Alumni Spotlight on the PGA Tour’s Ben Silverman

– [Narrator] Rickie Fowler, Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Roy McAvoy. We know them, but this is
the pro we came to watch at this years Honda Classic. – I’m Ben Silverman and I’m an FAU Owl. – After doing some research
on you, I feel like maybe the only person that
undoubtedly knew you would be here today, playing
on the PGA Tour, was you. – Correct. I decided that when I was 16,
this is what I wanted to do. I put my mind to it and
wasn’t going to let anything or anybody tell me I couldn’t do it. – What’s the hardest part
about being a college athlete? – [Ben] Remembering why you’re there. I knew a lot of people
that they had great talent, but ended up not being
able to do it because their focus got distracted. – Question, do you like surprises? – Yeah. – Good. Okay, well we have a surprise. Come on out. (laughs loudly) – Coach. – Ben. (upbeat music) – I had a chance to talk
to Angelo, Coach Sands. He spoke so highly of you
and I remember, I called you and I said, “Hi, I’m
gonna do an Alumni Spotlight on Ben Silverman.” He’s like, “It’s about time.” – I remember after your freshman year, Ben was transferring,
wanted to transfer at FAU, and he said, “Coach, I just want a chance. I want to be on a PGA
Tour and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get there.” And really, when you look
at Ben, I’m really so proud of him because, it’s more than golf. Whether we were doing a charitable event, or most importantly in a classroom. With Ben, he always represented
FAU as a true gentleman. – So, a college student
maybe, kinda, second-guessing what they’re doing, where
they’re gonna be, can they do what want to do. What do you say to that? – It’s so easy to have
bumps in the road or, you know, a bad tournament
here, bad tournament there. Have some guy come up to you
in a private country club and be like, “You really
gotta work on this. All the pros do this.” It can get you down if you
don’t have the right focus. Luckily, I always didn’t care
what anybody said negative. I took the positives and said thanks. And I was just steady going
I’m going to make this, I’m going to do this.

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