Amazing Observation Tower & Iron Asteroid – Lithuania

lithuanian museum of cosmology 4,5 M years old asteroid in my hands the biggest forest in the country and Labanoras regional park. Several observation towers with stunning views. One of the oldest tree in Europe more
than 1500 years old Stelmužė and evening sunset above the observation deck with a lake view. These are only a few things that I want
to show you today. You can find the GPS coordinates of all these places in the
video description below. Also, don’t forget to click like and subscribe to my channel! Lithuanian museum of cosmology located
in the countryside of Molėtai district. It is about 70 km north of
Lithuanian capital Vilnius. These futuristic buildings are surrounded by beautiful lakes and green Lithuanian landscape during summer days. If you want you can take a guided tour through the museum until the top of the observation deck It takes about an hour of your time and will cost about 5 euros per adult
person. During museum tour, the guide explains some basics of astronomy and cosmology also, you can see a bit mystical exposition of meteorites and pieces of asteroids you can take a photo with an alien walk around and have a look at historical exhibits of astronomy and even to hold in your own hands the
iron asteroid which counts 4,5 M years The next step is to
get to the observation deck where opens stunning views of blue sky and wonderful Lithuanian green nature the guide explains some peculiarities of space observation but if you want to but if you want to experience it by yourself you have to ask for a special night-time observation tour This time the museum tour ends here
but stay with me because we are about to continue our journey further! The 2nd stop of our road trip is the biggest forest in the country Labanoras Regional Park you can’t miss this beautiful observation tower and make an effort to climb 214 spiral stairs the tower is located in the middle of the forest and surrounded several lakes that will recompense hard work for sure green forest fresh lakes and breathtaking
bird’s-eye view of the landscape creates a unique moment when you can
feel in line with nature but also I saw people who struggle to relax because of fear of height make sure you will feel comfortable up
there and have this in mind before you climb it up another stop we make it secluded Kohanovka observation tower it is also quite tall tower maybe a bit older
than the tower seen before but has a unique experience because of its observation deck floor you can clearly see the ground through the floor and it is not easy to relax your mind but it isvabsolutely great experience anyway it is really calm place even on a summer weekend but it’s time to leave and move forward if you like to hike in nature I am sure you will like next mystical place we are going to visit in the Širvėta Regional Park we can find more than 1 km forest walkway of Baltic mythology 17 sculptures which embodied the old Lithuanian gods and mythological beings The gods this is nothing more than nature itself the surrounding environment and the elements of personalization long time ago people live differently than in our days much closer to nature and its various effects sometimes couldn’t be explained it was believed that the gods warn of danger, protect and defend, teach wisdom it’s a perfect place where you can calm
the mind take a breath and relax. Next observation tower is quite small but not less beautiful than the others This Širvėta tower also known as an arch it’s a perfect place for a quick stop to stretch your legs or even have a lunch
break at nature the calm beautiful environment creates a great chill vibe in there if your way goes through Ignalina town and you are observation tower lover you can visit this one with a beautiful lake and forest view also, you can see the skiing track on the other side of the lake have this on your mind if you are visiting this place in winter. If you are brave enough to refresh
yourself under a strong water stream from the river the next stop that at Ginučiai villages especially for you this place is perfect for water
activities lovers during the summer days holiday vibes are all around in the air you can enjoy swans, ducks and other water birds swimming in the pond which
had formed in front of the dam the water mill was built in the second half of the 19th century nowadays the mill is a monument protected by the state with the preserved ancient equipment that was reconstructed around 30 years ago the wooden building of the mill reminding old days as well as the bridge in the dam and it makes the authentic feeling the river whitening below the dam is a true blessing on a hot summer day you can take a bath or just refresh
your feets in the crystal-clear water. Here we go! This is the fifth observation
tower of this road trip through Lithuanian Highlands Šiliniškiai observation tower is exceptional from the others because it is established on
the antenna tower of mobile telecommunications feeling that you can touch the sky green forests and lakes under your feet summer breeze and sense of freedom this is what you can experience on the top of this tower also this is the perfect way to know if you can tolerate the fear of heights. Definitely check it out! Yes, you are looking at the oldest
Lithuanian tree. This tree counts more than 1500 years of history and it is also one of the oldest oak trees in Europe the tree looks a little tired but
still green and shares the feeling of inspiration. Next to the oak tree we can find 17th century wooden church built by Latvian masters without the use
of a single iron nail. Since 1997 there is a Museum of the ecclesial art in this church of Lord Jesus cross also, there is a possibility by using
interactive gadgets to get to know about All Saints and listen to one of 12 compositions for an organ that was popular century or two ago. Finally, we arrived at the last, but absolutely not least observation tower of this road trip this tower is on the shore of one of the biggest in Lithuania Sartai Lake and we are really lucky today because we arrived at this place exactly at the golden sunset hours pure nature place, cozy and interactive environment the observation deck at the 33 meters height and also in our case sunset hours is pretty much magical place to spend summer evening moments. Stunning evening nature and views, takes you to the here and now and this is a great feeling which
let you feel very alive. Today we are going to finish our road trip at this sunset point. As I mentioned before you can find GPS coordinates of all these places in the video description below. I hope you enjoyed this video. feel free to share it with your community hit like and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel also you are welcome to comment. All of these actions help a lot our channel to grow thanks for watching and see you soon in the next video!

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