America Freedom To Fascism by Aaron Russo ( Subtitrare in Limba Romana )

[Music] [Music] the year was 1913 Woodrow Wilson was president and powerful banking interests who had been trying for years finally achieved their long-term goal of a silent coup d’etat by taking control of the American government the first thing they did to accomplish that takeover was convinced Secretary of State Philander Knox to lie to the American people and tell them that the 16th amendment the income tax amendment had been legally ratified by the states when it was not the bankers knew that this tax would ultimately end up in their pockets because of this fraud the American people were led to believe that was now a tax on their labour Congress and the president are completely aware of this fraud and it was even cited in a recent court case [Music] [Music] that very same year the bank has committed their second and by far the most diabolical fraud ever perpetrated on the American people by bribing senators to pass the Federal Reserve Act without the required constitutional amendments they did this during Christmas vacation when many senators were home celebrating the holidays with their families and that’s how the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act came into being they were very clever and they understood that whoever issued the money for America would control the government the bankers won and the American people lost because most politicians will sell their soul for a dollar and now the Federal Reserve could issue dollars legally as mayor Rothschild said give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws he knew that he and the other bankers would now control the laws of the nation government gave these bankers one of its most important powers and now had to borrow money from them and pay interest to finance the government so the American people were forced to lower their standard of living and pay a graduated income tax to the government just so the government could give these bankers more profits President Woodrow Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve Act into law later said in regret I am a most unhappy man I have unwittingly ruined my country a great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit we are no longer government by free opinion no longer were government by conviction and the vote of the majority but a government by the opinion and the rests of a small group of dominant men the Federal Reserve was created by Congress in 1913 and it was entrusted with the power granted originally to the Congress by the US Constitution to coin money and regulate the value thereof [Music] [Music] what’s your name John crafting hi Jen I’m Aaron Russo I produced the movie tree I produced the movie trading places with Eddie Murphy in the Rose with Bette Midler many movies and I’m doing a feature film and my film was about my quest to find that whether or not people pay income taxes do you pay income tax yes I do you do have you ever seen the law that requires you to pay an income tax have I ever read it you mean in the page black and white no no so you pay the income tax I assume of late well actually no I didn’t file last year but I’m sorry is this on film no I paid my my questions use have you ever seen a law that says you have to pay income tax [Music] the law is that guy can’t wear that badge and a gun that’s one put you in jail that’s the law I said I can’t stand the IRS evil do you have any fear of the IRS not really because I’m Canadian I think it’s actually unconstitutional is what I’ve heard but but to avoid any hassle I pay it if there was known law and I wasn’t afraid of them coming and taking me to jail absolutely I wouldn’t pay taxes okay then no I wasn’t income tax – no brainer I wouldn’t pay it why would anybody because they you know that’s that’s what they tell us we must do else we’re bad Americans would you pay it no would you pay it no how would you pay taxes if your actor what if I told you that all your money in the income tax pay has paid into the income tax just goes to pay the interest on the national debt that’s incredible all the other stuff the income tax is not legal because it would be a direct tax and it is not apportioned as the Constitution demands if it’s against the Constitution then why are we doing [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] I really expected that of course there’s a law that you can point to in the law book the code that requires you to file a tax return of course there is maybe I don’t know what it is right then as we as he was speaking to me but sure so naively I agreed to go off and research it and get back to him three and a half months later I was at that point where I couldn’t find the statute that clearly made a person liable at least not me and most people I know and I had no no choice in my mind except to to resign I had to leave the IRS because I presented evidence that I had accumulated indicating that the agency was violating the law and violating people’s rights and I asked the agency for a response to my sincere concerns and the answer I got was that they would not respond to my concerns and that they wouldn’t provide me with the paperwork necessary to tender my resignation we the people foundation for constitutional education put a full-page ad in the USA Today on July 7th 2000 and within the body of that ad was a $50,000 challenge for anyone that could show the law and to me $50,000 is a lot of money so I went after that and did the research based on the fact that I thought let’s put this baby to bed I’m hearing all these rumors you know I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone I’ll answer these peoples questions that are asking me and then I win this $50,000 and you know based on the research that I did throughout the year 2000 and that I’m still doing I have not found that long I’ve asked Congress we’ve asked a lot of people in the IRS IRS Commissioner’s helpers they can’t answer because if the answer the American people are going to know that this whole thing is a fraud I was surprised to hear these highly trained and decorated IRS agents telling me there was no law requiring American citizens to file a 1040 what opinion income tax on their labour I haven’t filed an income federal income tax returns since I laughed I have not filed a tax return since 1999 approximately 67 million people don’t file income tax return I made a decision to go to Washington so I could attend the We the People Foundation press conference they were going to serve a class-action lawsuit on the IRS signed by over 3,000 people because the IRS has refused to show the law that makes Americans liable to file a 1040 or to pay in the contacts on their labor I was very curious as to why the IRS refused to show the law as it seems such a simple thing to do yet I was skeptical about the Foundation’s claims there had to be a law right I mean we’ve all been told over and over and over again that we had to pay income taxes most people believe that the income tax system is legal and that the revenue from the tax is used in the public interest however there is a substantial conclusive body of evidence that proves that our income tax system represents the most pernicious form of tyranny it is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by government against the working men and women of America American citizens along with the foundation have been asking the IRS to specifically provide them with the the underlying legal foundation upon which they administer and enforce the personal income tax laws in our country at the national level when people would attempt to contact somebody of a much higher authority say the cost of the Commissioner same kind of thing they wouldn’t get they would get answers that were in effect non answers you will not answer their petition I’ve been paying my taxes ever since I had my first job and I think it’s a it’s a fundamental construct of our nation that that those of us who expect and demand the services from our government that the government provides be they the protection of our country through the military or be they the education of our children or be they the protection of our environment that we must pay for those services so yes I think there is a fundamental obligation and that that it’s an understood and well accepted one Joe banister and I had a meeting in the White House with President Clinton’s economic advisor Jason Furman he accepted the remonstrance for the president on June 2nd I called and spoke with him his words were we have decided that the issue of the legality of the income tax is not a high priority matter for the White House and we will not be participating in any conference on the subject I decided not to eat until my death or until the government agreed to send their experts to meet with the experts from the tax honesty movement and with the help of congressman Bartlett a deal was made I’m very pleased that through these several trying weeks and now months that we have secured the agreement of the IRS and the Justice Department because some of the questions are beyond the purview of IRS that they will both attend a public symposium where these issues can be formally addressed last Thanksgiving DOJ and IRS notified congressman Bartlett that they would not participate congressman Bartlett then waited until late January he informed me that he would not be participating why do you think you’ve been able to get away with not paying or filing your income taxes for so long well first of all I’ve not gotten away with anything I’m not hiding from anyone I’m simply asking the IRS to show me the laws that apparently require me to do these things and they are suspiciously reticent to answer questions from me and of course there are millions of other people of many other organizations who have attempted to get answers they act very suspiciously when asked to simply sit down at the table with the American people and discuss what their obligations are rather than pulling up a chair they pull out a club as a matter of fact David Cay Johnston of the New York Times asked Terry lemons of the IRS why won’t the IRS answer the question set forth in the petitions from the American people mr. lemons response was the government is answering the questions through enforcement actions in the courts this is a very chilling remark on the government’s use of brute force instead of civility and logic the federal government itself refuses to provide the American people who are coercively being subjected to this extraction of their private property without any underlying legal justification there is no law there is no law that requires the average American worker in the private sector to pay a direct unapportioned tax on their labour and compensation for services there is no law the March will stop in front of the IRS building they are now going to serve a class-action lawsuit on the IRS very courageous my name is complaint on behalf of the American people to the Internal Revenue Service the complaint is accompanied by an affidavit under the hand of Robert Schultz case was served we’ll call you with the case number case has been filed we’ll call you with the case no thank you we appreciate your time America baby freedom today effectively the people have said to their servant government that that our rights are not going to be any longer denied and that we’re going to have answers to our petition are legitimate lawful petitions for redress of grievances which are guaranteed in the First Amendment to our Constitution so once and for all we will get an answer on August 31st 2005 federal judge Emmett Sullivan ruled the government does not have to answer the American people’s questions even though it is guaranteed in the First Amendment our courts have made a decision that government does not have to show the law that it enforces and the press never reported on this have we given this judge the authority to overrule the Constitution the very foundation of American life I believe that in both spirit and substance our tax system has come to be unamerican death and taxes may be inevitable but unjust taxes are not the country’s taxes must be fixed and I know what to do with it if you think you’re paying too much now just wait with all the money we give them in taxes when President Reagan was elected one of the first things that he did was a point a blue-ribbon panel of businesspeople headed by Peter grace and is commonly referred to as the grace commision and they their job was to research all the various areas of the federal government and make a report one of the quotes from the grace Commission is 100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government if we pay the salaries of the congressman and the Senators we’re supporting the monthly well yes well then why can’t we list them as dependents and deduct them you’ve been brainwashed people have been told you know that you need this income tax system to fund government which is absolutely ridiculous I mean my question is well if that’s true how did we fund government from 1776 to 1913 the main purpose of the income tax is not to raise revenue but to redistribute wealth and to control society a lot of people might say well gee if there wasn’t an income tax what would happen to education they don’t understand that education is paid for for the most part out of state and local taxes your property tax people might say well how we’re going to build and maintain our highways if there’s no money coming in to the government we need our highways there is a tax on every gallon of gasoline that people buy proceeds from the income tax do not pay for highway construction the amount of money that we spend on defense is exactly equal to the amount of corporate income tax which is quite legal and quite constitutional I think we should not want the income tax for several reasons one is that it is the instrument of totalitarianism it is the means by which the government can manipulate people and put you into a condition of servitude every year you give the federal government a form that says here’s how all my money worked if you lie you could go to prison so you’re required to give them a financial statement that under you know the force of law could put you in prison if it’s not impeccable right and under the law they’re supposed to do the same they’re supposed to give you back a financial statement that says here’s what we did with your money except you comply and they don’t in fiscal 99 the Department of Defense had 1.1 trillion of undocumented justments [Music] the following year they had 2.3 trillion of undocumented justments I decided to call the IRS I spoke to Anthony Birk and media relations he was very nice to me and I explained to him that I was an award-winning phone producer and that I was doing a documentary on the IRS he seemed a bit stunned by this then explain to me that commissioned a verson nor anybody else would go on film to discuss the income tax but he did say he would call me back I thanked him for that but I couldn’t help wondering why was the government making it so difficult for people to see the law so I decided to bring my crew down to the IRS building to see if I could find some employees to interview and here’s what happened what’s the law coming with the Warriors that says that can you show me the law that says I can told him it’s America because I probably could film here and he’s actually 9 million questions I told me that the federal government law hey I told me to film and he said he’s a citizen all that so where’s the one that says I can’t film here I’m gonna ask you another question then Homeland Security showed up because I was such a threat to Washington God driving like after convincing Homeland Security I really wasn’t Osama bin Laden I kept wishing the IRS would allow me to interview somebody why wouldn’t they show the law well are they so nervous about I began to have a frightening thought what if was their own government we had to be afraid of with that disturbing thought in my mind I went to see a group of tax experts you can look through the statutes and look for the law that requires you to pay and when you do that you can’t identify a law that requires the average person in America who earns a wage and works in private business to pay an income tax the Constitution allows for two kinds of taxes they’re called direct and indirect the federal government in the Constitution can’t actual miss anything as long as it apportions the tax of its direct the indirect tax is a is for example an excise tax I can avoided the excise tax on gasoline I can choose to ride my bicycle I can avoid the excise tax on tobacco I can choose not to smoke or I can grow my own tobacco the income tax which is being applied now doesn’t meet the criteria of either direct or indirect taxes the IRS claims that in 1913 the 16th amendment the income tax amendment allowed the government a third form of Taxation what was the Supreme Court’s ruling on that the Supreme Court indication Stanton versus Baltic mining I mean what could be clearer than this the provisions of the sixteenth Amendment conferred no no power of taxation the resharper case also said that the 16th amendment did not impose any new taxes and did not change any of the taxing restrictions of the Constitution there were also several other major Supreme Court cases in that same period from 1916 up until about 1923 Stratton independence vs. Hobart Southern Pacific versus low Bowers versus kirbo Empire Burnett versus har milk Doyle versus Mitchell it’s actually very simple Congress tried to enact an income tax in 1894 the Supreme Court said that’s unconstitutional when the Supreme Court says something is unconstitutional it’s unconstitutional they tried again in 1913 and the Supreme Court said the 16th amendment conferred no new power of Taxation so if they didn’t have it then and they didn’t get it they don’t have it there is no constitutional basis for a tax on the wages of Americans living and working in the 50 states of the union period end of argument I have a letter here from Daniel in a ways office of the United States Senate that says based on the research performed by the Congressional Research Service there is no provisions which specifically and unequivocally require an individual to pay an income tax period end of story there is no law and to date nobody has been a to show that there is a law for the average American citizen working day in and day out to pay an income tax the definition of income in the Constitution was given in the Eisner vs. Macumber case and it turns on gains or profits that are made from some activity Doyle versus Mitchell 247 u.s. 179 1918 Ezra Lee said the idea of gain or increase arising from corporate activities in other words it doesn’t mean wages it doesn’t mean dividends it doesn’t mean alimony it means a gain or a profit arising from corporate activity if these liens that are recorded against people by the government for tax liens are nothing more than allegations they are non substantive they have never been determined by a neutral third party such as a court to have one shred of validity if you ever get a notice with of an audit or anything else the first thing you should do is a Freedom of Information Act request for records that they’re using to substantiate or justify the audit there is nothing in the Internal Revenue Code that creates any such thing as a income tax evasion or crime there’s nothing in a code that allows IRS agents to seize property the government is involved in judicial blackmail the government knows that if it legally seizes somebody’s property that person doesn’t have the funds and he can’t even get a lawyer who can help them I conducted investigations in the title 18 the Criminal Code the u.s. crowell Code and in there the statutes and the regulations are very specific as to what’s violating the statute in the Internal Revenue Code title 26 there’s nothing specific in there I mean even the FBI is fear the IRS you have to understand that an agency which will unlawfully impose a tax that doesn’t exist it’s not going to care if we the people don’t know whether our rights are they’re not going to tell us if Americans just learned that the IRS was actually knowingly deceiving them but that enough that would be enough for them to rise up put a stop to it this small booklet includes the Constitution of the United States the Bill of Rights the Declaration of Independence this is documented every citizen should read it’s a document which freed an entire nation this is the Internal Revenue Code and this document and it the unlawful application of this document by the Internal Revenue Service has enslaved the nation that this document attempted to free I was very impressed with the people in the tax honesty movement they were in cooks they were highly intelligent well researched and very genuine I was wondering why I never heard about all these Supreme Court decisions in the media so I really wanted the IRS his point of view because to get the true story it was imperative I hear both sides I kept wishing Anthony Birk would call me back he seemed like an honest man I then proceeded to call my message machine this is a new service let me suggest some people that you might want to think about talking to one will be Don Alexander who’s a former commissioner who’s here in town and Washington another will be Sheldon Cohen who is both the former commissioner and former chief counsel all those well good news I thought so I call Sheldon Cohen because he used to be the IRS commissioner he wrote the tax code and he was also general counsel to the IRS he is a true expert and I couldn’t find a better person to answer my questions he graciously agreed to my interview the reason I’m doing this documentary it’s because there are many people in America today who believe that there’s no law that requires them to pay an income tax or file a 1040 and there are many people want to jail for it fighting over it the Internal Revenue Code is authorized by the sixteenth amendment I think it should be clarified I think government should be transparent to the people why isn’t the IRS commissioner sit down with them I just explained it in clearing English why I don’t think they really care they don’t think I thought I think they’re just playing word games you don’t listen see people you know I don’t think there’s since HIPAA what is voluntary compliance and why does the IRS Code say it’s voluntary to comply not mandatory that’s a word euphemism we use we use voluntary compliance when we when we talk about traffic signals most people at two o’clock in the morning do you stop at a red light yeah is there a cop there sometimes I don’t right what that’s voluntary compliance that was a complete perversion of logic traffic laws state that is mandatory to stop at a red light the IRS Code says it’s voluntary to comply mandatory and voluntary are the complete opposite of each other yet he wants us to believe that they mean the same thing so can the government criminally prosecute somebody of information put on their 1040 yes right so doesn’t abide the Fifth Amendment No however the fifth Amendment says I don’t do anything that incriminate myself well it doesn’t incriminate you to put to put you didn’t come to help but you said before Jeffrey the Commissioner wants us to believe that although the IRS demands that you fill out the 1040 and you can go to jail for it that they are not violating a fifth Amendment rights of self-incrimination that is absurd isn’t it true that the word income is not defined anywhere in the Internal Revenue Code the law says that the government has a right to tax income from any source derive so but the word income is not defined in the code it just says income without a definition that’s 401 income is correct yeah there are many different kinds of taxes well how can the American citizen know what income is if the code doesn’t define it if they’re paying that what’s it well defined do you remember a constitutional attorney I wouldn’t vieira said the definition of income in the Constitution was given in the Eisner versus Macumber case and it turns on gains or profits that are made from some activity so the Supreme Court has ruled income is not wages it’s not labor it’s gained from corporate activity I believe that a man’s labor is his private property that’s your view but it’s not the law the Supreme Court’s even said your labor is your private property when I go to work for somebody it’s a trade it’s an even exchange I do some work you give me some money 19:16 we had to appreciate the case in the Staunton case and we shared the case in the Staunton case said that the 16th amendment gave the government no new taxing power I I’m not gonna argue the niceties of that with you and it came up again in a case called Peck versus lo where where the Supreme Court said the sixteenth amendment did not extend Congress’s taxing power to any new or accepted subjects in other words if you weren’t taxable before the sixteenth you weren’t taxable after the sixteenth today it’s a beauty juror okay I’m set on the case and they found the person on guilty for lack of filing okay and I asked him why they found them not guilty and she said because the IRS can show us the law that made him liable to file a 1040 all they need to do if there is a law is to show us the law which of course they never did and the reason they didn’t do it was why there is no law title 26 requires you to file a return but doesn’t title 26 have to be in compliance with the Supreme Court decisions you’re gonna take a 1920 case and superimpose it on the holding turn around the code was written after it no that’s not I can’t believe what I just heard rewind you’re gonna take a 1920 case and superimpose it on the holding turn around the code was written after it no that’s not remember he said earlier the Internal Revenue Code was authorized by the 16th amendment the Internal Revenue Code is authorized by the 16th amendment remember the Supreme Court said the 16th amendment did not give the government any new taxing power these decisions have never been overturned let’s listen further can the lower courts overrule the Supreme Court no how are they putting people in jail today for not paying a tax on their labour when the Supreme Court said they don’t have to listen the IRS Code have to being applied supreme court that’s my air engine this is a waste of time let me just whatever I say you’re not going to believe he’s right I don’t believe him and neither should you he wants us to believe we should obey the IRS Code which is enforced and violation of the many Supreme Court decisions I’m sorry mr. Cohen you’re doing that well I’m sorry that you you constantly re argue the point you’re liable because the law says that you’re reliable when the courts say the law says you’re liable does and that’s why you’re liable you see he’s talking about the lower courts who are not in compliance with the Supreme Court as they have to be doesn’t the court have to be in compliance to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court has so held we’re you caught me unprepared I’ll come back well I don’t want to do that but a federal court no you’re making silly argument why is the Supreme Court decision silly I think well because it’s inapplicable that made my heart stop he just said Supreme Court decisions do not apply to the IRS that’s the behavior you would expect from a totalitarian country maybe China or Russia or Cuba not from America they’re just making up the lawyers they go along now I knew the tax honesty movement was right the IRS thrives on intimidation fear not by the law it’s no different than a criminal protection racket using force to extract your money from you then the former IRS commissioner now working at a prestigious Washington law firm threatens me watch Erin you understand yet it corners too helpful for those of you who don’t understand Yiddish that means nothing will help you now it all became clear I understood why the IRS wouldn’t go on camera and talk about where the law was I understood why all the senators I called refused to be interviewed there is no law and now you know when our political leaders and the courts have known for decades and have tried to cover up the United States Constitution strictly forbids a direct unapportioned tax on the wages and salaries of American citizens the United States Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the income tax is a tax on profits and gains not on labor and wages on behalf of the American people I challenge the IRS to show me a statute that allows a direct unapportioned tax on the wages and labor of the American people and if I’m wrong I will give my most humble apologies to the IRS if the IRS is wrong and there is no law then every person has been jailed should be let out of jail immediately and any assets seized should be returned to their rightful owners if this is a nation of laws and a free country then the IRS should show the law to the American people I felt an overwhelming need to understand why juries were finding innocent people guilty of not filing a tax return when there was no law requiring them to do so so I went to talk to Marci Brooks a juror who used a common sense and did not allow the judge to reroute the jury into a guilty verdict he was being tried for four counts of not filing his income tax and our question was well what is to decide either he did or he didn’t it never occurred to us that he might actually be innocent while at the same time not filing in the federal government it is not a felony not to file taxes finally they said okay if we’re gonna get this guy we’re gonna have to put it in the state they called up the IRS agent agent Craner three claims yeah bobbi-claire this is Ken dory who’s also an investigator with one there’s a request for a copy of the delegation in the whole of the order right and I talked to my boss about that and he said that my badge is that last question that the defense asked him was did you write any of this down an agent Craner looked right at him and right at us and he said I never wrote anything down and yet when we saw the video there he was writing notes you know and so I’m thinking okay at this point the judge is supposed to say agent Craner it is clear that you have committed perjury it it wasn’t even noticed it finally came to the climax mr. Harold looked right at the prosecutor and he said I will tell you the same thing I have told over and over again to government officials you show me the law that requires me to file a tax return and I’ll be glad to do it tell me and I ask you what is the requirement that you honey and the right reason and the requirement under the regulations is what section my question to you is what particular Act are we discussing here and I am liable to dues your exact question would be again okay what is the section that what but I guess I’m still not understand your question what you’re due to that you have the police powers to enforce the prosecutor absolutely ignored it and he started slandering mr. Harrell just started attacking his character they’re calling us taxis they’re calling us fanatics they’re calling us weirdos I don’t care what you call me but I have one question where is the law let this turn into a rational debate because if they do they lose it so they have to insult people and say it’s frivolous we felt like that there was an overall arrogance and that they were railroading mr. Harrell and wanting us to participate judge koukin he looked right at us and he said I will instruct the jury according to the law we were sent to deliberation the judge promised us that he would give us the law and we looked and we looked and it was not there we wrote a note to the judge asking for a copy of the law ten minutes later we get a note back you have everything you need but there was no law and he had promised us but at that point I felt betrayed I felt like this man promised us the law and that’s what this whole thing is about the law we requested and he still denies us the law and the reason they didn’t do it was why there is no law remember we’re talking about the Illinois state law here okay which is a law in Illinois so we got out that law and we read several times and I said okay wait but you know because they kept saying but this is law in Illinois and I said look at the beginning of the it says anyone required to file a federal income tax return is required to file an Illinois tax return I said if it is true that he’s not required to file a federal return then that nullifies the Illinois law to people but they kept saying but he’s gonna get by with it and I said what is he getting by with but his rights if there is no law he’s not breaking a law he’s just standing on his rights are we gonna deny him that that’s when this one juror sat back and kind of rolled his eyes and he said you mean we don’t have to pay taxes [Music] all of a sudden we realize that this trial was much bigger and the ramifications of this trial we’re gonna be so broad if it actually got out I mean it’s like it’s like we had just discovered this great government secret and so when we came out for did look for the delivering of the verdict the judge was I’m sure even at this point I’m sure he still thought we would pass given guilty verdict and the reason I say that is because of the look on his face when the first not guilty was read his face just turned white I mean it’s like I don’t believe this the second time you could hear people out in the audience just in the courtroom you know just going wow you know and the judge is just getting red in the face and he was just livid and the judge got up and laughed i sat there and I thought this truly is a victory for the people and I have never felt more patriotic and I knew that we had done the right thing I looked at that man mr. Harrell and I thought the system might not work all the time but this time for that man it did in November 2004 the government arrested former IRS criminal investigator Joe banister they charged him with fraud for telling the American people the truth about the income tax laws the jury obviously agreed with Joe well it just showed mr. Bannister to be honest and straightforward and working within the law Verna Skoglund a Federal Express pilot claimed there was no law requiring Americans to file an income tax she also won in court 24 people were criminally charged by the IRS because they claimed there was no requiring them to file an income tax return the fact is neither the judge nor the prosecutor or the IRS could bring that statute in there because it’s not in the books the jury came back with an acquittal for everyone when the matter is put to the test which means in terms of in court and enforcement action there is a hundred percent success rate and shooting down these arguments the Mafia has a code and they follow it and it’s a code of honor but the IRS has no code of honor [Music] meet judge Dawson a federal judge presiding over the Irwin Schiff tax case who denied Irwin the ability to prove to a jury that there was no law requiring Americans to file an income tax return he denied her when the right to prove to a jury there was no law by stating I will not allow the law in my courtroom but the judge made sure the government never had to show the law as written by telling the jury you must follow the law as I give it to you nobody can know what the law is because the law is what the judges say the law is the lower courts today will not allow people and especially in tax cases to bring in Supreme Court decisions as their evidence here we have a federal judge rerouting an American citizen by saying Supreme Court decisions are irrelevant and again nothing from the press defending our freedoms [Music] so if you ever find yourself as a juror on a tax case be sure to ask the judge to show you the statute written by Congress that allows the government to tax the wages of the American people if the judge can’t show you the law then happen you possibly in good conscience convict someone and destroy their life let’s see how the IRS treated one of America’s greatest heroes and someone I cherished as a child Joe Lewis was an American icon victorious in his first 27 fights the brown bomber quickly rose to heavyweight champion of the world his 1938 knockout of German Max Schmeling who represented Hitler’s Aryan ideal earned him the admiration of millions of Americans [Applause] right after Pearl Harbor was bombed Joe had a title fight where he donated his fee to Navy war relief well I’m not waiting for nothing I’m waiting for my country and I think that by the greatest piece of weight that anybody can do well I certainly agree with you for laughter you’re trying over a lotta money well we all turn over the whole lot for this country at the time Joe volunteered for the segregated army and defended his title while in the service this time donating his normal fee to army relief since the checks were in Joe’s name the IRS texts him on their full amount even though he never saw a penny of it at the end of the war Joe was awarded the Legion of Merit but what most people didn’t know was that the IRS was charging him fifty thousand dollars a year in interest alone on his debt when Joe’s beloved mother died leaving him six hundred dollars the IRS immediately seized it they also confiscated all of his children’s trust funds Joe was forced to continue fighting until he was 37 and out of shape just to pay off his ever mounting debt to the IRS which grew to 1 million dollars one hundred thousand dollars a year just an interest at the end of his life Joe was forced to become a greeter at a Las Vegas hotel just to make ends meet it was a shameful thing to see a man like him great fighter great human being being humiliated and destroyed in this manner because after all when you all Internal Revenue money no matter what you have they take away from you and they took a lot away from Joe Lewis I made a decision to drive the Virginia Beach from Washington because I’d heard stories about two law-abiding families who had been brutalized by the IRS they were falsely accused by their bookkeeper of being drug smugglers and tax cheats and incredibly to me with that any investigation the IRS proceeded to raid their place of business and their homes even though they had done absolutely nothing wrong on Saturday morning for different raiding parties proceeded to raid four locations on a Saturday the day before Easter I was the manager on duty and I was up in the deli and people came through the door how many can you maybe about 15 to 20 people with dogs with guns they made me get everybody everybody in the kid went in the kitchen they went in the deli they went all over the whole restaurant told told all the customers took Forks out of their hands while they were eating their breakfast and told Natalie I got the frantic call from eating and she says something wrong something launched – anyway I jumped out of bed and I immediately run to the shower I’m in the shower and the next thing I know I hear my son yelling dad I went like this boom I’m slammed against the door and I fall down with the gun in my head and they’re like where’s Scotty Miller and I’m like dad that’s all I’m doing is yelling I’m scared frightened yeah and then the next thing I hear is mr. Miller with the shower curtain is jerk back I’ve got a gun pointed at my head hold it right there the screams from the little girls who were at a pajama party with my daughter was four little girls there with my daughter of course mayhem there were about three men in my bedroom with huge guns he followed us and wanted to watch us get dressed and I tried to shut the door and he puts his foot in the door like he’s gonna sit there and watch us change our clothes it almost like excuse me no neighbors now are all standing out you still naked well they handed me a towel at that point I had a towel wrapped around me did the towel at this point you know they were talking about weapons and you know I mean it’s crazy I mean they’re looking everywhere going through all my drawers and I reached for my underwear drawer to get some underwear they said don’t touch it ain’t for NATO they’re locking their guns up and hold it right don’t move around don’t move so just like to get some underwear on here you know I said yeah women’s standing here they keep everything and you took your business if the IRS took everything we had to do it out of a shoebox so we could keep going because we requested these things and I’m told that the government’s really not once they do raid and so for this place at least let you until you’re charged with something continue your business this wasn’t the case they kept everything so you were never even charged absolutely not charged with what when you speak IRS the whole world shrivels up the whole world gets fearful to a point where let’s not talk about it I testified in front of Congress I would like to know why this dark entity known as the IRS has come into my life and refused to leave I raised my children with a zero tolerance for dishonesty and now they must hear allegations that I am a major drug dealer and a tax cheat a lot of people out there being abused and a lot of people saying look I’ll pay it just go away just go away when all that happened we had a file bankruptcy we had cars taken away from us kept my daughter from going to college do they ever think about the lies that they just destroyed they think about the ruination of homes and property no in this case we would have never thought this could happen to us we’ve never done anything wrong how can this happen in America when in my case personally I thought that I was doing everything right I’ve served my country I’ve been to college at least I’ve done something in my life I got a speeding ticket one time I paid my taxes for 4050 years whatever was I’ve never been audited what happened here I had this really uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach as I was thinking to myself how did America transform itself from being a truly free country with a servant government where our individual rights are protected by our Constitution to being a country that talked about being free but really wasn’t the change started when the Federal Reserve came into existence and America adopted one of the major planks of the Communist Manifesto by bringing to America this central bank the very same people that backed the Federal Reserve System also backed the graduated income tax a second plank from the Communist Manifesto you know the fur Reserve is a private bank and not a government agency no I wasn’t aware that it’s a private bank that would scare me quite a bit what if you learned that the Federal Reserve makes money off the taxes you pay how would you feel about that angry like I’m feeling right now I would feel cheated by my government I’d be angry it’s really frustrating that we’re paying money for something that isn’t benefiting us in any way whatsoever it kind of sucks they’re pretty much in control of everything I decided to join back to Washington to see dr. Ron Paul he had been a congressman for over 20 years I had met him previously in 1998 when I was running for governor in Nevada and I knew him to be an honest and sincere man and I thought he’d be very helpful and letting me know what the future holds for the American people who owns the Federal Reserve it’s secret and we can’t find out what’s happening so but the Congress created it and it’s not authorized in the Constitution the government borrows money from a private corporation using the name federal that Prince United States on it and then it pays back to the Fed which is owned by private banks we don’t know who all those private banks are the money that the government is paying back to the private bankers is the money that comes from you and me why in the world with the American government borrow money and pay fees on it when it has the authority to make the money itself interest free the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express I’ve never seen a full list of ownership for the Fed I don’t think anybody has the government works for a private bank and the private bank works for its owners the true masters people talk to me about you know the issue of Republican versus Democrat is if they don’t get it and I say look here’s the way you get it it’s organized crime all you do is you call the Republicans the general basis and you call the Democrats the Gambino’s the people at the top they treat it like a crap game like it’s their crap game like they’re making lots of money occasionally somebody at the table shoots each other but the moment anything threatens their crap game they all unite to protect it they’re both controlled by the same financial economic and corporate interests once the bank’s get into the picture and they form a partnership with the government the government gives them the legal power now to create bank issued money back by the coercive power of government to require everybody to accept that bank money in the course of the last century they have converted this nation from a nation of independent freeholders to a nation of employees and they’re just one step away from being serfs most people spend the great bulk of their money for taxes interest and inflation and all of that money goes to these two groups that comprise the cartel and their partner the federal government it’s not a coincidence so if Congress used its legal authority shut down the Federal Reserve System the American people would be much better off government should create issue and circulate all the currency creating and issuing money is a supreme perogative of government and its greatest creative opportunity adopting these principles will save the tax pays immense sums of interest and money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity Abraham Lincoln young people today are conditioned from practically from the cradle on up to think that credit is a wonderful thing you don’t want to damage your credit you want to do what you can so that you can go to the bank and get a good loan there no no people who own their own property who own their own houses who own their own business who finance their own business there are only debtors the average young person today has no concept that he’s being drawn into a web a trap like he’s in the feudalist system only he’s going to like it he’s going to think this is wonderful I got my new red Corvette and I’m in debt for the rest of my life but I’m looking good a decision was made you know let’s get all the debt up let’s move the jobs abroad and instead of re-engineering your skills we’re gonna dumb down America and so the middle class will disappear really what what most of the people in this country have become is food for the debt machine when a person borrows money it puts a noose around their neck and makes them servant to the lender which is exactly what the Federal Reserve System is designed to do and now our Congress so dominated by the banks is helping them to entrap people even further by passing new bankruptcy was making it more difficult for the people to declare bankruptcy and get a fresh start well at the same time allowing the banks to charge very high rates of interest this is the way the Democrats and Republicans working with the banks legally enslave the nation credit card industry is a huge political contributor and unfortunately a sir be number of it just seems so like I say just bald you know this idea that credit card industry gives a lot of money to the government so they will protect them even to the just abject disinterest of their own constituents well that happens kind of a lot the board of directors of the Federal Reserve System is chosen by the president from a list prepared by the bankers themselves the process of finding a greenspan replacement is ongoing and is being managed by a small group of people responsible for coming up with a list of nominees it’s important to whomever I pick is viewed as an independent person from politics if the American people ever allowed the banks to control the issuance of their currency the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered Thomas Jefferson so the ferry serve is actually an illegal entity functioning within government it’s illegal and what we have given to this so-called agency is the authority to counterfeit money do you have any points of view about the Federal Reserve and how the fair Reserve operates they just entered something on a computer oh you need 20 billion today here’s 20 billion but they got that out of thin air it’s a lot of thin air it goes to the Treasury the Treasury then pays the bills so it’s no different than monopoly money the cost of living is so high today because the Federal Reserve and the federal government have destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar the doll today is actually worth about four cents despite the fact that the government the Federal Reserve and the media keep telling us that they’re protecting the value of the dollar this is a lie all countries who have ever attempted to create money on thin air the currency is eventually destroyed why did we give a monopoly of creating money out of thin air to a private corporation the result is exactly the same as as if someone were picking your pocket every year because that’s exactly what they’re did originally paper was receipt which is used as evidence that the money exists over the years of course the government has disconnected the paper from the actual tangible substance which is money so now we have piece a piece of paper which is evidence of nothing I think in the past people were able to take their receipts the paper to the bank and get the real money the gold in exchange for the receipts this limited the amount of money that could be printed thereby protecting the purchasing power of your savings you don’t have to worry that’s good because I work three jobs and I feel like I contribute you work three jobs three jobs yes uniquely American in it I mean that is fantastic in the absence of the gold standard there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation there is no safe store of value Gold stands as a protector of property rights Alan Greenspan before he went to work for the Federal Reserve System now Alan Greenspan and the other central bankers want you to believe that their receipts the paper is the real money this is nothing more than sleight of hand it’s a magician’s trick because for them to maintain control over the government and the people they have to convince you that this paper is really money because that is the essence of their power and our powerlessness to maintain control over our own governments what happened to gold in Fort Knox nobody really knows when I served on the gold Commission I asked them to really you know do another pot it I remember it was 15 to two and said we only dotted the gold it’s supposed to be the American American people’s gold and so we were like in accounting to tell the American people what is there I’ve been told that the Federal Reserve has taken control of the gold as collateral for the dollars they print maybe this gold on their balance sheet what happened to throw reserve this private bank is gold on the balance sheet their claim they’re holding that for the Treasury so that puts private bank is in control American ago they could have taken all of America’s wealth that’s a possibility shouldn’t the Congress stand up and say where is the American people’s gold they are not audited they control the money of America and it’s not what is it and there is no audit Oh a second doesn’t the Ofuro Reserve at work underneath the Congress Congress ignores their responsibility to do any oversight the president really has no control nor does the Congress have any control over this cartel it just has the appearance of control in the final analysis the Federal Reserve Bank is with the help of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress have swindled the American people they have taken the true wealth of America the gold and given us a piece of paper in return and again not a word from the press these frauds are going to continue until Congress is no longer intimidated by the fellow reserve bankers and Congress uses their legal authority to shut down the Federal Reserve System and to stop this loss of our freedoms there are more that requires people to file a 1040 not explicitly but it’s certainly implied well implying a force yeah but is there a law I can’t sign a law no I cannot but you know if they think it’s the law and I have all the guns yeah you know it’s an authoritarian approach well yeah but that’s clean that’s authoritarianism yeah that’s not that’s not a country run by water do you think America is going deeper and deeper into becoming a police state and if so in what ways do you see that as a congressman yeah I think we’re moving in that direction because there’s not much we can do with that permission the absence of a police state is that people are free and if you don’t commit crimes you can do what you want but today you can’t open up a business you can’t develop land you can hardly do anything you can’t go to the bank and you can’t go to the doctor without the government knowing what you’re doing and they talk about medical privacy that’s gone financial privacy that’s gone the right to own property that’s essentially gone so you have to get permission from the government from almost everything and if that is the definition of a police state that you can’t do anything unless the government gives you permission we’re well on our way this is this is something that people eventually I hope will get sick and tired off and say you know enough is enough I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to Liberty than standing armies Thomas Jefferson you must understand the Federal Reserve is a cartel made up of the major banks in America and they are the ones that are running the show not the federal government the powers that be behind the system the financial interests are able to exercise a disproportionate amount of influence on not only the economic structure of the country but the political structure [Music] this would be like the ultimate reaching of government into our personal health lives which would be unbelievable and not even our government some you know bureaucratic diffuse multinational secretive government [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I just want to assure the American that one I’ve got the authority to do this American people expect us to protect them and protect our civil liberties I’m going to do that preserve protect and defend the Constitution the Constitution of the United States so so we go help me [Music] [Music] what happens if you your own government is using more force and more coercion on its own citizens for the purpose of achieving its political ends is that government engage in terrorism now let’s watch the government and insult injury to the people of New Orleans no one will be able to be on we had to take all weapons that happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions residents were handcuffed on the ground in the end police took their weapons but let them stay in their homes wasn’t the kind and generous of the government to allow people to stay in their own homes how thoughtful of course they couldn’t defend themselves from looters for many of the police and Guard troops it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city you never expect to do this in your own country walking up and down these streets you don’t you don’t want to think about the stuff that you have to do we are losing the right to property the the governor’s name or pretext to seize it using you know the power to confiscate with eminent domain the asset forfeiture laws are proliferated it’s easier for the prosecutors coming to make an accusation against you and confiscate your property even though they have no evidence that you’ve done anything wrong Gilmer innocence doesn’t really matter that much because it’s very convenient for the government unfortunately what is being sold to the American people today as Americanism if you peel off the label you find so much similarity to what we were fighting against women were fighting communism and Nazism and fascism the government’s not putting a national ID card together and they want checkpoints we will be carrying our papers and they have recommended there be checkpoints throughout the country isn’t that a Nazi Germany did that every in America was against checkpoints proof papers please I see your papers maybe see your papers I don’t think I had them on me in that case we’d have to ask you to come along wait it’s possible that yes here we are these papers expired three weeks ago you have to come along [Music] the new legislation that the national ID card is in it takes 3-4 pages to describe and it will be connected with our driver’s licenses the states will be instructed on exactly what they do Social Security numbers will be used some type of a physical proof such as fingerprints or retinal prints have to be on it [Music] [Music] it is time to wake up America these are des cards and not about defeating terrorism but they are all about controlling the American people I arranged an interview with Catherine Albrecht a leading authority on the RFID chip her book entitled spy chips is the definitive book on the subject I wanted to find out just how dangerous these chips are to our liberties RFID is a technology that uses tiny computer chips the size of a grain of sand or even smaller hooked up to miniature antennas to transmit information about items at a distance back in 1999 Procter & Gamble Gillette and MIT got together to find a way to commercialize this technology and make it small enough make it efficient enough and make it low-cost enough to essentially their dream is to put one of these tiny computer chips on every physical item manufactured on planet Earth the latest technology for identifying people at the point-of-sale for identifying people when they make purchases is actually the implantable chip that you can actually embed directly into human flesh it’s a tiny glass capsule about the size of a grain of rice it contains an RFID computer chip with a coiled antenna and it can transmit information also at a distance can a microscopic tag being planted in a person’s body to track his every movement there’s actual discussion about that you will rule on that mark my words before your tenure is over homeland security folks the Department of Defense and others have expressed an interest in being able to more closely monitor the u.s. populace and one way to do that of course would be being able to determine who buys what and where they take those things radio waves can travel through walls they can travel through wood they can travel through the things we normally rely on to protect our privacy for example your purse your backpack your pocket anything you’re wearing or carrying craft Philadelphia Cream Cheese has been tagged with RFID and sold to consumers as have mach3 razor products and other Gillette razor products without the knowledge of the consumer one of the tiny chips could actually even be the dot on the letter I on the back of the fine print on a package that you purchased they were talking about having reader devices in every airport on every bus on every train on every port on every dock one of the most worrisome applications of RFID in our proposals to put them into cash meaning that you would be able to track every banknote where it had been who it had been issued to and create an essence an audit trail that would that would essentially take away the anonymity of cash that we now enjoy today the ATM machine itself as the money was came through the the roller device would be would be reading each number and they would know who you are because of course you identify yourself at the bank before you take money out and down the road when you go to pay at a major retailer it would also be possible for them as they’re putting the money into the cash drawer to simply feed it through a little reader device it would go in it would tag that number and transfer possession from Aaron Russo say to Walmart once everything you do is tied down to a single number and there is no longer the ability to pay with cash then all it takes to render you a non-citizen is to simply turn that chip off you will no longer be able to really participate in any function in society including buy food so through the implementation of the Federal Reserve System the American citizen has gone from being a private individual who had real money gold in his possession that was private to a citizen who has no privacy because all money is now being digitized they can deduct whatever amount of money they want out of your digits whenever they want they can trace you whenever they want you’ll be at their mercy god forbid we allow this to happen in America this is absolutely Orwellian I mean it’s talking about Big Brother looking over your shoulder and absolutely everything you do every purchase you make every place you go every company you interact with all of that would be reported back potentially to the government Pizza palace guaranteed having 30 minutes or it’s free this is Mary may I take your order hi Mary yes I’d like to order mr. Kelly yes thank you for calling again sir I share your national identification number is six one zero two zero four nine nine nine eight – four five – five four six one zero is that correct yes thank you mr. Kelly I see you live at 736 Montrose corporate you’re calling from your cell phone are you at home I’m just leaving work but I’m oh we can deliver to Bob’s Auto Supply that’s at 175 Lincoln Avenue yes no I’m on my way home how do you know all this stuff we just got wired into the system sir oh well I’d like to order a couple of your double meat special pizzas sure thing there’ll be a new $20 charge for this sir what do you mean sir the system shows me that your medical records indicate that you have high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol luckily we have a new agreement with your national health care provider that allows us to sell you double meat pies as long as you agree to waive all future claims of liability what do you agree sir you can sign the form when we deliver but there is a charge for processing the total of 67 dollars even 67 dollars that includes the delivery surcharge of $15 to cover the added risk to our driver of traveling through an orange zone I live in an orange zone now you do looks like there was another robbery on Montrose yesterday hmm you could say 48 dollars if you ordered our special sprout submarine combo and picked it up yourself comes with tofu sticks those are very tasty sir good value to what I want double meat well I’m sure you can afford the $67 then you just bought those tickets to Hawaii they weren’t cheeping oh but I see you checked out the budget beach bum at the library last week hmm up to you sir all right all right if the sprout stops good choice sir gotta watch that way sir you’re hitting the beach a 42 inches Wow man I’d say tofu and sprouts is like required that’s how much just between you and me there’s a three dollar off coupon in this month’s total Men’s Fitness Magazine your wife Betty subscribed to that right anyhow clip that and it’s 1999 even whoa looks like you maxed out on all your credit cards we’re in cash okay have we become so controlled and so ignorant about our rights but big institutions and big government can do whatever they want with us even without our approval I knew for certain the founding fathers would resist to the death what is happening in America today and I for one will not accept a national ID card and if nobody accepts a national ID card and nobody can board a plane with that one then let the airlines go bankrupt and if you can’t open a bank account in a big money center bank then open an account in a small local bank and if we can’t walk into a federal building I personally would consider that a blessing don’t allow these institutions to dictate to us how we conduct our lives this is America and we have free choice we the people have all the power not the government government gets its power from us not the other way around think of all the men and women who died in all our wars fighting for freedom not fellow reserved bankers do you think they sacrificed their lives so that Americans can be chipped like a dog so we could all have a homing device inside us know this ID card is the last step before they implant us and that’s precisely the reason nobody should accept one and you know what they’re gonna do they’re gonna call in the propaganda machine the media and try and sell this as if we’re in everybody’s best interest working on a product that we have called internally at PLD PL D stands for personal locating device which is an implantable GPS for which our company owns a patent or the hybrid of the two of these products being digital angel and verichip is what we call p LD p LT should be in prototype form by the end of this year by December of 2002 and we are already working with the Food and Drug Administration as well as legislative agencies with these products and ultimately with the p LD we have a Florida family who are really pioneers in a brave new world they have volunteered to be the first ever to have microchip identification devices implanted into their body after 9/11 I was really concerned with the security of my family I wouldn’t mind having something planted permanently in my arm that would identify me talk about identification papers watch what happens to a woman in Florida whose license was suspended [Applause] [Applause] you’re under arrest really your license is suspended all the power is in the people and to the extent that government becomes alienated from the people does things that people don’t want powers transfer until you finally come to a police state totalitarian state whatever word you want to give it where the desires are the people really have no kind of no consequence they go out and they vote doesn’t make any difference which candidate they elect a programmer and work for NASA with Exxon Mobil or for for department transportation mr. Curtis are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections yes how do you know that to be the case because in October of 2000 I wrote a prototype for president congressman Tom Feeney at the company I worked for in Oviedo Florida that did just that and we say did just that it would rigged an election it would flip the boat 5149 the delivery you wanted to go to and we separation and with that program that you designed be something that elections officials that like the county boards of Elections could detect they never see it so how would such a such a program a secret program that fixes the election how could it be detected you would have to view it either in the source code or you have to have a receipt and then count the hard paper against the actual photo other than that you won’t see given the availability of such boat ringing software and the testimony that has been given under oath of substantial statistical anomalies and gross this differences between exit polling data and the actual tabulated results you have an opinion whether or not Ohio election the Ohio election presidential election was hacked yes I would say it was so in other words there’s absolutely no assurance whatsoever and anything regarding the changes absolutely none anybody who trusts electronic voting machine should have their head examined [Music] many of the voting machine companies are owned and operated by foreign agencies now we can see a new world coming into view a world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order the new world order will be built an end run on national sovereignty eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault Council on Foreign Relations we shall have world government whether or not we’d like it the only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent Paul Warburg Council on Foreign Relations and architect of the Federal Reserve System here’s a group that get together you know nationally and they sort of play God with our money yes that’s part of what George Bush there was the One World Order they can’t have a New World Order only with you know a world police military I think the financial system ultimately is even more important than the guns the central bankers of the world are working together to create a one-world government a global police state as sinister as anything George Orwell ever wrote about where every person on the planet Earth will have an RFID chip implanted where the bankers and the governments come on every transaction you make a chip and everybody would be the universal monetary system par excellence because there’d be no escape from it and you’d be totally under the control of those who issue the electronic impulses in that chip their strategies are being accomplished through the World Trade Organization the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements which is the central bank for all the central banks of the world most people don’t have a clue that these unelected private bankers actually control the governments of the world they have financed and profited from every war since World War one without concern for humanity the war in Iraq is an attempt by the Federal Reserve and their part of the Bank of England to control the Middle East and to make it a part of the new world order to defend the New World Order US soldiers will have to kill and die Arthur Schlessinger Council on Foreign Relations military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy Henry Kissinger Council on Foreign Relations [Music] now let’s listen to this quote by Robert Reich a member of President Clinton’s cabinet and one of his most trusted advisors the dirty little secret is that both houses of Congress are irrelevant America’s domestic policy is now being run by Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve America’s foreign policy is now being run by the International Monetary Fund’s when the president decides to go to war he no longer needs a declaration of war from Congress dr. Carroll Quigley professor from Georgetown University who was also President Clinton’s mentor said in his book tragedy and hope the powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole and then President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State strobe Talbott said in the next century nations as we know it will be obsolete all states will recognize a single global Authority all these supposed free trade agreements NAFTA GATT CAFTA are truly nothing more than the governments of the world and the central banks working together to create a one-world government they are not free trade these treaties are government managed trade and they are destroying the American worker through these treaties the bankers are actually beginning to control the laws of the world the fact is that this relationship between the bankers the government and the huge multinational corporations is the very reason why the government no longer enforces its immigration laws the bank is one a one-world government without borders and the American government is obeying them if the government was so worried about terrorism why they’re leaving the board is open but at the same time telling American citizens they needed an ID car with an RFID chip Osama bin Laden could not come over here and limit your rights or my rights to free speech from search and seizure from all of these elements in the Bill of Rights impossible for him to do that they could never accomplish that on their own but through our government they’ve apparently accomplished that look what happened in Europe the people that voted down the European Constitution one in each country is a sovereign yet the private central bankers are pushing the governments forward to make this constitution happen even though the people voted against it and clearly did not want a royal government nor one European government [Music] [Music] [Music] now pay close attention to this quote by David Rockefeller and you understand what is happening in the world today and where the American people are heading as a nation we are grateful to the Washington Post The New York Times Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years it would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years but now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government the supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elites and rogue bankers is surely preferable the National auto-determination practiced and passed centuries David Rockefeller a member of the Council on Foreign Relations actually believes that we would be better off if he and his bank of friends ran the world [Music] Benito Mussolini had a great quote about fascism he said that fascism should be called corporatism more properly because it’s the perfect merger of power between the corporation in the state that’s how we define fascism and that’s what we’re seeing here the media controls the information that a person gets in various ways they can make sure that the average American watching the tube or reading the newspaper is going to come out with a certain mindset he’s gonna say this is good that’s bad and that’s all they have to do you look at the ownership of corporate media in this country who owns CBS Viacom who owns NBC GE who owns ABC Disney Americans have been taught to expect their salvation from government instead of recognizing government as the most dangerous threat they’ll face in their lives and the United States putting together a constitution now for a rack you know why don’t we just get Mars I mean think about it served us well for over 200 years and we don’t appear to be using anymore so [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I think that the ultimate choice that’s being presented to mankind is that it’s time to either evolve or perish grow up or die become adults act like adults take some responsibility [Music] I like the old idea where you could do what you thought you could do and what you wanted to do as long as you didn’t hurt other people [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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