a year of his cooking, she was healed and
able to take over her household duties again
and Michael moved on to help others. 6. Housesitting – Another alternative is to live in
someone’s house while they are on an
extended vacation. Feed their pets and plants and maintain their
home in exchange for a place to live. Sarah started off housesitting for a retired
couple and now she usually goes from one
housesitting position to the next one,
seamlessly. Her clients are typically retired couples who go
on cruises or explore Europe. Word of mouth is
her only advertising. 7. Caretake property Sometimes people buy property as an
investment or with the hope of someday living
on the property when they retire. Meanwhile, they need someone to watch over
the land. Caleb caretakes a ranch for a couple who
bought the acreage with the hope of retiring
there. He maintains the ranch, without the obligations
of owning it. He maintains a large garden and chickens and
has acquired a couple horses to ride. The
property is an outpost for his writing ministry. Farming can be a struggle in these economic
times. Some farmers not only farm their own
land, but rent additional farm acreage. They need someone to caretake the farm rental
property, to prevent it from being vandalized. When a farmer needs land caretaken, having a
recreational vehicle that you can park on the
acreage is definitely an asset. You may be able to trade a place to park your
RV in exchange for caretaking. We caretook a farm for John, the owner, who
made extended trips to Panama. When he learned we had abruptly become
homeless, he invited us to come live with him. We did some light farm work and helped with
some of his expenses. In return, our staff was provided with land to
park our motorhomes and trailers. The church offices and radio broadcasting
studio were in converted school buses. We shared homecooked meals with this
generous man who had spent five years in
prison. Conversations were always lively when he
invited his old prison buddies to dinner. We had the rare opportunity to entertain bank
robbers, murderers and other notorious
characters who often had ears to hear the Kingdom
message. Sometimes there are opportunities to caretake
summer camps or youth camps. We caretook a deaf camp and were able to use
their showers and restrooms, which was a big plus since our travel trailer had
no bathroom. Previously, as volunteers, we learned to sign
and took deaf children on a backpacking trip. They were appreciative of our willingness to
help their community. Since we were already well known to the camp
overseers, when the caretaking position
opened, we filled it without needing further
documentation or background checks. When we caretook 70 wooded acres, we lived
off the grid in a travel trailer, using a Honda gas
generator for electricity, a wood stove for heat, and spring water for drinking. We used outdoor
wireless antennas to provide long-distance, line-
of-sight internet. We had everything we needed to run a ministry
in a rustic environment. We are seekers of truth and givers of love. As
we obey, He will lead us to the place He wants
us to be. It may be a short term or a long term
arrangement so be ready to move at anytime. Our lives are not our own. We are in His hands. If you are still in the system trying to imagine
this life, while having both feet planted in the
world, it will seem impossibly difficult. You are budgeting for all the things that are
necessities to you now. But for simple Kingdom living, you’d be
surprised how little you really need.
Take a scenario where you are caregiving in
someone’s home or you are living in an RV caretaking a piece of property. Your rent is being provided in exchange for your
services. You can grow a large garden for food or pick up
free food at church food pantries. Free clothing is also available at clothing
exchanges. Ask around locally. If you caretake in exchange for a place to stay,
rent, food and clothing won’t cost you much, if
anything. Transportation is another expense. You may be
able to walk or bicycle around town and
eliminate car ownership. Or, you may receive donations from helping
people that covers the costs of operating a car. It’s difficult to live without any source of funds.
You will probably need a phone, internet and
electricity. But God knows your needs and He can find
resources to meet them. And the cost of these utilities is far less than
most people spend each month on rent, food,
clothing, entertainment and credit cards. Can you taste the freedom that life in the
Kingdom provides? Do you really want to waste
your years working for money and struggling to meet expenses? Christ has a better offer – work in His Kingdom
and let Him take care of your needs.
There are many ways to obtain food, clothing
and shelter without having to work a 9 to 5 job. In fact, Jesus tells us not to work for the things
that perish, He says, “Do not work for food that
spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which
the Son of Man will give you.” John 6:27 Open your door and step outside. You won’t
need to go far to find someone who is hurting,
someone needing your loving help. Put out of your mind that you need to charge
for your services. Love isn’t purchased. Keep money out of the equation. See the need
and do what you can to help. His Spirit goes
before you and will be your guide. You can obtain life’s essentials, without directly
making money. Money is actually the enemy. The focus is on helping others. For instance,
we helped the deaf community because we
loved them. Later, they provided us with a place to park our
travel trailer. No money was exchanged.
Before you get too excited, don’t forget to count
the cost. You don’t want to get started on this
great adventure in the Kingdom and then shrink back because you miss the
comfort and security of Egypt. Yes, you will be hated by all men for your
allegiance to Christ. That includes your dear
loved ones who may never want any more to do with the
one they call the “religious fanatic.” You will daily bear the cross of not fitting into
society. Financial transactions are difficult as
we are increasingly shut out from obtaining bank accounts and debit cards.
Even cashing money orders is difficult. The
Mark of the Beast is at hand. You will be persecuted, probably jailed, and
may lose what few possessions you have. You won’t have insurance or other worldly
schemes to fall back on during tough times. And yet, “God is our refuge and strength, a
very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1 We not only survive, but thrive, even though
many doors are closed to us. This testifies to
the power and grace of our God. All glory to the Most High. The Kingdom life is not one of outward
success. You will baffle most people, but by
your kindness and love, hearts are softened. The nearness of Christ as we go about His
business is a big perk. There is much joy and
peace in following the Truth. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is
liberty. He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he
that hateth his life in this world shall keep it
unto life eternal. John 12:25 If any man serve me, let him follow me; and
where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father
honour. John 12:25-26 For more information on food and clothing
alternatives, see our video,”Food and Clothing –
Provided by God” (linked below) Christ’s peace and blessings to you all. Wake up and repent. The Kingdom of Heaven
is at hand.

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