America Is Now Designing Schools To Minimize Shooting Deaths

>>Since there have been so many mass shootings
in the United States and so many campus shootings, there are plans to construct campuses with
these mass shootings in mind. Now recently NBC showcased a new school in
Michigan, Fruitport to be specific, and I want to show you a clip from it. I want you to pay attention to how the reporter,
Kate Snow, is responding to this and then we’ll discuss, take a look.>>So one of the ideas behind this curved
hallway is to cut down on the line of sight of an active shooter. And then to further cut down the line of sight
of an active shooter we installed these wing walls. And it also provides a place for students
to hide behind if there’s a threat down at the other end of the hallway.>>I see. And this won’t look like this eventually,
there will be furniture in here, right? This is a comfortable place.>>Yes, this has been designed to be a learning
corridor, this is a learning space. And so there will be technology kiosks in
places like this, there will be relaxed sitting around similar to a college commons area.>>Are you trying to de-emphasise the security
aspect?>>Absolutely, when students come to school
I don’t want them to have to worry about security, I want them to worry about learning.>>There’s also a new design for a Sandy Hook
School, which we’ll get into in just a second. But Jake, I wanted you to jump in with your
thoughts on that video.>>So we have to fix our politics, designing
the schools so that kids can hide when a mass shooter is trying to murder them all is not
the correct solution. I mean we all know that right? We all know that this has gotten completely
out of hand. I keep telling you the federal background
checks, the one, the most recent shooter, he failed one. And went to a private gun show, went around
the background check. That’s that’s why we need a federal one that
applies to everyone. They oppose 90 to 97%, almost all Americans
want it. They don’t want curved schools. They want Federal background checks. We can’t have it. Our politics is fundamentally broken, fundamentally
broken. And there’s no one who’s doing a goddamn thing
about it.>>So I wanna talk a little bit about other
schools, and what they’re planning. Now this is a reporter from The Denver Post. She reports on education. And she Tweeted that she received a press
release. From my inbox, a proposal to protect schools
from shooters by installing a sprinkler system that sprays olive oil, so an attacker would
fall and not be able to get to the classrooms. Not one I’ve heard before.>>This is-
>>Insane, yeah.>>Total insanity.>>Now going back to what I said about the
new Sandy Hook school. The glass in the double row of doors is bulletproof,
a feature that cost ten times what normal glass does. By the way, public education is severely underfunded. Each classroom door is propped open with a
wall magnet, which is connected to a centralized lockdown button that sends all doors swinging
shut at once. The below-grade rain garden doubles as a moat
that limits the school to three entry points and allows child-level windows to stand, on
the outside, high above the ground. Now, I wanna just direct you to a FEMA graph. FEMA’s been keeping track of some of these
mass shootings, particularly school shootings. And all of these safety measures maybe, might
make sense, if the majority of these shooters weren’t students themselves, right? So you’re gonna put this campus on lockdown,
and the shooter’s gonna be in there with the students. So, take a quick look at that graph Incidents
by shooters affiliation with schools and as you can see the vast majority of shooters
are actually students. This is all K through 12 shooting since 2010. 143 of the shooters we’re students, 63 had
no relation to the school, 18 were former students and 15 were parents., you don’t get the money
out of politics this insanity is gonna continue, Look I got young kids and so two things out
of that. One if I went to school and they said, don’t
worry about mass shooters here cuz we designed a wall that your six year old daughter can
hide behind when she’s when one of her classmates is shooting at her. And we are seeing about putting olive oil
in sprinklers and we’ve got a moat in the school. That would not make me feel at all comfortable. And by the way we are not going to take guns
away from kids. We are not gonna take them away from mentally
ill people. We are not gonna take them away from people
we have on a literal terrorist watch list. We’re not gonna do any of that. We’re gonna give guns to everybody. There’s more guns in this country than people. We’re gonna give everybody and the most unstable
people, guns. But we’re gonna do moats, and bullet-proof
glass in elementary schools. If you don’t get the money out of politics
this is never ever, ever going to end. And, my kids go to a public school. I went to a parent-teacher conference the
other day, that’s why I couldn’t do one of the post games. And they’re like, by the way, we’re really
proud. This year we have the book that we’re reading,
we have 27 out of 31 copies. So can you guys chip in as parents and buy
the other four copies so every kid in the class can read one? And by the way, we have almost no blue books,
can you please buy blue books for the kids? Can you buy this for the kids? Can you buy that for the kids? Cuz we don’t have them. But we have moats because everyone in the
country is armed.>>Right.>>And our kids get massacred in schools. But we can’t afford books for them to read.

100 thoughts on “America Is Now Designing Schools To Minimize Shooting Deaths

  • Look at what this Nation did from 1950-1980 built the Interstate highways, educated the baby boom, went to the Moon, built the Air transport system, created many Millionaires. Then in 1980 R Reagan convinced enough people the economy works from the top down not the bottom up. Ever since the U.S. has been going down Supply Side Economics has failed spectacularly

  • ROTFL…hundreds of millions of dumb Americans adapting their entire life to accommodate for the privilege of a few gun nuts?
    Why don't you just issue each child a Kevlar jacket?

  • Banning guns does not more than turning a school into a fortress.
    People should start to think about why school shootings are restricted to certain countries and cultures. Maybe, then we can tackle the real problems!

  • AKA: Day Prison for children…nice job…just need armored doors on each classroom and a lock down button electronically activated. The walls should be steel plated to 1/2” thick coated in Kevlar. LOL… I listen to it they said it….

  • Like plastic bags and bottles. We do stop making the things that hurt us we just try to find ways to survive them when they do. So lets keep the plastic bags, bottles and guns because this is how big corporations make money. How care about the consequences.

  • Less guns = less chance of getting shot. It's just the TRUTH. If Republican SNOWFLAKES are gonna melt about it, too bad!!! Wise up!

  • This is definitely what needs to be done in the meantime because like it or not there's always a way to get your hands on a firearm so the next logical step was going to be to ready the schools. If a new school is being erected why NOT prepare for this.

  • That video …. just weep for the future people. Because our "elected leaders" sure ain't going to do anything to really help.

  • Locked doors and greased floors? Trap the bad guy? Guess what? Kids won't be able to run or escape. That hidey hole partition bulletproof or do the kids get a hunk of drywall in their brain pan along with the lead? In '07 I thought the Idiocracy movie was fiction.

  • Olive oil sprinklers…. great, brilliant idea.
    Nice fine mist of olive oil all over the place.
    Extremely hot gun muzzle flashes.
    What could possibly go wrong?

    Actually, I think I might have an ever better idea to stop an active shooter, just pack the sprinkler system of every school with Napalm! THAT will definitely stop the shooter…….

  • This is a symptom of your sick culture. Perhaps whites should start taking advice from minorities like Native Americans & African people. We've had moral & productive societies for eons.

  • Dave Chappelle joked about how stupid this plan was for exact same reasons mentioned here: THE STUDENT IS ALSO IN THE ROOM LEARNING THE STRATEGY!!! 🤦🏿‍♂️
    But we’re too busy being mad at harmless LGBT jokes 🙄

  • These architectural "solutions" sound like a disaster in case of a fire. Let's see, curved walls, partitions, windows high up and unreachable, moats, to say nothing of olive oil… You know, I didn't choose to homeschool my children out of fear for their safety, but every day it feels like a better and better decision on my part.

  • fun fact: ANNUALLY we give 3.9 Billion of our HARD EARNED tax dollars to a RICH nation(israel) with practically 0 national debt.
    3:59 ANNA we have to focus on bullying…most of these kids are bullied till they SNAP thats a FACT. i've been to school :0 our kids are little demons when it comes to ostracizing the victim PERIOD. its not just about guns its our culture too.
    1:25 CENK one day, hopefully soon i'll mail you my portfolio of a project ive been working to design.

  • Parents all over America are going to end up pulling all of their children out of American schools and start homeschooling them or somebody's going to find a better way to teach them And every school will be empty mark my words.

  • Want to eliminate mass shootings in schools? Just simply make a special program that allows teachers to work from home via camera to the students houses and no one's going to get shot at schools…… People who socialize at malls and movie theaters…. can't help you.

  • How can you liberals support this channel. You always talk about protecting the marginalized and oppressed but you support a channel that names itself after a Ultra Nationalist Movement that exterminated almost 1.8 million people and forcibly assimilated 200k in the early 20th century. The Young Turks were no better than the Nazis and you 4.4 million subscribers are now supporting Ultra Nationalist. Do you people have any principles or are you all hypocrites you only attack those that disagree with you or are you going to stand by you so called morals and go after this offensive group too? @t

  • Next should be redesigning shopping malls,gas stations ,supermarkets ,the list is endless. Even open spaces have to be looked at, say, have a pillar in the middle of nowhere so the public can find shelter from the rain of bullets.
    Am I glad my daughter is starting an architecture degree soon👍And who says America doesn't not know how to redirect focus while a few get richer !

  • "It's a mental heath issue."
    Ok, should people with mental health issues be able to buy guns?.How do you know if someone has mental health issues? Background checks. How else can you find out if someone has mental problems, a propensity for violence or delusional thinking? Background checks. These are the questions that these NRA people should be asked but they use this 'mental health' idea to avoid the gun control questions and the logical questions raised by that are never pursued.

  • Yeah, if Anna or Cenk's kid was a mass shooter I'm sure they'd be glad to blame the gun and lack of gun control rather than their parenting. "OF COURSE!"
    Cenk & Anna are fcking retarded because kids actually owned guns more back before the 90s, even taking them to school and guess what no mass shootings! WOW, IT'S LIKE MAYBE THE GUNS AREN'T THE PROBLEM. WHAT? I KNOW RIGHT?!

    And no doubt Cenk & Anna would gladly host a gun control town hall 2 weeks after the shooting so the parents and children can yell, rage and display their mental issues on national television for all to see. Because after all they only care how THEY FEEL! "OF COURSE!!!!"

  • It has now all come down to this. We’re designing our schools like multiplayer maps for FPS video games now where we have to consider defensive spots against a shooter’s line of sight.

  • Another benefit of a curved hallway cutting down on the line of sight is to make sure teachers have a harder time seeing bullies hammering a weaker kid. It also makes it harder to verify that kids have evacuated if there is a fire. Hey, win-win! My fellow Americans, you are letting your paranoia turn you into idiots.

  • You're acting like gun laws will just make guns go away and get rid of murderous intent. The guns will exist and will circulate and be manufactured even. It's a war on drugs mentality thinking prohibition works.

  • Ah America – "Lets's change our buildings instead of fixing the gun problem!" You guys should seriously consider changing your national motto from "e pluribus Unum" to "We Get Shit Ass-Backwards! Yeeeehaw!"

  • Ahh, the sins of your forefathers were planted long ago, and have now bore fruit. Fruit, which is of death, destruction, and lack of morals and humanity. As an American, ask yourself what is our Number 1 Product that we manufacture and export?…. WEAPONS… the united states is the Worlds Largest and most Successful Weapons Manufacturer and Seller. We make weapons and we go to war…. Death and Destruction.

  • This is just sad, that you have to design schools with guns in mind because your government simply refuses to tackle your gun problem.

  • Of course once this goes into effect, the police that respond will shoot the first kid hiding behind one of these walls. After all, they shoot first and once the person is dead, ask a question.

  • Olive Oil?
    So now mass shooters can bring a salad along on their murdering spree and have the taxpayer supply the dressing….lmao….only in 'murica….

  • We already have federal background checks, I've filled the form out, cenk try to buy a firearm. you may actually learn something.

  • It's kinda funny that in the U.S.A. massive gun violence is only seen as an opportunity for more profits. That's late stage capitalism for you..

  • He recognized and is USING fear based narrative to profit from. Kids should be able to go to school without worrying about a shooting. Because ADULTS have TAUGHT children how to deal with their problems. For instance, how about we add COUNSELING SESSIONS for children/teens. On a weekly basis.

  • I don't see a problem with doing both, we protect against fire even though it is unlikely, why not mass shooting?

    The problem is the waste and complacency. If nothing continues to be done about guns in the wrong hands it would seem to be a rational move to harden everything lol.

  • My high school english class didn't have enough of a specific book, so me and another girl from that class had to read the book the other class was reading, doing a report and presentation of it in front of our class who had all read the correct book. I never connected the dots that it was because they didn't have enough funding.

  • Beau of the fifth column covered this. As he points out, even a best case scenario for getting guns down to British or Australian levels would take till Cenk's daughter was in her twenties. Sad though it is, there's a case to be made for safer school buildings in a country with so many guns. Not sure about oil sprinklers though. Sounds like a fire hazard.

  • They Should Make Automatic Pepper Spray Machines that can sense individuals within close proximity of schools with large assault rifles to blind them so bad that they drop their firearms and start crying their eyes out and then call 911 to take away the gun and then throw the person into prison.

  • My God Someone designs a new school; that limits line of sight, and you people poo poo it? It saves lives you've got gun fear in the brain. You are loosing me I used to support you but when you regurgitate propaganda sent out by Micheal Bloomberg and the Brady Campaign you published the false site run by Everytown for Gun safety. who listed a school shooting on a school closed for a year. and you never said that your information was questionable you are acting like the left version of Fox News I thought you were better but you are not

  • mental health checks could backfire majorly… Gun owners won't seek help for their mental illnesses for fear they might lose there guns. Untreated mental illness could increase mass shootings…

    Life is complicated, solutions arn't as simple as what tyt are telling you.

  • It sucks that, barring common sense, logical thinking, we now have to waste exorbitant amounts of money on redesigning buildings meant to educate our country’s future. However, I’m down for utilizing any intelligent method available to prevent further senseless deaths. I would like it more if it were also designed with more appropriate features to prevent unnecessary deaths in case of fire or natural disaster. If anything, the design meant to slow a native terrorist from mass murder also looks to create confusing dead ends in event of fire or natural disaster. But, sure. I’m sure someone could find a more cost effective and efficient way to reduce the risk to students without wasting money on fruitless architectural designs instead of long lasting social measures.

  • The only thing "fundamentally broken" is you.     More guns in the hands of sane people is the solution.  And Chunk, please go attempt to buy a gun in one of your "loopholes", good luck as they don't exist, it's a myth like you having a brain… It's depressing knowing you have kids as your gene pool continues.

  • This is has so much FLAWS like gun control , 0:36 how would that wall prevent you from been shot ? Nothing prevents the gunman from crossing that pillar!

  • I just want to know what will happen when the electric lock of those doors fails…
    What will hallen when the shooter cut the power in the school before start killing people? "Oh my!, the countermeasures failed. Who would knew, who would knew!"

    The moats will have crocs? Maybe the toxic waste Trump wanted to put in the border wall?

  • 1950's taught children sharpshooting at school = no mass shootings at school. 1990's designated schools as "gun free zones" = Columbine. Coincidence? Anyone want to explain to me why nearly every mass shooting that gets national media airplay happens at gun free zones?

  • Someday in the future, they'll be giving a tour of one of these schools, and the tour guide will say, "This school was designed this way to minimize deaths in a mass shooting."

    Someone on the the tour will say, "Wait, what? Back up a moment. To minimize what in a WHAT? What was wrong with these people?"

    Just a heads-up to all the politicians who've let themselves be bought off by the NRA and the gun industry, future history will remember you about as kindly as we today remember those who defended segregation. To our future generations, you will be seen as monsters with blood on your hands.

  • After guns are banned, would you want these type of measures to protect kids just in case? Just come out for gun confiscation if you really care about the children.

  • It's not the correct solution, true, but as a whole, I don't see where doing this can hurt. I'm fine with this, but let's still push for reasonable gun control

  • Our gov't is so corrupt, we're resorting to this. This is where we are in America… If I had the money to move to another country I swear I would

  • There was a reason that schools were designed with straight, clear view hallways and classrooms. Anybody that's ever tried supervising kids and teenagers (teenagers are worse about what they do when they know that the people in charge can't see them) knows why this is. I can't be the only one.
    I realize that keeping kids safe from shooters us a higher priority than not letting teenagers hide what they do from others, but ten years down the road people are going to realize that they have many more problems going on because they can't adequately supervise the teenagers.
    As others have said, this doesn't solve the real issue. And I believe it will cause problems.

  • If all the senators and the rich and NRA and gun manufacturers went to public schools instead of private I wonder if they would still push for this or if they would actually do gun regulations

  • In typical American fashion… don't solve the problem, just make new businesses out of it. Contracts to fill pockets instead.

  • Humm…taking ur kids to Canada or somewhere will definitely keep them safe…that’ll teach the school system and politicians…b4 u say anything, I know all Americans can’t afford it, well vote to change the politicians 🤨

  • The money that private companies make from kid's dying and public fear. It's all about the money at the end of the day. It's not about common sense gun laws because peace is not profit in a melting pot society. Racism and Capitalism only benefit the few.

  • Schools in the hood, where I grew up, students got checked everyday. THAT'S NOT WHERE SHOOTINGS ARE HAPPENING. put metal detectors in. There shouldn't be places where kids can hide from a shooter.


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