Amadeus Passenger Verification

Security is a critical consideration in all aspects of our lives. And this is certainly the case at airports. When passengers reach the security checkpoint, you want to make sure essential checks are in place. A manual check of boarding passes is no longer feasible as home-printed documents can be duplicated. Manual checks are also expensive and subject to human error. Amadeus Passenger Verification automates and extends the checks made, making this process more efficient and more secure. So, how does it work? The moment a boarding pass is scanned at the security checkpoint, Amadeus Passenger Verification gets to work. In a matter of seconds, the necessary checks are made, and only authorised passengers are cleared to go air-side. For example, are passengers at the right airport, in the right terminal, on the right day? Has each passenger presented a unique boarding pass that hasn’t already been used to enter the lounge? Amadeus Passenger Verification can also check if a passenger is on a watchlist, or has an outstanding payment for excess luggage, which must be paid before arriving at the departure gate. And, because Amadeus Passenger Verification knows when travelers enter the departure lounge, it can feed this information to your airline customers so they can make important decisions. For example, an airline can decide not to hold the flight if a passenger can’t reach the gate on time. With Amadeus Passenger Verification You can streamline security processes with automated passenger checks. You have greater visibility on passenger movement, so you know if they’re on time to make the flight. And you can be more efficient, closing gates on time, so flights can meet their departure slots. Please contact us to learn more about Amadeus Passenger Verification.

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