Amazing Robot Building Family

My name is Camille and I work with my family
to build robots and I am the machinist and the programmer. I literally just started taking apart small
objects, like remotes and clocks, and that’s how we started. I said “I want to build something,”
and my dad’s like “well, what do you want to build?” and I said, “I wanna build a robot!” My sister of course said “I wanna build one
too!” She jumped onboard and our workshop grew. We took our garage and we turned it
into our workshop. So my dad and my sister and I will go down there and we’ll just work
hours and hours and hours on the robot. Whatever robot we’re working on, whatever we’re doing,
it’s always fun. It’s always a treat to go down there whenever I want. The New York Hall of Science contacted us
through our website. They saw a previous version of our robot. They asked us if we could build
a robot or work with them on making a new robot for their exhibit. So we started making
the more updated premier design for the museum and as we got more involved we got more and
more and more excited. So I’m here today to just show the robot to
some of the staff here and we’ve had many many children test it today and yesterday.
They loved it and we didn’t expect – we expected, like, a couple things to go wrong, and they
have gone wrong, but we fixed everything and it’s all good now. You have to have patience.
It’s very – It’s a very patient sport, if you will. You have to do it over again if
you are missing a single screw. It’s a meticulous job, but the end product makes it worth it. So we’re really happy to see that the robot
is in a really good home and really excited.

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